Best Medium Tank For Every Tier in World of Tanks

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Hello, tankers!


Medium tanks the most important role of the game. Everything is average; armor, mobility, gun specs…

If the player knows how to play it, he/she can dominate the game. Then how?

Pushing with heavies, OK! Waiting for enemies with tank destroyers, OK! Need a spot, OK! Need flanking to the enemy, OK! Medium tanks are multifunctional.

Do whatever you want with them. Medium tanks came forward with their specific features. Its armor, mobility, penetration, aiming… 

Choosing the best medium tank for your gameplay is important. For a great game performance at all times, picking the best is important. 

Here is my role, I organized the best medium tanks for every tier.


Tier III

Somua S35

  • Dpm--1162 Hp
  • Dispersion--0.38
  • Penetration--66 mm
  • Top Speed--45 km/h
  • Thickest Armor--47 mm
  • View Range-- 330 m


  • Our small baguette friend with good firepower, armor protection, and mobility. It is one of the best tanks for its tier.
  • Its armor can face lots of enemy shells with ease. Top speed 45 km/h is great for tier III, with that mobility it can take position faster than enemies. 
  • Its gun can penetrate anybody on its tier, its alpha damage a bit low but enough.
  • Aim time is perfect, this tank has one of the best aim times in the game.


Tier IV


  • Dpm--1639 Hp
  • Dispersion--0.35
  • Penetration--121 mm
  • Top Speed--24 km/h
  • Thickest Armor--75 mm
  • View Range-- 340 m


  • Nightmare of tier IV. Alike Somua S35, it is a medium tank, but its all characteristic points a heavy tank, more or less a turtle too.
  • It is the most heavily armored tank in tier IV. Because of that, it can bounce lots of shells in tier III, IV and V. Lean your back and watch bouncing shells. 
  • Its tiny underestimated gun's alpha damage is very low with 55 Hp. But with short reload time, great aim time and good dispersion can hold that bad feature.
  • Because of its great armor, its weakness appears, mobility. As I said it moves like a turtle. With a top speed of 24 km/h it can get flanked easily and makes Matilda a priority target for Spgs.


Tier V

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H

  • Dpm--3207 Hp
  • Dispersion--0.53
  • Penetration--53 mm
  • Top Speed--40 mm
  • Thickest Armor--80 mm
  • View Range--350 m

*105 mm gun with HE shells preferred.


  • Average guy, unexpected threat, german creature Pz. 4 H
  • It is a funny tank for tier V. With a 105 mm gun and HE shell, it can one-shoot most thin armored enemies. It can deal lots of damages with non-penetrations.
  • Its mobility is not perfect but good for taking fast positions. You have to be close to the enemy cause of poor dispersion. It’s too hard to hit enemies at long-range.
  • Its overall armor is a bit useless. Because of vertical armor, it has not much effectiveness. And its German, frontal penetration can damage the engine and ammo rack.
  • Its greatness is its gun. Shoot the enemy and retreat. Try to not get shots. 


Tier VI


  • Dpm--2166 Hp
  • Dispersion--0.35
  • Penetration--145 mm
  • Top Speed--64 km/h
  • Thickest Armor--76 mm
  • View Range-- 360 m


  • Here is our guy blessed by the queen. Our multifunctional guy Cromwell A24.
  • Cromwell is a light-medium tank. No armor, high DPM, very high speed, good camouflage its best features.
  • With Cromwell, you can flank enemies with ease. Just let the battle start and wait for the right time. Flank enemies hit and run. You can engage enemies without getting shot, thanks to its mobility.
  • If you want, you can be supportive and deal lots of damages with its high DPM and average penetration.
  • Can be used as a sniper too, but dispersion and aim time are not best for this mission. 
  • With this tank don’t go spotting like light tanks (Cromwell has that ability but not recommended), wait for them to show the enemy's position, use mobility for taking flank positions, engage the enemy. Enemies approaching? Runaway, don’t let them get closer. Take another position hit and run. In 1v1 situations, mobility and DPM will be your best friends. Thanks to its mobility, you can circle enemies for not getting shot. 
  • Never trust your armor! Use mobility instead of armor.


