[Top 10] Killing Floor 2 Best Berserker Weapons (Ranked)

Don't hug the big guy!

The Berserker. This guy puts himself in the worst scenario possible and most of the time returns victorious. He can pick a few melee weapons and cut, dismember, disembowel, rip apart, or obliterate the numerous Zeds that he’ll be up against. The Berserker can be a tank for his squishy teammates but he can also do a great job at solo-killing larger Zeds, like the Scrakes or Fleshpounds. It’s also worth mentioning that he synergizes well with the Field Medic!

When it comes to weapons, there’s a long list to pick from. We will analyze them, how they work, and what they’re good at. Let’s begin!

10. Crovel Survival Tool

A POS shovel. I can’t live without it!

This is the default melee weapon that you’re gonna get as the Berserker. It’s the cheapest tool that you can buy and beat the crap out of regular Zeds, like the Cysts, Clots, and Bloats if they’re separated. It’s not bad but at the same time, it’s not something that you want to use against a Fleshpound!

If you want my advice, stop using this shovel as soon as the bigger Zeds start appearing - Husks, E.D.A.Rs, Sirens, Rioters, Gorefiends, Scrakes, and Fleshpounds. They’re a lot sturdier than other Zeds and you might not make it out alive, especially if you’re a lower level.

What this Berserker weapon is good at:

  • You start with this weapon by default
  • Swinging is relatively fast with this weapon
  • Quickly disposes of the smaller Zeds(Cysts, Clots, etc)

Weapon stats:

  • Below-average damage
  • Medium speed
  • No special effects

9. Katana


The Katana is a pretty fast weapon to use. It causes mayhem against Cysts, Clots, Stalkers, Spiders, and other Zeds with small health pools. If you’re gonna go up against Bloats, Sirens, and other medium specimens, it’s important to aim for the head with heavy attacks!

Although it looks cool and has a high attack speed, it’s only good for clearing trash. The image shows a dead Fleshpound but to be frank with ya, I killed it with another melee weapon…

What this Berserker weapon is good at:

  • Very high attack speed
  • Can easily clear early-game trash
  • A pretty cheap weapon, should take around 2 waves to farm it(850 DOSH)

Weapon stats: 

  • Below-average damage
  • High attack speed
  • No special effects

8. Fire Axe

I don’t think that’s what firefighters do.

The Fire Axe costs 850 DOSH and it can deal a serious amount of damage to hordes of Zeds. The primary attacks are pretty fast and deal a moderate amount of damage, while the secondary attacks are slower but can deal a relatively huge amount of damage. 

It’s a pretty decent weapon if you can make enough DOSH quickly but don’t get it if you are in the later stages of the game. The Fire Axe is gonna be effective against the smaller Zeds, as well as the Bloats. Sirens, Rioters, and other Specimens. Find other weapons against Scrakes&Fleshpounds though!

What this Berserker weapon is good at:

  • A well-placed hit can easily kill Bloats, Sirens, and other beefy Zeds
  • Still relatively fast if you use the primary attack mode(LMB)
  • Stronger than the Katana, in terms of damage

Weapon stats:

  • Above-average damage
  • Medium attack speed
  • No special effects

7. Hemoclobber

A rather strange weapon…

Visually, this weapon looks badass and silly at the same time. It looks like a futuristic baseball bat with spikes on top and blue lights everywhere. It might cost a bit but it has cool special effects that can serve your teammates in specific circumstances. 

I suppose that this weapon can become useful if nobody became a Field Medic on your team. The primary attack is fast as hell and can easily annihilate weaker and medium Zeds but the secondary attack can also create a blue cloud that heals your teammates and poisons Zeds, which makes this also somewhat useful for crowd control. 

What this Berserker weapon is good at:

  • Heals your teammates, which is especially useful if your team is greedy and nobody decided to pick the Medic class
  • The secondary attack also emits a blue cloud, which poisons the Zeds - useful against the weaker specimens
  • The primary attack(LMB) is ridiculously fast, faster than the Katana

Weapon stats:

  • Very fast attack speed
  • Above-average damage
  • Secondary attacks let out a blue cloud that heals teammates/poisons Zeds

6. VLAD-1000 Nailgun

A ranged Berserker weapon? Blasphemy!

This is a ranged weapon that can kill Zeds from longer distances. It puts you in a safer position and with each upgrade, this weapon becomes even more powerful, although it’s gonna cost you some DOSH(600, 700, 1500 per upgrade). A weird gun but it gets the job done!

You can either toggle to the “shotgun” fire mode or single fire. The first fire mode is obviously gonna deal massive amounts of damage, while the secondary fire mode is more effective against E.D.A.Rs and Husks. By upgrading this weapon you can achieve surprising results, such as getting rid of Scrakes and Fleshpounds with ease!

