World of Tanks - Best Tank Destroyers for Every Tier

The best Tank Destroyers in the World of Tanks
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What is a tank destroyer (TD) and what’s its main purpose in World of Tanks?

As you can see from the name of the category – tank destroyers are specialized armored vehicles whose main purpose is destroying tanks and main target – highly armored ones.

Gameplay-wise, they represent one of the most specific categories in World of Tanks. Therefore, if u decide to master the skills required for a perfect game in a tank destroyer, just know the frontline teammates will always be grateful.

What are the best tank destroyers for Every Tier?


Tier II 

Best Tier II Tank Destroyer: Panzerjäger I

Panzerjäger I is German Tier II Tank Destroyer. It is armed with 4.7cm Pak (t) l43 of utmost performance. This gun is the main reason why the enemy tanks will think twice before they confront you.

What makes Panzerjager I awesome:

  • The Best accuracy  in the Tier  - 0.34 dispersion at 100m;
  • Good rate of fire – It fires 24 shots per minute;
  • Good penetration ( 62mm standard, 115mm premium rounds)
  • Big alpha damage (60 dmg per shot);
  • 300m of base view range (which is amazing in Tier II);


Second best Tier II Tank destroyer: T – 26G FT

T 26G FT is a Chinese Tier II Tank Destroyer. It is capable of penetrating 81mm of effective armor (the best standard round penetration in its Tier) and it pumps terrifying 1510.34 damage per minute.

However, its slow aim time of 2.01 seconds and a maximum speed of 36km/h put it in second place in this competition.

What makes T – 26G FT awesome:

  • 81mm of penetration on standard rounds and 130mm of penetration on premium rounds;
  • Good camo values;
  • 1510.34 DPM – doubtlessly the best in its Tier.


Tier III

Best Tier III Tank Destroyer: SU 76M

SU 76M is a Soviet Tier 3 Tank destroyer. The cannon of this tank destroyer is proof that, even in a game, the Soviets had responded to all the challenges of military engineering.

Surprisingly, the tank from the Soviet tech tree is the most precise in its Tier and its category. Was it a mistake by programmer Wargaming or something else is not really important, because this tank truly deserves the title of the best tank destroyer in its Tier.

What makes SU 76M awesome:

  • The Best accuracy  in the Tier  - 0.34 dispersion at 100m;
  • The highest penetration in its Tier – 112mm on standard rounds,     and more than enough 189mm on premium rounds;
  • The absence of a turret compensates with amazing traverse speed;
  • Solid maximum speed of 50 km/h;


Second best Tier III Tank Destroyer: Valentine AT

Valentine AT is British Tier III Tank Destroyer. It possesses the best hull armor in its Tier. If you opt for a 3.7-inch Howitzer – the fun is inevitable since you'll be needing only one shot for most of the targets.

Since it's far too slower than the other tank destroyers from Tier III, plus it has its ammo rack placed on the side, (if you're spotted, trust me, you'll get ammo racked) it takes the complimentary title of a runner-up in this Tier.

What makes Valentine AT awesome:

  • 60mm of hull armor;
  • Good hull traverse speed;
  • 2893.93 damage per minute with 3.7-inch Howitzer;
  • Possibility of a one-shotting majority of your enemies;


Tier IV

Best Tier IV Tank Destroyer: Jagdpanzer (38t) Hetzer

Jagdpanzer (38t) Hetzer is a German Tier IV Tank Destroyer. It has been one of the favorite tanks ever since the World of Tanks exists and it's safe to say that it kept its place in the hearts and garages of the gamers from all around the world for obvious reasons.

It is adorned with a very good upper plate armor (even up to 110mm of effective armor), so it often happens that the tanks from Tiers V and VI have trouble crushing these little beasts.

What makes Jagdpanzer (38t) Hetzer awesome:

  • Both Tier V guns are great;
  • Excellent camo values (with a decent crew and right equipment it is practically invisible);
  • Surprisingly fast hull traverse;
  • 1.7 seconds of aim time on all guns, even on 10,5cm Stu.H. 40 L/43;


Second best Tier IV Tank Destroyer: M8A1

M8A1 is an American turreted Tier IV Tank destroyer. It is developed on the basis of M5 Stuart light tank and leads in one of the best Tier V in the game  - the mighty T67.

