World of Tanks Best American Tank For Every Tier

World of Tanks Best American Tanks
Wave the American flag to these amazing tanks.

So, Which Are The Beast American Tanks?

The American tanks were one of the first tanks to launch with the game and has grown incredibly since then.

They have a tank line for every type of tank for whatever your play style is, but there is still a tank that stands out for every tier.

Tier 2 - T2 Light

T2 Light

The T2 light is waiting to see the light in the garage.

At this point there are only a few tanks to choose from as they start branching off more and more. We got a few light tanks, a tank destroyer, a medium, an artillery, and the one that stands out the most is the speedy T2 Light Tank. It is a perfect premium tank to get you into the game.

What Makes T2 Light Awesome:

  • One of the fastest tanks in the game, fastest in tier 2, reaching 72km/h
  • Good burst damage from the gun
  • Small in size with a small turret and good camouflage, great for passive scouting

Vehicle T2 Light Rating:  97/100 (OP score)

Tier 3 - M2 Medium

M2 Medium

M2 Medium is a scary medium tank.

Next up we have one of my favorite lines that had a great start to it with the M2 Medium Tank. When fully upgraded this tank is to be feared on the battlefield with its 75mm howitzer and it is not even a premium tank. It can one shot, it has great mobility, and even decent front armor; it is overall a very fun tank to play.

What Makes M2 Medium Awesome:

  • Out of all the tier 3s it has the highest signal range with excellent view range
  • Extremely amazing gun elevation and depression
  • Sloped frontal armor can bounce shots
  • For a medium tank, it has great speed and powerful gun

Vehicle M2 Medium Rating:  90/100 (OP score)

Tier 4 - M8A1


Deck the halls of your garage with the M8A1.

Here is another non premium making it onto the list and our first tank destroyer, the M8A1. It is a nice mobile tank destroyer with good damage per minute. It also has a small profile and is hard to spot. It is an overall good tank and its entire line is worth it.

What Makes M8A1 Awesome:

  • It is common for tank destroyers to not have a fully movable turret but this one does
  • Nice mobility
  • Nice view range and signal range
  • Nice gun with penetration

Vehicle M8A1 Rating:  88/100 (OP score)

Tier 5 - T67


The crew can breathe with that open turret in these hot lands.

This one is actually the next tank in the tech tree after the M8A1 and it continues to pack a punch. It continues to have great mobility with a good gun, but this time it can even be good enough to excel at flanking. It is an overall good and fun tank that improved on its previous version, while even being able to be used as a scout.

What Makes T67 Awesome:

  • Excellent damage per minute on the gun, amazing for its tier
  • Has the moveable turret again and low profile with great camouflage values
  • Amazing top speed with nice acceleration
  • Maintains a good gun depression and view range

Vehicle T67  Rating:  88/100 (OP score)

Tier 6 - M44


The zig zaggy camouflage makes the M44 stylish.

This was a tough one as tier 6 has many good tanks, especially the Jackson and Hellcat tank destroyers, but I went with the amazing tier 6 artillery the M44. I may be biased as I love artillery, but the M44 is amazing and fun with its speed deadly accuracy. It is the supporting artillery you want for this tier.

What Makes M44 Awesome:

  • For an artillery it has amazing mobility to reach a top speed of 56 km/h
  • Gun damage is nice and has amazing accuracy
  • Has a wide horizontal and vertical shell arc that helps reduce reticle bloom after shifting aim

Vehicle M44 Rating:  96/100 (OP score)

Tier 7 - T29


Nothing can stop the T29 from rolling all over you.

Finally, we have a heavy tank on this list with the T29, even though the Americans only started heavy tanks in tier 5. This is the line that the M2 Medium Tank goes into and it becomes a beast. A lot of people will say this is the best tank of its tier actually, with its amazing mix of firepower, armor and mobility.

What Makes T29 Awesome:

  • Learn to angle good and this tank’s frontal armor will bounce shots and side armor can soak them up
  • Best hull-down armor in its tier with the amazing frontal turret armor
  • Excellent gun damage with decent handling
  • For a heavy tank, it has good speed

Vehicle T29 Rating:  94/100 (OP score)

Tier 8 - M40/43


The M40/43 steals this spot.

Honorable mention to the heavy tank T32, but this awesome artillery takes the spot. This artillery has a great gun mounted on a medium tank chassis and can be considered the best artillery of its tier. In tier 8 competitions this is a tank you will always want on your team and that you will often see.

What Makes M40/43 Awesome:

  • Great damage for its tier
  • Can relocate fast as it is surprisingly mobile for an artillery
  • Good range and horizontal gun arc

Vehicle M40/43 Rating:  95/100 (OP score)

Tier 9 - T49


Beautiful camouflaged T49 will be the death of you.

One tank away from being a tier 10, you feel like you are almost there, yet so far. You want a fun and great tank to grind to the final tier, then the T49 is what you are looking for. It is deadly with its gun and mobility, you will be scared of it if you face it out on the battlefield. It has a unique style of play that many tankers love, but tough on beginners as it will be an aggressive ambusher.

What Makes T49 Awesome:

  • As a light tank you can expect a good top speed
  • Can easily damage multiple modules with its amazing damaging gun
  • Can have non-premium heat shells
  • Excellent gun depression

Vehicle T49 Rating:  95/100 (OP score)

Tier 10 - T57 Heavy Tank

T57 Heavy Tank

The winning T57 is so cool, he wont even look at the camera, only at the enemies he will dystroy.

For tier 10 the winner is T57 Heavy Tank for the American tanks, although the T110E3 tank destroyer would also be a solid pick. The T57 Heavy Tank is a force to be reckoned with in the right hands with its amazing auto loader. It has a crazy reload for an autoloader and will do incredible damage as it is all about killing your opponent faster than they kill you.

What Makes T57 Heavy Tank Awesome:

  • Best damage per minute of any tier 10 heavy tank
  • Great burst damage and only 2 seconds between shots
  • Surprisingly fast reload time and decent accuracy when aimed fully
  • Also surprisingly great gun depression
  • Excellent hp pool

Vehicle T57 Heavy Tank Rating:  97/100 (OP score)


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