[Top 15] Fallout 4 Best Realism Mods

Remember to Hunt Robots for the Iron

Ever since I played Fallout 3 on my Dad’s Windows Vista; I have been adding Realism mods to the game. Not much has changed since then as I love the Role-Playing aspect of every Fallout game; and by improving the immersion by adding these mods, you too can feel the pure thrill of a Post-Apocalyptic Nuclear Wasteland. This list is in no particular order as these are just meant to be new ways to add fun to our beloved game.

15. Weapons of Fate (Ballistics Overhaul)

Image by Seb263

It’s just a fact that video games are not real life. But gosh darn it, why don’t we try to improve the physics of the gun play. That what this mod seeks to do by changing the Hit Scan nature of video game bullets to one’s with physics that have gravity, loss of velocity, and falloff.

  • Bullet Physics
  • Tracers Rounds
  • Visual Effects like smoke trails


14. Visual Reload

Image by Pauderek

After a lengthy standoff with a Deathclaw and you in T-61 Power Armor and a Mini-Gun, besides the bloody pulp of the reptile before you; you would expect there to be a pool of brass bullet casings. Well, this mod fixes that be delaying the de-spawn of casings to allow you to admire your handy work.

  • Pile up spent cases anywhere you have a firefight
  • Toss away empty magazines like in the movies
  • Also alters the ejections of some guns to be more realistic


13. Splinterz - Breakable Wooden Doors

Image by UlithiumDragon

Wearing Power Armor that dons the wearer Superhuman Strength yet a small padlock on a rotten wooden door will stop all progress. With this mod, you just break down the F*#king door.

  • It just makes sense, it’s wood
  • Can be broken down with many items
  • Just for Aesthetics, doesn’t change much mechanically


12. Better Ammo Boxes

Image by DeviousMeth0ds

Strange how after 200 years of exposure to the elements; this paper boxes are still brightly colored as if they’re brand new. This is no good, so this mod changes the brightly colored “Cartoonish” ammo boxes to more realistic sun-bleached paint peeling “Military” boxes.

  • Reenforces that Real-Military aesthetics that Pre-war weapons have.
  • Very simple mod to use and install
  • Has multiple resolutions for performance adjustment


11. Locky Bastard

Image by LeahTheUnknown

Sure, you can break a weak wooden door but what about a metal door with a dead bolt? How about a well place shotgun slug to the lock and pop it open. This mod gives you new options to open doors with.

  • A Smart Lockpicker knows how a lock works, and where to shoot to break it apart
  • An Impatient Lockpicker knows how to glue a grenade to the lock and blow it apart
  • And a Strong Lockpicker kicks the door in


10. Hunter of the Commonwealth

Image by Zzyxzz

Fallout 4 was always two steps forward one step back game in terms of mechanics that were introduce in previous games but left out in this incarnation. Well, this mod adds and brings back the ability to Hunt, Butcher, and Skin your prey and use them in new recipes.

  • By using a knife, you can harvest the meat, organs, and skin of creatures that you hunted.
  • If you play Cannibal, then you can chop up your “Prey” into their limbs and make special recipes from your choice of protein.
  • You can depose of dead bodies that won’t de-spawn in your settlements.


9. Classic Holstered Weapons System (CHW)

Image by shavkacagarikia

Isn’t it amazing that every standard issued Vault Suit has a Bag of Holding in each pocket… what this isn’t Dungeons & Dragons, where did my Laser Rifle go? With this mod, it goes on your back, like a gun would. Now your weapons do not just magically appear and reappear from the ether.

  • Rifles on your back
  • Pistols on your hip as it was always meant to be
  • Mini-Nukes go to the ether, nothing’s perfect


8. Realistic Headshots

[No Photo]

Mod by ShadowShayde

Shoot a dude in the head, they die. Simple as that, not everyone is the Courier and can take a pointblank headshot; yet be default many weak enemies can take a full clip to the dome and still stim pack back to full HP. Not anymore, POP, dead.