Tier VII


  • Dpm--2112 Hp
  • Dispersion--0.31
  • Penetration--198 mm
  • Top Speed--55 km/h
  • Thickest Armor--120 mm
  • View Range--380 m


  • Here is the mobile sniper tank of tier VII. With German accuracy and great penetration, you can hurt enemies a bit. A bit because a 75 mm gun not dealing huge damages (135 Hp alpha damage).
  • Its armor seems thick, but not useful. Don’t go front lines. Let enemies come and kill them slowly.
  • Frontal shots can damage the engine so hide as you can. The ammo rack is vulnerable too. Cause it’s German.
  • Its gun with 198 mm penetration can penetrate even tier IX’s. For tier VI and VII, its armor can be useful when angling. 


Tier VIII 

Centurion Mk. I

  • Dpm--1919 Hp
  • Dispersion--0.32
  • Penetration--226 mm
  • Top Speed--50 km/h
  • Thickest Armor--254 mm
  • View Range--400 m


  • Hull down guy of tier VIII, Centurion Mk. I.
  • With good accuracy, penetration and depression combination, you can be king of the hill.
  • Use mobility for taking positions faster. Turret armor is great, use it for incoming shells. 
  • Don’t use your hull armor for angling, facing the enemy. You can be disappointed after a well-armored turret. It’s so weak. Most of the enemies can penetrate the hull easily. There is an ammo rack next to the driver, frontal penetration can damage this module.
  • In the long-range, Centurion is great too. Its 20 pounder gun can face all tier VIII’s. With its great view range, you can engage the enemy without getting seen.


Tier IX

Udes 16

  • Dpm--2343 Hp
  • Dispersion-- 0.35 
  • Penetration-- 234 mm
  • Top Speed-- 50 km/h
  • Thickest Armor-- 70 mm
  • View Range-- 390 m


  • Odd element of tier IX. Udes 16 has strange gameplay. Fast and furious, that Swedish medium tank is destined for mid-to-close combat and can become game-changers if you play them right. 
  • In stats, the armor is too weak. But in-game it is so effective. Thanks to its hydropneumatic suspension it can angle horribly. Its 70 mm armor can gain 300 mm effectiveness. Almost vulnerable.
  • With the high value of camouflage, it can be used as a sniper. High DPM will be helpful for this mission. 
  • If your hull or sides are shown to the enemy, don’t think about bouncing shells. They will get their revenge with madness.
  • Penetration not the best of its tier but, it can face most tier X tanks too. Knowing the enemy's weak points is very important.
  • With Udes 16 take position fast, hide your hull, use hydropneumatic suspension for angling, engage enemies and bounce shells.


Tier X

Object 430U

  • Dpm--2699 Hp
  • Dispersion-- 0.38 
  • Penetration-- 252 mm
  • Top Speed-- 50 km/h
  • Thickest Armor-- 300 mm
  • View Range-- 400 m


  • The heaviest medium tank of the game. Scary element for the opponent team. With all of Stalinium’s perfection, Obj. 430U is in front of us.
  • With an almost vulnerable turret and excellent hull armor Obj. 430U can face all enemy shells.
  • Its 122 mm gun can penetrate enemies if you know where to shoot. With its 440 Hp alpha damage, it can hurt anybody. Don’t try to be a sniper with this gun, with poor dispersion you can miss lots of shots. With 5 degrees depression, you won’t be functional on hills.
  • Its mobility is a bit poorer than other tier X medium tanks, because of great armor so it’s acceptable. It can lead to heavy tanks, support medium tanks.
  • Obj. 430U Multirole fighter one of the strongest tanks of the game.

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