[Top 10] Killing Floor 2 Best Commando Weapons (Ranked)

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The Commando is known for a few things - first of all, he spots invisible enemies for his team and also gets to see the health bars of Zeds. He uses a variety of weapons with a relatively decent rate of fire, accuracy, and damage. You can play him solo or with your team and kick every Zed’s ass!

You’re probably wondering what weapons this class gets to use. That’s precisely what we’re gonna do today, analyze the best weapons for this class, explain why they’re good, and how you should use them. I think that’s enough for this intro, let’s get into the big guns!

10. HE Grenade

Watch out for Sirens!

Hmm. A weird weapon to include on this list but it has its uses - first of all, it gets rid of multiple Zeds at once and it’s effective against Fleshpounds, as they have a weakness towards explosives. Let me tell ya, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing multiple Zeds blow into bits in slow motion!

Keep in mind that you only have 5 of those grenades and they cost 40 DOSH each. You will have a burning urge to throw them as soon as possible but it’s necessary to save them for situations when you’re overwhelmed!

Why HE grenades are awesome:

  • Useful for blowing up multiple Zeds at once
  • The Commando is not the best class against Fleshpounds, although his HE grenades pack a punch
  • Can save your life if you’re being swarmed/cut off

9. 9mm Pistol

The last resort…

Just kidding, your knife is your last resort. The M9 pistols are not that bad, because when you reach level 10 with the Commando class, you unlock the Fallback perk, which gives you 85% bonus damage to your M9s. Besides, you can upgrade your pistols many times and they become pretty good against anything that’s not a Fleshpound or a Scrake.

… Still, it’s not a good idea to put your hard-earned DOSH into upgrading these pistols - they run out of ammo pretty fast and they are worthless against larger Zeds. 

Why these pistols are awesome:

  • They’re pretty accurate at short to medium range
  • They gain 0 weight from upgrades
  • They get the job done, under the condition that you aim for the head
  • Synergize well with the Fallback perk
  • You can use them alone till larger Zeds start popping up

8. AR-15 Varmint Rifle

Use it till you can afford a Minigun.

On a serious note, you really shouldn’t do that, unless you wanna get kicked from the game. The AR-15, just like the M9 pistols, will get the job done until the Scrakes/Fleshpounds begin appearing. The rifle has 2 fire modes and an OK amount of ammunition, enough to last for the round if you’re accurate enough.

And that’s it when it comes to the good things about this weapon - it falls off pretty quickly and you’ll be heavily punished for wasting ammunition. It’s also a bummer that this weapon doesn’t have automatic fire…

Why this weapon is cool:

  • The weapon costs 200 DOSH, the ammunition is not too expensive either
  • Easily cuts through swarms of Zeds(Unless there are Scrakes/Fleshpounds)
  • Two fire modes(single and burst)
  • Weighs only 4 kilos, which allows you to equip more weapons
  • Cheap upgrades(500,600,700,1500 DOSH)

7. Sentinel(DLC)

Tiny but deadly.

Sentinel is a flying drone that shoots nearby enemies. If you and your teammates are outnumbered, this little guy will always keep a corridor safe from the weaker and medium Zeds. Once it runs out of ammunition, it’s gonna explode but you can also detonate it remotely. A pretty unique tool that you don’t even have to use!

Still, it sucks against bigger Zeds and you don’t get to control it. Your team might not want to fight around the Sentinel, which will make it kind of useless. 

Why this drone is badass:

  • Keeps you and your team from being overwhelmed
  • Useful for completing objectives(Defend the area)
  • Gets rid of weaker/medium Zeds pretty fast

6. SA80 L85A2 Bullpup

Silly name, still a decent weapon though!

The good old Bullpup is a pretty diverse weapon. It’s effective against all types of Zeds, Scrakes included. This weapon has a decent rate of fire that synergizes well with the Impact Rounds perk, which can chain stun Zeds. It’s also worth adding that you can carry 300 rounds for this weapon, which is plentiful for the early and middle waves.

Still, this weapon might struggle against Fleshpounds. It has almost the same amount of damage as the AR-15, plus the upgrades will not solve this issue. The Bullpup is a perfect weapon for grinding better guns.

Why Bullpup is awesome:

  • Decent accuracy at all ranges
  • Red dot sight makes aiming quite easy
  • Decent rate of fire, better than the AK-12
  • You buy this weapon to grind for better options

5. Kalashnikov AK-12

For the Ruskies.

