World of Tanks Best British Tanks For Every Tier

World of Tanks Best British Tanks
British Tier X's giving hell

Hello, tankers!

Do you like drinking tea while playing World of Tanks? Did you feel any pleasure with it?

There is a country that has teapots in their tanks, the first tank producer. They’ve added these beauties to our lives. Yes! They are blessed by the queen, they are British.

There are very different types of tanks British tech tree has; highest alpha damage gun with non-armor hull and at the same time they have very heavily armored tanks with very poor alpha damage…

In-game they are usually sluggish, heavy with non-useful armor, low alpha damages, bad camouflage values, etc. But are they really like that, absolutely not? Let’s see what’s going on with them! 

So, this article’s topic is the best British tanks for every tier.

*Starting with tier III.


Tier III



  • DPM— 1009
  • Aim Time— 1.7 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.38 m.
  • Top Speed— 24 km/h
  • Thickest Armor— 65 mm

*2-pounder gun chosen.



  • A typical British Tank.
  • Good armor thickness with bad sloping. Not very effective but still it is very durable. Even the rear armor has the same thickness as the front. It can face flanking situations too.
  • Because of thick armor and a powerless engine, this tank is very slow. Although it’s a light tank its top speed is 24 km/h. Somehow, its turning value is not as bad as its mobility.
  • Its gun is very British too. Very poor alpha damage, average penetration, and DPM. Dispersion is decent, aim time is great.
  • The non-typical thing is its camouflage values. Values are very good, better than some of the tank destroyers. Useful especially with a quick-firing gun and good armor.


Tier IV



  • DPM—1639 Hp
  • Dispersion—0.35
  • Penetration—121 mm
  • Top Speed—24 km/h
  • Thickest Armor—75 mm
  • View Range— 340 m



  • Nightmare of tier IV. As like valentine S35, but it is a medium tank. At the same time, it’s all characteristic points of a heavy tank.
  • It is the most heavily armored tank in tier IV. Because of that, it can bounce lots of shells in tier III, IV, and V.
  • Its gun's alpha damage is very low with 55 Hp. But with short reload time, great aim time and good dispersion hold that bad feature.
  • Because of its great armor, its weakness appears, mobility. With a top speed of 24 km/h it can get flanked easily and makes Matilda a priority target for artillery.


Tier V

AT 2


  • DPM— 2040 HP
  • Aim Time— 1.63 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.35 m
  • Top Speed— 20 km/h
  • Turret?— No
  • Hull Armor— 152 mm



  • AT 2 is a tank destroyer, but actually, it’s a ram for tier 5. 
  • Its gun is low caliber with excellent DPM and aim time. It can damage enemies with continuous shots.
  • Alpha damage 75 is low but 2.21 sec. of reload time suppresses this feature.
  • It has brutal armor. 152 mm thickness with bit weir design. It’s too hard to penetrate it if you don’t know where to shoot. But if you know upper glacis, gun mantlet, and big cupola are weak points, no problem at all. In the long-range, its armor is more useful.
  • It’s a huge tank with heavy armor, which means very poor mobility.  Its top speed is poor, including slow acceleration and very bad turning values, it has a turtle soul in it. It can get flanked easily, turretless design and poor mobility make it very vulnerable. 


Tier VI



  • DPM—2166 Hp
  • Dispersion—0.35
  • Penetration—145 mm
  • Top Speed—64 km/h
  • Thickest Armor—76 mm
  • View Range— 360 m



  • Cromwell is a light-medium tank. No armor, high DPM, very high speed, good camouflage are its features.
  • With Cromwell, you can flank enemies with ease. Just let the battle start and wait for the right time. Flank enemies hit and run. You can engage enemies without getting shot, thanks to its mobility.
  • If you want, you can be supportive and deal lots of damages with its high DPM and average penetration.
  • Can be used as a sniper too, but dispersion and aim time are not best for this mission. 
  • With this tank don’t go spotting like light tanks, wait for them to show the enemy’s position, use mobility for taking flank positions, engage the enemy. Enemies approaching? Runaway, don’t let them get closer. Take another position to hit and run. In 1v1 situations, mobility and DPM will be your best friends.
  • Never trust your armor! Use mobility instead of armor.


