World of Tanks Best Tank Destroyers For Every Tier

Su 101 M1 engaging its prey
Su 101 engaging its prey

Hello, tankers!


We got hurt lots of times because of them. Nightmare of every tank. Enemies which we can’t see. Yes! Our topic is Tank Destroyers.

Tank destroyers’ main objective is on its name. Destroy tanks… But how?

In-game tank destroyers generally have higher tier guns ( exp. tier VI TD has tier VIII gun), so they can penetrate anybody with no effort. They use camouflage while shooting. They kill targets without showing themselves. Not all of the tank destroyers' camouflage is great, but most of them are good. Due to their low height, they're harder to spot. If you can get a good position, you could deal massive damages.

Their role is sniping and fire support. Take a good position, wait there for the prey, engage when it shows itself.

They can hold heavies from long distances. Experienced players can take out light tanks with ease. Engage opposite teams with tank destroyers when they get spotted.

As with every vehicle type, tank destroyers also have weaknesses, most tank destroyers do not have a turret. This makes them vulnerable to medium and light tanks. The aiming circle will grow much more than turning the turret.

*Premium and collector vehicles not included.



Tier IV

StuG III Ausf. B

  • Dpm-- 2850 Hp (HE shell)
  • Penetration-- 53 mm
  • Aim Time-- 1.92 sec
  • Dispersion-- 0.53 m
  • Turret? -- No
  • Stationary camo % -- 23.14 / 4.84
  • View range-- 310 m
  • Radio range-- 433 m


  • A tank destroyer which shouldn’t be underestimated. Even its HE shell can penetrate its enemies for tier IV. Can deal huge damages, one-shot sometimes. 
  • Heavily armored targets won’t be a problem too. Use HE again, maybe can’t deal all alpha damage (410 Hp) but this gun can hurt anyway.
  • Its armor is not the best, but useful. 50 mm armor is good for tier IV. The problem is its armor vertical, with no effective armor thickness. You should stay at the angle after shooting. 
  • Its gun is not accurate in long-range, for best fire support you have to get closer.
  • In close range, you can be an easy target thanks to its turretless design so you have to be careful.


Tier V

StuG III Ausf. G



  • Dpm-- 1887 Hp
  • Penetration-- 150 mm
  • Aim Time-- 1.63 sec
  • Dispersion-- 0.32 m
  • Turret? -- No
  • Stationary camo % -- 21.89 / 5.41
  • View range-- 310 m
  • Radio range-- 433 m



  • A real sniper. It's not like the B variant. More useful, more efficient, more dangerous.
  • It can snipe in long-range thanks to German accuracy. Quick loading 75 mm gun can penetrate its target easily.
  • When great camouflage values were added to these features, no doubt to choose StuG III Ausf. G for tier V. Likely B variant, its armor thick (80 mm) but not effective so in danger, you have to use angles again. 
  • Be careful, turretless design can be your nightmare, side and rear armor too weak. Avoid flanking enemies.
  • As usual, it’s a German. Frontal armor can damage your engine, make you stop in the middle of the battle which makes you an excellent target for the enemy.



Tier VI

M18 Hellcat



  • Dpm-- 1767 Hp
  • Penetration-- 160 mm
  • Aim Time-- 1.63 sec
  • Dispersion-- 0.34 m
  • Turret? -- Yes
  • Stationary camo % -- 20.96 / 5.24
  • View range-- 370 m 
  • Radio range-- 782 m



  • One of the most enjoyable tank destroyers. Comes from the bottom of hell. M18 Hellcat ahead of us. With a powerful 90 mm gun, it can deal huge damage to enemies. Penetration not good enough for higher tiers, but enough for its tier.
  • The best feature of Hellcat is its mobility. 72 km/h top speed is faster than lots of light tanks and makes it the fastest TD in the game. So you can flank enemies and get rid of the low penetration feature. You can avoid getting shots with your mobility too.
  • It has a turret with a very slow traverse speed. In the long range, it’s so useful. With great depression, aim anywhere easily. In a short distance, it is one of the biggest weaknesses. The enemy can flank and circle hellcat without getting shot.
  • Always save distance, 12 mm armor won’t cover you from anything. Any high-caliber machine gun can penetrate it easily, don’t think about tank guns.