What makes M8A1 awesome:

  • 360 degrees traversable turret;
  • Great mobility with a maximum speed of 58 km/h;
  • 320 meters of view range;
  • Quite a nice gun with decent penetration of 101mm on standard rounds and 180mm on premium rounds;


Tier V

Best Tier V Tank Destroyer: T67

T67 is another American turreted tank destroyer. Almost all the players of World of Tanks have learned a lot so far about this, commonly known as 'The Devil from Tier V'.

The experiences of the gamers regarding this tank are different. Some have enjoyed riding them, others have been through hell fighting against it. What's certain is that we are talking about the best tank destroyer in Tier V.

What makes T67 awesome:

  • The top gun fires incredible 19.55 rounds per minute and makes 2.248.66 damage in the same amount of time;
  • 360 degrees traversable turret;
  • Low profile and small size of the tank contribute to great camo values:
  • Respectful top speed of 61 km/h;
  • 10 degrees of gun depression;


Second best Tier V Tank Destroyer: S35 CA

S35 CA is a French Tier V tank destroyer. Popularly known as a 'Bathtub', it definitely has things to offer to those who decide to give it a chance.

The highlight of this tank destroyer is definitely available guns. Even stock gun has a decent penetration of 171mm on standard, and 239mm on premium rounds.

Unlocking 90mm AC cannon DCA 30 I 105mm AC mle. 130 S you'll become the fear on the battlefield, regardless of matchmaking. You'll agree that it feels amazing to treat IS or T29 with 300 damage.

What makes S35 CA awesome:

  • Painless grind – your stock gun is good all-rounder and modules are cheap to research;
  • 300 alpha damage on 105mm AC mle. 130 S;
  • Decent penetration on every gun;


Tier VI

Best Tier VI Tank Destroyer: M18 Hellcat

M18 Hellcat is American Tier VI Tank Destroyer. The first thing you'll notice while riding this tank is its maximum speed of 72km/h for sure. This is precisely what enables you to arrive safely to classic TD positions, to relocate yourself faster in case of danger, and even to scout or flank enemy tanks.

You'll enjoy its great camo values, aim time of 1.63 seconds and rather obedient American cannon.

What makes M18 Hellcat awesome:

  • The maximum speed of 72km/h;
  • -10 degrees of gun depression that will enable a more safely working ridgelines and obstacles on the maps;
  • Low profile – good camo values;
  • 1.63 sec of aim time;


Second best Tier VI Tank Destroyer: SU – 100

SU – 100 is Soviet Tier VI Tank Destroyer. The possibility to choose cannons for this tank enables you to play in two ways:

As a classic background tank destroyer, using 100 mm D10S;

Or, if that's not your playstyle:

As an ambusher with the 122 mm D-2-5S gun that punches enemies in the face with 390 alpha damage (the biggest alpha damage of all regular tanks in this tier);

To master this tank you will need to play some battles, which makes it second best in this tier.

What makes SU - 100 awesome:

  • The great damage potential of 14.040 damage with its ammo capacity;
  • Decent camo values;
  • The biggest alpha damage of all regular tanks in its tier (only Su – 100Y pumps 440 alpha damage, but it is a premium tank);


Tier VII

Best Tier VII Tank Destroyer: E 25

E 25 is German premium Tier VII Tank Destroyer. 'The Cockroach' is an extremely good tank. It has high mobility with a maximum speed of 65 km/h, one of the best camo values in the game and an insanely good rate of fire – 20 rounds per minute.

If you hate it, it means you've never tried it. Should you have an opportunity, give it a try – you won't regret it.

What makes E 25 awesome:

  • High mobility, camo values, rate of fire and 1.44 seconds needed for aiming;
  • Good crew trainer for your German Tank Destroyers;
  • 2815,71 Damage Per Minute;
  • You begin to annoy the opponent players since the loading screen;
  • You won't see any tier IX tank, because you have preferential matchmaking;


Second best Tier VII Tank Destroyer: SU 100M1

SU 100M1 is Soviet Tier VII Tank destroyer. It has reliable hull armor in Tier VII  matchmaking and gun mantlet can easily bounce some higher Tier shots.

Its good armor has almost nothing to do with its speed, so it's safe to say that a long way with a pretty decent cannon, these two factors put it in the second place of our list.

What makes SU 100M1 awesome:

  • A decent maximum speed of 54 km/h;
  • Low profiled tank;
  • Decent hull armor - 140mm on the front, 75mm on the sides, 45mm on the back;
  • It leads to one of the best tier X Tank Destroyers – Obj. 268 v4;



Best Tier VIII Tank Destroyer: Udes 03

Udes 03 is a Swedish Tier VIII tank destroyer. Ever since it was introduced in the game, every TD player has lusted after this tank destroyer.

