[Top 15] Fallout 4 Best Armors From Early Till Late Game (And How To Get Them)

Best armors in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 stands out with its massive clothing, apparel, and armor collection. These armors come as full suits, headgear, chest pieces, and more. Many come with unique status and legendary effects. However, it is not always clear what to wear and when to wear it. This list will help you decide what armor to equip in the game's early, middle, and late stages.


1. Vault Jumpsuit( Best for early game)

First on our list is the Vault Jumpsuit. There are many different versions of this jumpsuit that can be acquired throughout the game. However, all vault suits will function the same in-game.  The Vault 111 version will be given to the player at the entrance to Vault 111. Many players look at the initial, unmodified version of this suit and tend not to keep it equipped. However, if you give the Vault Jumpsuit a chance, you will be glad you did.  

The Vault Jumpsuit is one of the few early armors that give the player energy resistance. It also increases radiation resistance. It is very rare to find armor that offers either in the early game, let alone both. When fully upgraded, the Vault Jumpsuit provides solid defenses when facing enemies wielding laser weapons or from irradiated locations. The Vault Jumpsuit does not offer any damage resistance. However, it is one of the few armor types that do not take up any armor slots. That means that with the Vault Jumpsuit equipped, the player can still wear five more armor pieces.

The Vault Jumpsuit starts at 0 damage resistance, 5+ energy resistance, and 10+ radiation resistance. It weighs 1 pound. All Vault Jumpsuits have a value of 20 bottle caps, with the exception of the Vault 88 Jumpsuit. The Vault 88 jumpsuit has a value of 0 bottle caps. The Vault Jumpsuit can not take the Ballistic Weave modification.


2. Army Fatigues(Best for Early game)

The Army Fatigues are the United States military combat uniform in the alternate history America of Fallout 4. They can be purchased from vendors or looted from Gunners across the Commonwealth. As the Sole Survivor is a member of the U.S. army, a set can be found in the bedroom closet at the start of the game.

The Army Fatigues give a +1 boost to the strength and agility S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. This means that while wearing the Army Fatigues action points and carry weight are increased, sneaking is enhanced, and melee and unarmed damage are improved. Army fatigues do not take up up any armor slots. A full suit of armor can be worn while the Army Fatigues are equipped.

The Army fatigues weigh 3 pounds. Without the helmet equipped, they offer no resistances in their base form. They can, however, be upgraded with the ballistic weave modification. They have a value of 20 bottle caps.


3. Protector's Left Armguard(Best for Early Game)

The Protector's Left Armguard is a unique, sturdy leather armpiece. Leather armor has the best energy resistance of any other armor type. However, the increase in energy resistance comes with lower radiation and damage resistance. The Protector's Left Armguard can be purchased from Arturo Rodriguez at any point in the game after discovering Diamond City. 

While wearing the Protector's left Armguard the player will take 15% less damage from humans. This effect is extremely useful, as the vast majority of the enemies in the game are humans. To maximize the effects, players should purchase this armpiece as soon as possible. 

This armpiece weighs 6 pounds. In its base form, it offers 10 points of damage resistance and 16 points of energy resistance. It has a value of 1856 bottle caps. 


4. Black Ops Right Shin Guard(Best for Early Game)

The Black Ops Right Shin Guard is a unique, sturdy combat armor shin guard with the "Sprinter's" legendary effect. It can be purchased in Bunkerhill from the vendor, Deb. The "Sprinters'' legendary effect increases the player's movement speed by 10%. 

As the game progresses into the later stages, the player character will start to outclass most enemies in the game. However, in the earlier stages of the game, the Sole Survivor is most vulnerable. This is doubly true at the higher difficulties, like very hard and survival. The increase in movement speed given by this shinguard can be critical for escaping danger in the early game, where it matters most.  

 The Black Ops Shinguard weighs 9 pounds. It has a damage resistance of 15. Its energy resistance is 10. And the radiation resistance is 10. It is valued at 2032 bottle caps.


5. Power Armor(Best for all Stages)

 In this entry, I will briefly and broadly cover Power Armor. I will cover the pros and cons of the different power armor types as well as the best unique and legendary power armor pieces in future lists. Power armor is the most powerful armor type in the game. It offers the highest damage, energy, and radiation resistance across the board. 

Power armor can be found all over the Commonwealth. To use power armor, you must first acquire a Power Armor Frame. These frames allow the player to equip right and left arms and legs, as well as helmets and torsos. Fusion Cores are required to power the armor. Fusion Cores can be expensive and hard to come by in the early game.

Power armor will deteriorate as it takes damage. The player will have to use crafting materials to repair broken or damaged armor pieces. Legendary effects on regular armor pieces will no longer be active while wearing power armor. Any effects from your power armor pieces will disappear if that piece is broken. You will be unable to use the status effects until the armor piece is repaired. Due to these factors, many players choose to make use of power armor only in the late stages of the game, if at all.


6. Grognak Costume(Best for Mid-Game)

Grognak's Costume is a loincloth that can be found on the top floor of the Hubris Comics building in downtown Boston. It will change its appearance to include a top piece if the player character is female. Grognak's Costume gives a 25% damage increase and +2 to strength when equipped. 

The 25% damage increase takes effect after the +2 in strength. This is, hands down, the ultimate costume for melee builds. Even if you don't use melee weapons, the +2 to strength and 25% melee damage are great for increasing your carry weight and bash damage, respectively. Take note that the increase in melee damage does not affect unarmed attacks or weapons.

Grognak's Costume has a damage resistance of 10. Its energy and radiation resistanceares 15. It weighs 2 pounds and has a value of 24 bottle caps. Grognak's Costume is not compatible with ballistic weave.


