World of Tanks Best Commander Skills

World of Tanks Best Commander Skills
T-34's crew preparing tactics for how many T-34 should blow up against enemy.

We love tanks, we love their guns, tracks, engines, shells, etc. They are an excellent unity altogether. The engine gives power to the tracks for the movement and ensures all of the energy for other internal and external components.

The turret is designed for aiming, changes the gun's position, sets the gun's depression and elevation.

The gun handles the hardest pressure coming from high-velocity shells. 

They have lots of things. but they are not capable of doing these jobs alone. They need a crew!

Our topic is crews. Actually, executive of crews, commander. Most of the orientation job is commander’s work. Very important for teamwork.

In-game, commanders’ main job is spotting enemies. Increased degree of level, increases view range too.

In World of Tanks, they have specific abilities and perks. Commander, gunner, radio operator, loader, driver. They have common and specific features by role.

Our today’s topic is the commander's abilities and perks. Here are the best commander skills in World of Tanks.



Increases maximum view range. For every percentage point of the commander, view range increases. (max. %2)

It’s greatly affected by Radio Operator’s skill “Situational Awareness” and equipment “coated optics and binocular telescope”. 

View range is very important in-game, detecting enemies before they detect you, gives great advantages to you. With much view range, you can detect them without getting spotted too. Knowing your enemy’s position is always important.



Sound detection is a new skill that has just come to the game.

This skill is countering artillery, especially for bulky, cumbersome vehicles or non-armored vehicles. 

They are generally targets of artillery. The logic of skills is a warning. A warning which indicates incoming artillery fire for dodging or getting less damage etc. 

This perk is very important especially for heavy tanks. They get bored every single game because of artilleries; we will see the effects of this skill over time. 




Provides additional experience to all crew members except the commander.

A skill that is based on rising other crew’s skill points. Other crews gains %1 percentage of skill points the commander gains. 

Crew’s skills are very important in-game. Some people don’t realize it easily. But tanks’s moving with them and their abilities increase with the crew’s abilities.



Enables the commander to master every qualification and replace knocked-out crew members.

Replacement starts immediately upon any crew knocked out. If more than one crew is knocked out, the effect of the commander divides. (max. effect %50).

Very useful skill especially for heavily armored tanks and tank destroyers.

In long-term battles, the crew can be knocked out, especially drivers of heavy tanks. Commander tries to fill the void.


1-) 6th SENSE

Enables the commander to identify whether the vehicle has been spotted by the enemy.

3 seconds after getting spotted a light bulb appears on the screen and a buzzing sound comes. (Light bulb and sound are changeable.)

The light stops showing after a few seconds, you can still be spotted or out of the spot. 

If you get lost and spotted again, a light bulb appears again.

Very important especially for tanks destroyer, artilleries and light tanks. 


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