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Do you need some gold?

What is the Premium Tank what and what its advantages are?

Premium tanks are vehicles that can be bought for gold (premium currency in WoT) or for real money in Premium Shop.

‘Why would I spend real money on a game?’ u may ask. Well, if your intention is to reach higher tiers (VIII, IX, X) in this game and spend some time playing those tanks, you will need one, or your acc will experience the same fate as the Stock market in the USA 1929.

Benefits of Premium Tanks:

  • Faster crew training;
  • Greater credit income (especially tier VIII premiums);
  • Elite status tanks  - accelerated crew training;


10.  Löwe

Löwe is German Tier VIII premium Heavy Tank. It has reliable armor, pretty good gun and excellent view range for a heavy tank. Hide your lower plate, angle the hull, wiggle it and you will dominate the battlefield.

What makes Lowe awesome:

  • 234mm of  penetration on standard and 294mm of penetration on premium rounds;
  • Very accurate gun with 0.33 dispersion at 100m;
  • Armor thickness 150/100/80mm
  • 400m of base view range;
  • -10 degrees of gun depression;

Price: 12.500 gold or 43euros – 48 USD;


9. E 25

E 25 is a German Tier VII Premium tank destroyer. It has high mobility with a maximum speed of 65 km/h, one of the best camo values in the game and an insanely good rate of fire – 20 rounds per minute.

Even if it doesn’t farm credits as Tier VIII premium tanks, E 25 had to find a place on this list considering its characteristics.

What makes E 25awesome:

  • High mobility, camo values, rate of fire and 1.44 seconds needed for aiming;
  • 2815,71 Damage Per Minute;
  • You begin to annoy the opponent players since the loading screen;
  • You won't see any tier IX tank, because you have preferential matchmaking;

Price:  circa 35 euros = 39 USD;


8. T26E5 Patriot

T26E5 Patriot is American Tier VIII Premium Heavy Tank. At first glance, it may seem like standard T26E5 with USA skin, but the difference between those two tanks stands in farming the credit – no skin = less money!

T26E5 Patriot is a hull down beast with an excellent rate of fire, great gun depression, and pretty good penetration.

What makes T26E5 Patriot awesome:

  • 230mm of penetration on standard rounds;
  • -10 degrees of gun depression;
  • APCR – standard ammunition;
  • 279mm thick gun mantlet;
  • Great rate of fire – this tank fires almost 10 rounds per minute – with the decent crew and equipped properly;

Price: 39 euros = 44 USD;


7. Primo Victoria

‘Through the gates of hell! As we make our way to heaven…’ – u know that one right? Primo Victoria is a Swedish premium Tier VIII Medium Tank, which is a collaboration product of wargaming and Swedish metal band sabaton.

It features members of the bend as a crew with their unique voices.

Technically speaking, Primo Victoria is practically upgraded Centurion Mk. I or FV 4202.

What makes Primo Victoria awesome:

  • Sabaton skin, Joakim Broden (Sabaton lead singer) as a commander and rest of the band as a crew;
  • Band of Brothers perk;
  • Tough turret 254mm of frontal armor with -10 degrees of gun depression – work that ridges boys!
  • 230mm of penetration on standard APCR round;
  • Got side skirts that can be useful against HEAT rounds;

Price: 39 euros = 44 USD;


6. T 44 – 100

T  - 44 – 100 is Soviet Tier VIII premium Medium Tank. It has pretty good gun handling and unusual 7 degrees of gun depression having in mind it’s a soviet tank.

Also, side skirts allow you to do some side scraping and they will protect you from HEAT shells.

What makes T – 44 - 100awesome:

  • 7 degrees of gun depression;
  • Good overall mobility with good acceleration – maximum speed of 52 km/h;
  • Pretty good camo values for a medium tank;
  • 190mm of frontal turret armor can bounce some shots;

Price: 49 euros = 55 USD;


5. Lorraine 40 t

Lorraine 40 t is a French Tier VIII Premium medium tank. Once it was Tier IX regular medium tank in Bat – Chat 25T line, but it was replaced by the Bat – Chat 25 t AP.

It has four round autoloader with high alpha damage. In skillful hands, this armorless vehicle can do nasty things to the enemy team.

What makes Lorraine 40 t awesome:

  • 4 round autoloader with 232mm of penetration on standard rounds with devastating 300 alpha damage;
  • The maximum speed of 60km/h;
  • 8 degrees of gun depression;

Price: 43 euros = 48 USD;


4. M4A1 Revalorisé

M4A1 Revalorisé is French Tier VIII Premium Medium Tank. Ever since it first came to my garage, we’ve been so fond of each other – and I believe that it happened to all the other players who had chosen ‘Ravioli’.

What makes this balanced tank stand out is its gun handling. Monstrous alpha damage with one of the best shell velocities in the game and pretty good accuracy will make you fall in love with the best Sherman of the game.

What makes  M4A1 Revalaroisé awesome:

  • Firepower – 390 alpha damage with 1460m/s shell velocity;
  • Gun handling – 0.34 dispersion and 10 degrees of gun depression;
  • One of the best credits grinders in the game;
  • Cheap for a Tier VIII premium tank;

Price: 26.30 euros = 29.45 USD;


3. LT – 432

LT – 432 is a Soviet Tier VIII premium light tank. Do not take this 'light' so seriously, because even though it possesses the velocity and the looks of a light tank,  it also has a surprising amount of armor for a vehicle from this category.

It has the same crew setup as t – 100 lt (Soviet Tier X light tank), so train em lads!

What makes  LT – 432  awesome:

  • 70mm of frontal hull armor and 160mm of frontal turret armor;
  • APCR as standard ammunition – great shell velocity of 1160 m/s;
  • The maximum speed of 70 km/h;
  • Low profile – very good camo values;
  • 7 degrees of gun depression;

Price: 27.6 euros = 31USD;


2. Rheinmetall Skorpion G

Skorpion G is a German Tier VIII Premium Tank Destroyer. It is the most played premium tank in the game – which says more than enough about its qualities.

In an open space, make sure to play it as a sniper. As for the city – careful, because the game can get really aggressive. That is if you're not a newbie because this tank does not forgive mistakes.

What makes Rheinmetall Skorpion G awesome:

  • 2nd best alpha damage in the tier – 490 damage per shot;
  • 0.3 accuracy and 246mm of penetration on standard rounds;
  • 360 degrees of turret rotation;
  • Sexy looks;
  • The maximum speed of 60 km/h;

Price: 42 euros = 47 USD;


1. Progetto M35 mod. 46

Progetto M35 mod. 46 is an Italian Tier VIII premium medium tank. It is one of the most interesting premium tanks, gameplay-wise.

The main feature of this tank is its auto reloader, which refills the clip for as long as you do not fire and the ‘refill’ time becomes progressively longer for every fired shell. 

This is a double edge sword because if you burst someone with all 3 shells from the clip your DPM will gradually abate, so be careful.

What makes Progetto M35 mod. 46  awesome:

  • The maximum speed of 55 km/h with pretty good acceleration;
  • Auto reloading system – automatically recharges every fired shell;
  • 212mm of penetration on standard rounds with 0.32 accuracy;
  • 9 degrees of gun depression;

Price: 43 euros = 48 USD;


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