Tier VII




  • Dpm-- 2203 Hp
  • Penetration-- 212 mm
  • Aim Time-- 2.21 sec
  • Dispersion-- 0.39 m
  • Turret? -- No
  • Stationary camo % -- 20.18 / 4.22
  • View range-- 350 m
  • Radio range-- 525 m



  • Su 100 M1 very surprising tank destroyer. The secret power of Stalinium. 
  • It can penetrate most tier X tanks, it can bounce tier IX shells. 
  • Thanks to the small silhouette you can use your camouflage and engage enemies. If needed it can change position so fast. 
  • Enemy penetration from the front can damage the engine in front and maybe cause the engine to catch fire. Be careful when taking positions. 
  • Avoid higher-tier shells. Don’t let enemies go your sides.
  • You will give them hell no doubt.





Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger



  • Dpm-- 2666 Hp 
  • Penetration-- 246 mm
  • Aim Time-- 2.21 sec
  • Dispersion-- 0.34 m
  • Turret? -- Yes
  • Stationary camo % -- 22.52 / 3.44
  • View range-- 360 m 
  • Radio range-- 700 m



  • Exterminator of tier VIII, nicknamed the Roomba, shortly RHM.
  • With a 128mm gun, it can deal lots of damage with ease. With great penetration and accuracy, it’s a fatal TD.
  • Thanks to its turreted design it is more functional, more deadly. With great camouflage, it can snipe without getting spotted.
  • The problem starts when it gets spotted. Low mobility with paper-thin armor can cause annoying results. All enemies will take revenge on you in this situation. 
  • Be careful when taking positions, don’t move into close quarters. Patience is the key for RHM players.



Tier IX 




  • Dpm-- 2564 Hp
  • Penetration-- 276 mm
  • Aim Time-- 2.4 sec
  • Dispersion-- 0.36 m 
  • Turret? -- No
  • Stationary camo % -- 18.18 / 2.45
  • View range-- 380 m
  • Radio range-- 745 m



  • T95 is not an ordinary tank destroyer. It’s a creature that moves towards the enemy without stopping and killing it. With 305 mm frontal armor we can call it an impenetrable beast.
  • In cities or non-arty maps, it can be enemies’ worst nightmare. Its 150 mm gun will hurt anyone who stands against it.
  • But everything has a weakness. It has cupolas to hit on the front. Its best feature makes it vulnerable. With very poor movement, it can get flanked easily. 
  • If there is arty on the map just watch him killing T95 slowly…


Tier X 

Object 268 Version 4



  • Dpm-- 2392 Hp
  • Penetration-- 293 mm 
  • Aim Time-- 2.4 sec
  • Dispersion-- 0.4 m 
  • Turret? -- No 
  • Stationary camo % -- 13.91 / 1.88
  • View range-- 370 m
  • Radio range-- 720 m



  • We can’t say it’s a tank destroyer, heavy tank or medium tank. It can do everything they can. Encountering the power of Stalinium again...
  • Here is one of the most overpowered tanks in the game. The power of the Stalinium comes again like a masterpiece. A frightening, overwhelming tank destroyer.
  • You can go wherever you want with its great mobility, you can shoot whoever you want. You can stand all enemy shells with your frontal armor. 
  • You can use it as a normal tank destroyer or like a heavy tank or medium tank it doesn’t matter. Your only problem would be showing your sides. 
  • Gun is not accurate at long distances. There is a weak spot on the engine bay’s upper side. It’s hard to penetrate with an AP shell, but HE shells can damage there. 
  • Sometimes its cupolas can be a weak point too. Use your mobility to not getting shot at and engaging enemies same time. They can’t hurt you easily.


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