The CS-52 LIS Is the Tank of the Day On the World of Tanks Advent Calendar

The CS-52 LIS Is the Tank of the Day On the World of Tanks Advent Calendar
Prepare to be unstoppable.

Today, the World of Tanks advent calendar features the CS-52 LIS Medium tank.

Today, 15 December 2021, at 9:00 AM CET, World of Tanks posted on Twitter, asking whether players have checked out today’s advent calendar, and mentioning that today’s tank is the CS-52 LIS.

The CS-52 LIS from a rear angle. Image by World of Tanks.

According to the tweet by World of Tanks, “This Medium can do it all! It has good DPM, 320 damage per shot, and extraordinary shell velocity! It also has a good aim, turret armor, and gun depression. What is there not to like?”

The CS-52 LIS is a tier VIII premium Polish tank with a crew of 4. It can deal up to 420 hit points of damage with its 105mm Armata Wz.52 main gun and can survive 1300 hit points of incoming damage. It has a firing rate of 6.25 rounds per minute and storage space for a total of 35 tank rounds.

The CS-52 LIS from the front. Image by World of Tanks.

The 720 horsepower engine gives the 38-ton tank a top speed of 50 km/h. Hull armor is between 45 and 80mm thick, and turret armor is between 90 and 190mm thick. 

The relatively good mobility and its hard-hitting main gun make it a versatile choice that can be used both to push in close or to take pot-shots at enemy tanks from range.

The CS-52 LIS Medium tank only ever existed in blueprints in real life and was never actually produced or tested in battle.

The full specifications of the CS-52 are available on the official World of Tanks Tankopedia.

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