What this Berserker weapon is good at:

  • Two fire modes, useful in specific circumstances
  • Husks and E.D.A.Rs are prone to the single-fire
  • The weapon is pretty accurate at short to medium distances
  • Pretty OP when upgraded to the max

Weapon stats:

  • Decent rate of fire
  • High damage
  • Can toggle between different fire modes

5. Pulverizer

How doesn’t the explosion hurt you?

What can be said about this weapon… It’s a hammer with an explosive charge attached to the top. It causes massive AoE damage and easily gets rid of hordes of Zeds, as well as the bigger specimens, such as the Fleshpound, plus the Scrake. Keep in mind that the Pulverizer runs out of ammunition pretty fast, so it’s smart to not use the explosive charge against a single Cyst wandering around…

A little poem to sum up this weapon:

“See those Cysts in the corner,

The Pulverizer will put them in order,

Blood and guts just everywhere,

The limbs are still flying in the air!”

What this Berserker weapon is good at:

  • The explosive attack can easily obliterate hordes of Zeds
  • The alternate attack also allows you to solo kill the larger Zeds
  • Surprisingly enough, the primary attack has a high attack speed
  • If you run out of explosive charges, you can still use the secondary attack for heavier attacks

Weapon stats:

  • Very high damage
  • Very high alternate attack damage(explosive)
  • High attack speed
  • The secondary attack, if the weapon is reloaded, allows you to blow up Zeds

4. Battleaxe

What is even happening here?

The Battleaxe is a tier V weapon that’s known for its cost, as well as the damage it deals. Unfortunately, that’s all that can be said about this weapon. If you like senseless gore and blood splatters, this weapon is definitely for you!

This “hatchet” might be slow but once it strikes the Zed, you can bet that nothing will be left of that feller. It annihilates everything from a Cyst to a Husk and if you’re alone with a Scrake or a Fleshpound, I’m confident that a few hits with this thing will send them flying as well. It’s worth knowing that this weapon is slow and if you’re not careful, you can get overwhelmed and killed. 

What this Berserker weapon is good at:

  • 1-shots crappy/medium Zeds
  • Will get the job done against Fleshpounds/Scrakes
  • Also has decent cleave damage

Weapon stats:

  • Very high damage
  • Below-average attack speed
  • No special effects

3. Bone Crusher

Shh, let him take a nap.

One day, you decided to spend 1600 DOSH to become a full-time knight. Crushing the skulls of your enemy filled you with joy and watching them trying to bite through your shield made you giggle. Hands down, one of the most iconic weapons that you can use in Killing Floor 2!

If you want my opinion, use the Bone Crusher to deflect incoming damage. In contrast to other weapons, this one will block 70% of the damage thrown at you, making you a great tank. Especially useful against Scrakes and Fleshpounds, plus playing with a Field Medic/right perks will make you pretty much immune to damage.

What this Berserker weapon is good at:

  • Deflects more damage than the other melee weapons
  • Also deals a reasonably high amount of damage
  • High attack speed easily lets you get rid of multiple Zeds, as well as overwhelm the larger Zeds

Weapon stats:

  • High damage output
  • Fast attack speed
  • Deflects 70% of taken damage

2. Eviscerator

I know you can see it.

The Eviscerator! This is yet another ranged Berserker weapon but it can also cut down Zeds from the melee range. What makes this weapon unique is the fact that it’s quite effective against Scrakes and Husks, Zeds that are quite difficult to fight from a close distance.

The weapon performs only poorly against Fleshpounds. You’re gonna take a lot of damage before taking down one of them, thus it’s important to kill these Zeds with at least one of your teammates. On a positive note, you don’t have to worry about ammunition too much, you can collect the blades deployed from the Eviscerator. 

What this Berserker weapon is good at:

  • Deployable blades from the Eviscerator are good at killing Zeds that are dangerous to the Berserker class(Husks, Scrakes, etc)
  • Alternate attack mode is good for mowing down regular, trashy Zeds
  • The blades can be picked up, as they get stuck on surfaces

Weapon stats:

  • High damage output
  • Two types of attack
  • Below average rate of fire(LMB)

1. Static Strikers

Falcon… PUNCH!

The Sci-fi gloves of doom. After successfully punching a Crawler in the jaw and sending him flying into the ceiling, you’ll see a cool electric trail follow your gloves. Fast and hard-hitting, you simply can’t find a better weapon to run through a corridor full of Zeds!

The primary attack is good for clearing the way from Zeds, while the secondary attack is meant for the meaner Zeds, such as Bloats, Sirens, E.D.A.Rs, and even the Scrakes, as well as the Fleshpounds. If you’re playing on harder difficulties, make sure to let your other teammates get rid of Husks!

What this Berserker weapon is good at:

  • Rapid attacks can easily punch through a column of common Zeds
  • The secondary attack is quite devastating against larger Zeds
  • Headshots are pretty easy to hit, allowing you to chain-stun enemies

Weapon stats:

  • High damage output
  • Very high attack speed
  • Decent headshot accuracy

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