It is the first tank in the Swedish TD line that features hydraulic suspension, which means that you have travel mode (great mobility) and siege mode (ridiculously good gun handling);

What makes Udes 03 awesome:

  • 70% of camouflage while stationary;
  • 288mm of penetration on standard rounds (the best in its Tier);
  • The maximum forward speed of 70km/h and maximum reverse speed of 50km/h;
  • 1450 m/s shell velocity – you can easily shoot the farthest targets;
  • 1.47 seconds aiming time;
  • One of the most accurate tanks in the game with 0.24 dispersion;


Second best Tier VIII Tank Destroyer: Rheinmetall Skorpion G

Skorpion G is German Tier VIII Premium Tank Destroyer. Honestly, who would resist it? It contains all the good things that the German tech has brought to us.

Second best alpha in the tier, good accuracy, decent maximum speed, and sexy looks. Wargaming, take my money at last!

What makes Rheinmetall Skorpion G awesome:

  • 490 alpha damage – it will hurt even Mouse;
  • Good accuracy (0.3) and penetration (246mm on standard, 311mm on premium rounds);
  • Fully rotatable turret;
  • Good credit earner;
  • Great crew trainer;


Tier IX

Best Tier IX Tank Destroyer: Strv 103 – 0

Strv 103 – 0 is a Swedish Tier IX tank destroyer. An even better UDES 03 that prepares you for one of the best Tier X tank destroyers – Strv 103b.

It is more protected than the Swedish tank we mentioned before (Tier VIII TD), on paper it has better gun handling and in the right hands, it becomes a merciless hunter.

What makes Strv 103 – 0  awesome:

  • The highest penetration of all Tier IX guns (308mm on standard, and 350 on premium rounds);
  • 40mm of frontal armor, that will make the tanks with a cannon smaller than 120mm aim commander’s hatch;
  • Armor-piercing rounds as standard ammunition;
  • 1500 m/s shell velocity;
  • 0.29 dispersion in siege mode;


Second best Tier IX Tank Destroyer: Waffenträger auf Pz. IV

Waffenträger auf Pz. IV is German Tier IX Tank Destroyer. If you had a thing for Rheinmetall Borsig or Rheinmetall Skorpion G, you will adore this tank destroyer.

It has one of the most reliable guns in Tier IX – the mighty 128mm Kannone L/61. Please, do not use 150mm guns on this tank and as much as you think that the 750 alpha damage is fun – stick to the Kannone L/61 and your team will be able to count on you.

What makes  Waffenträger auf Pz. IV awesome:

  • 360 degrees of gun rotation;
  • Low profile = good camo values;
  • Good penetration with 276mm on standard, and 352mm on premium rounds;
  • 0.33 dispersion;


Tier X

In Tier X two tanks will share the first place. Due to different play styles, we will address two types of TD players.

If you are a classic TD player – sneaky one, a sniper on the safe distance, and you don't care about brawling in the first line with TD, then this one is for you:


Best Tier X Tank Destroyer: Strv 103b

Strv 103B is a Swedish Tier X Tank Destroyer. On the paper and in practice, it is the best sniper in the whole game.

Even though it may sound incredible, Strv 103b tier by tier is a better tank destroyer than UDES 03 and Strv 103 – 0. Get to the red line, enter the siege mode and melt everyone.

What makes  Strv 103b awesome:

  • Devastating gun with 308mm of penetration, 0.98 seconds of aiming time and 0.24 dispersion;
  • 1500 m/s shell velocity;
  • Can reach 60% of camouflage rating;


If you re into brawling, impenetrable vehicles hype you, and all you want is to go in first-line and push it like a boss, then this is your choice:


Best Tier X Tank Destroyer: Object 268 v4

Object 268 v4 is a Soviet Tier X Tank destroyer. Remember, while you're in this vehicle, Stalin is watching over you.

Push into the first line, wiggle your front and punish enemies that still don't know the weak spots of this tank, that almost don't even exist. Even 'nerfed' this tank has amazing armor and amazing speed.

What makes  Object 268 v4  awesome:

  • Idiotically strong frontal armor – if angled well can reach 350mm of effective;
  • Almost no weak spots;
  • The maximum speed of 50km/h;
  • 293mm penetration on standard and 360 on premium rounds, followed by 650 alpha damage;


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