Tier VII


  • DPM— 2246 HP
  • Penetration— 220 mm
  • Aim Time— 1.92 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.34 m
  • Top Speed— 52 km/h
  • Camouflage Values— 13.38 / 3.01



  • It's a real Challenger for tier VII’s. Great all arounder. Here is our guy, Challenger.
  • Its gun is typically British, low alpha damage with great aim time, depression, accuracy, and penetration. It is successful short and long-range both. Hills will be your friend with this gun. With this gun, it can fight even with tier IX.
  • It has no armor, especially with a 2nd turret. (Its thickest armor at the rear turret is 200 mm) You have to hide yourself and use good camouflage values. If needed, you can change position fast. Is there an enemy which has a great position, no problem! You can use your mobility for flanking. Turning values are great too.
  • But do not turn too much, the last 32 pounder gun capable of just 60 degrees turning. Do not forget. 





  • DPM— 2416 HP
  • Penetration— 268 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.35 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.34 m
  • Top Speed— 52 km/h
  • Camouflage Values— 17.44 / 3.65



  • Feeling so sorry for not choosing Caernarvon. But its weak armor and low alpha damage made me do that.
  • So here our tier VIII hero Charioteer.
  • Firstly, its gun, 105 mm beauty. Very big threat, especially for tier VIII. Great penetration with stock high-velocity APCR shell. Dispersion, aiming time is not great. But its different type of HESH shells makes it a bit funnier.
  • It has no armor, nothing to say about that. But with that feature, it gains great mobility features.
  • Great top speed for taking positions, flanks, retreats. Good acceleration.
  • This time the turret can rotate 360 degrees. But turret and hull turning values are not great.
  • Its gun is everything for it. Use it without getting shot.


Tier IX

Centurion Mk. 7/1

  • DPM— 2179 HP
  • Penetration— 268 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.21 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.31 sec.
  • Top Speed— 50 km/h
  • Turret Armor— 254 mm



  • It was too hard to choose between Conqueror and Centurion Mk 7/1. With lots of examination, here is tier IX hero, Centurion Mk. 7/1
  • Firstly, its 105 mm gun, it’s a great all arounder. It has APCR as stock, great shell velocity. Including great dispersion, depression, and average aim time. It is a great gun for every range and target.
  • Its top speed is not the best but still useful for taking positions and flanking. Great acceleration and turning values make everything better.
  • It has great turret armor with good depression values. This means it’s a real beast in hull-down situations. Camouflage is not useful, after engaging targets do not forget to retreat.
  • Its hull armor is a bit of a different story. It’s not useful at all and makes the tank’s silhouette bigger. Making it easy to hit targets in long ranges.


Tier X

Super Conqueror


  • DPM— 2877 Hp
  • Penetration— 259 mm
  • Hull armor— 152 mm
  • Turret armor— 279 mm 
  • Top speed— 34 km/h



  • A lot of research and experiment, here is our blessed hero, Super Conqueror.
  • Great DPM, great turret, great depression, but bit poor mobility against most tanks.
  • The Super Conquerors gun is excellent. Decent alpha damage, decent penetration with great aim time and dispersion. You can use it for long distances without a doubt.
  • In short distances, thanks to its great DPM you can hurt enemies one by one.
  • Armor is great for long distances, especially the turret almost invincible. But there is a huge problem with the hull. The lower part of the hull… 
  • With 101 mm thickness and 140 mm effective armor, it is vulnerable to anybody, not just for tier X.  There is an ammo rack next to the driver, frontal penetrations can damage the ammo rack easily. 
  • There is a cupola on the turret, but it ricochets mostly. So, you can trust your turret when facing an enemy.
  • The best tactic for it, like most heavies, is to hull down. Hide your weak point at the lower hull, use depression, load, and engage.

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