The AK-12 has two fire modes, one of them is the 3-round burst and the second one is automatic fire. Deals 40 damage per round and it’s highly effective against Scrakes and will manage against Fleshpounds. In terms of accuracy, it’s gonna perform perfectly at all ranges, also thanks to the collimator sight. Remember to use the Impact Rounds perk!

Although the AK-12 sounds all nice and dandy, it still costs 1100 DOSH, while a way better weapon, like the SCAR-H, costs just 1500 DOSH - this always made me wonder whether getting the AK-12 is worth it or not. The gun’s not bad but it’s nothing amazing as well. 

Why the AK-12 is alright:

  • Deals 25% more damage than the AR-15
  • Collimator sight makes aiming extremely easy
  • The weapon’s accuracy is great at all ranges
  • According to the lore, this weapon belonged to a Spetsnaz soldier who died. 

4. Mkb.42(H) Carbine Rifle

G’day, Husk.

The Mkb. 42 deals more damage than the previously mentioned weapons and it’s as accurate as the AK-12. The rate of fire is slightly worse but in the end, this weapon is capable of dealing with any threat. You can also switch between fire modes, from semi-automatic to full-automatic. 

Still, it’s sad that this weapon costs as much as the AK-12 and only offers more damage. You also don’t have any fancy collimators, just some boring iron sight. At least it has that WW2 vibe!

Why this weapon is dope:

  • Deals 50 points of damage per round
  • Obliterates Scrakes in 1 magazine, although it depends on the difficulty
  • The weapon has cool visuals, if you fancy WW2 Germany, it’s definitely for you

3. Minigun(DLC)

6 Commandos, 6 Miniguns.

I believe that one Minigun per team should be more than enough. This thing will obliterate literally everything that moves, whether it’s hordes of Zeds, Scrakes, or Fleshpounds. It has the highest rate of fire from all of the weapons, plus the constant fire allows you to correct your aim. Fun to use!

But there are issues. If this is your only weapon, keep in mind that reloading the Minigun is painfully slow and it’s gonna get you killed if you’re not careful. Make sure to carry an extra weapon and STICK TO YOUR TEAM. Going solo with this thing is the dumbest idea that you can have!

Why the Minigun is amazing:

  • Massive hordes of Zeds will get exterminated before they can get close to you
  • Scrakes are basically Clots when you use the Minigun
  • Fleshpounds have a resistance to bullets. It really doesn’t matter when it faces the Minigun. 
  • The highest rate of fire from all Commando guns

2. SCAR-H Assault Rifle

Watch your ammo!

The SCAR-H is a fancy-looking weapon that deals the highest amount of damage from all the other previously mentioned Commando weapons, which is 55 damage per round. You can use your MMB to toggle between fire modes and demolish Scrakes into bits!

The weapon is great, the only bad thing that can be said about this weapon is its poor magazine capacity - without any perks, each magazine can only hold 20 bullets. It’s also important to carry an extra weapon with you, just in case stuff gets too hot!

Why the Scar-H is awesome:

  • Decent rate of fire, 625 RPM
  • Highest damage per round from all the other previously mentioned weapons
  • Red dot sight never fails to improve your headshot count
  • Low recoil, very pleasant to shoot with
  • Accurate at short, medium, and long distances

1. Stoner 63A LMG


The default capacity of the magazine is 75 rounds. You can improve the capacity with the Eat Lead&High Capacity Mags perks. This weapon is perfect for annihilating columns of Zeds, as well as permanently chain stunning Fleshpounds, as well as Scrakes. It might not deal a lot of damage, although that can be fixed by using the Hollow Points perk. 

Takes a bit to reload and it eats through your ammunition. Deals the same amount of damage as the AR-15, plus the worst thing about this weapon is the fact that it weighs 9 kilos, which makes it impossible for you to upgrade it and carry an AK-12 or a SCAR-H at the same time. 

Why the Stoner is awesome:

  • Great against every type of a Zed, especially the larger types
  • Easily obliterates Scrakes, which are known for their weakness against bullets
  • Impact Rounds perk synergizes extremely well with this gun
  • High-capacity magazine(the default magazine is at 75 rounds)
  • The second-highest rate of fire from all the other Commando weapons

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