  • Normal Humans and Robobrains die with one headshot
  • Someone with a helmet will have a chance to survive one or two shots
  • But big dudes like Deathclaws and Paladins will take a full magazine since they have real defenses again dying to a lucky shot


7. Classic Radiation Poisoning 2

Image by falloutkid12

Many classic Fallout fans found the radiation system in Fallout 4 to be subpar as it is barely a factor as it simply saps away your health. Meanwhile in previous title, radiation would come in stages with cumulative effects if went untreated. This mod restores the classic method for you.

  • You have the options of the Fallout 3/New Vegas system where it saps your endurance till it leads to death.
  • Or the more nuisance Fallout 1&2 system where it saps your entire body of it’s stats and leaves you in a state where Death is certainly making its way towards you
  • You keep your full health as Radiation has its own bar again


6. Realistic Death Physics – No Animations

Image by mm137

When you shoot a Chem Fueled Raider come at you with a lead pipe in the head with a 10mm Pistol; should his body fly across the street or immediately drop like a sandbag? I think you know my answer, this mod changes the weight mechanics to make the bodies ragdolls react properly with shot in the face.

  • More realistic death
  • Moving a dead body has weight instead of floating
  • You drop like a rock too, for realism


5. IHO – Immersive Hunting Overhaul

Image by IKocMoHaBTI

Oh, you like the previous hunting mod but wished it had MORE; then this mod is for you. Like the previous entry you can hunt and harvest the things of the Wasteland, but this one lets you…

  • Salvage parts from defeated Robots and Synths for rare material
  • Clear out dead bodies from anywhere like a breeze
  • A New Magazine to collect across the map to fuel the collect-a-thon part of our brain


From here are some of what I think are the most interesting to use in your new playthrough as they change the game in fundamental ways.

4. NPCs Travel

Image by win2009

Look, People, walking around like it’s something they do often. This mod adds many different sets of NPCs wandering and traveling to conduct business or raids, giving life back to the Wasteland.

  • Over 300 NPCs traveling across all map zones
  • Sets of NPCs are put together in combinations that make sense for the world
  • Wandering Behemoths, both scary and cool if you know


3. Wasteland Wound Care – Bandages and Stuff

[No Photo]

Mod by PaddyGarcia

You ever played 7 Days to Die? Then take that healing system and insert it as best as you can into Fallout 4 and that’s how you get this mod. It adds and modifies several healing items to work in interesting and realistic ways.

  • Reduces the effectiveness of Stimpaks and adds new alternatives
  • One can get sick from improper medical treatment, which is very realistic
  • There are expired medicines and Surgery Kits as well as Stimcrak… chems are weird


2. Consume Without Pickup

Image by MadRabbitX

Resident Evil 4 was the first game that I know of that did this and every game is slightly inferior for not including this feature. You can eat the item without putting it into your inventory, just pick up and use immediately. Amazingly simple concept but not many figures it out. Thankfully this mod fixing the flaw in the game by letting you use any consumable with the R button.

  • NO NEED TO EXPLAIN, everyone knows this is the superior way a priori


1.El Cazador Armor

Image by Johnc0n0r

Back when I was a wee lad; I just started playing Fallout for the first time and I got hooked on Post-Apocalyptic works of fiction. Around that time, I found a really good web comic call Post-Nuke and the image of the main character’s Visor & Gas Mask costume was burnt into my mind as THE image of a Nuclear Survivalist. This is just a long way of saying that this mod gives you a really cool armor

  • The Armor is customizable
  • STALCKER vibes and aesthetics
  • Male & Female variants


Thus, brings us to the end of another Fallout 4 rant O’mine. It is always fun to bring my thoughts to you and discuss my obsession with a seven-year-old game. I would like to thank the wonderful modders who spent their time and passion for making this mods and for Nexus Mods for hosting them.

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