7. Commando Chest Piece(Best for Mid-game)

The Commando Chest Piece is a unique combat armor chest piece with the "Powered" legendary effect. "Powered" gives the player an increase in their action point refresh speed. This chest piece can be purchased from the Brotherhood scribe, Proctor Teagan. Proctor Teagan can be found aboard the Prydwen. 

Action Points are used for a number of things in Fallout 4. Players can use them to take "bullet time" shots in V.A.T.S or to sprint while over-encumbered. Action points are used to bash with guns and to steady the players' aim while looking down scopes. Increased action point refresh speed paired with excellent resistances make the Commando Chest Piece one of the most versatile armors in the Commonwealth.

This chest piece has a weight of 14.6 pounds. It has great damage and energy resistance at 24. Its radiation resistance is 15. The value of this armor piece is 978 bottle caps, and it is best paired with the next entry on our list.


8. Commando Helmet(Best for Mid-game)

The Commando Helmet is a unique combat armor helmet. It is half of the two-part helmet and chest-piece set sold by Proctor Teagan on the Prydwen. The Commando Helmet has the "V.A.T.S Enhanced" legendary effect. "V.A.T.S Enhanced" gives a 10% reduction in action point costs inside of V.A.T.S.

The more a gun weighs, the more action points it will consume while in V.A.T.S. This can be very frustrating for players with sniper or sneak playstyles, as scopes and stocks make guns much heavier. Even with high agility, players will often be unable to take more than two or three shots in V.A.T.S with their fully modified weapons. With the Commando Helmet, players will save 10% on action points per shot. When worn with the Commando Chest Piece, this Helmet is a game changer. 

The Commando Chest Piece has a damage and energy resistance of 16. It has a radiation resistance of 0. At 6 pounds, it is lightweight. Upon acquisition, the polymer modification is active on the helmet. Proctor Teagan sells this helmet for 420 bottle caps.


9. Devestator's Right Greave(Best for Mid-game)

Now for the only metal armor piece that made our list. The Devastator’s Right greave is a heavy metal leg armor piece. It is sold by the robot KL-E-O in Goodneighbor. Metal armor offers the best damage resistance of any armor type in the game. However, the energy and radiation resistance are below average.

The Devastator's Right Greave slows time for the player whenever their health reaches below 20%. Useful is an understatement for this legendary effect. When your player's health is low, they will now receive all of the benefits of taking a Jet without any of the drawbacks. Therefore, giving your player the edge when they need it most.

This greave is moderately heavy at 16 pounds. It has a damage resistance of 27. The energy resistance is low at 17. Like most pieces of metal armor, it does not protect from radiation at all. This armor piece is very expensive, with a value of 6,198 bottle caps.


10. Steadfast BOS Chest Piece(Best for Late Game)

The Steadfast BOS Chest Piece is a unique, legendary, combat armor chest piece. It will appear as a standard, sturdy, or heavy combat armor piece depending on the player's level at the time of acquisition. Lancer Captain Kells will give this chest piece to the player as a reward for completing the quest "Lost Patrol". 

The Steadfast BOS Chest Piece comes with the "Bolstering" legendary effect. The "Bolstering" effect causes energy and damage resistance to go up as the player's health goes down. Damage and energy resistance will not be raised higher than +35. This chest piece turns the Sole Survivor into a nightmare for enemies. Nothing is harder to beat than an enemy that gets tougher the more you hurt them.

This chest piece weighs 15.5 pounds. It has a damage resistance of 35. The energy resistance is 35 as well. This chest piece provides no radiation resistance. The value is 50 bottle caps. If the player character upgrades this chest piece to anything other than BOS, then the BOS will be dropped from the title. 


11.  Mark 2 Synth Chest Piece(Best for Late Game)

The Mark 2 Synth Chest Piece is the first piece of synth armor to make our list. It is sold by the Synth Requisition Officer in the Institute. Synth armor was specially made by the institute to protect combat synths. When compared to other armor types, synth armor has more energy resistance and less resistance to damage.

The Mark 2 Synth Chest Piece makes the player more difficult to detect while sneaking or standing still. Now you will be almost undetectable while sneaking through the Commonwealth. If your player likes to steal, pickpocket, or take advantage of double-damage sneak attacks, this is the armor for you.

Like all synth armor, this chest piece is lightweight at 4.4 pounds. The damage resistance is 18. The energy resistance is 23. There is no radiation resistance for this armor piece. The value is 1643 bottle caps.


12. Freefall Legs(Best for Late Game)

The Freefall Legs were developed and produced by the pre-war company Mass Fusion. They were designed to keep the wearers safe when falling from great heights. When worn together, these one-of-a-kind pieces of combat armor reduce the player's fall damage. 

While wearing power armor in Fallout 4, the player character becomes immune to fall damage. This comes in handy when fighting on bridges, buildings, and towers, where enemy attacks can knock the player to their death. However, some players choose not to use power armor. These leg guards are for them! Now fall damage is a thing of the past, in or out of power armor.

The Freefall Legs will sometimes spawn as standard, sturdy, or heavy. They will weigh 2.5 pounds at standard, 5 at sturdy, and 7.5 at heavy. Their damage resistance is 10, 14, or 18. They have an energy resistance of 8, 12, or 16. They are valued at 125, 205, and 285 bottle caps at standard, sturdy, and heavy, respectively. 

13. The Silver Shroud Armor(Best for Late Game)

The Silver Shroud Armor is an armor made from the Silver Shroud Costume found in Hubris Comics. It will be given to the player by Kent Connolly in Goodneighbor. Wearing the Silver Shroud Armor will open up many new dialogue options and cause characters to comment on the player's new outfit. 

The Silver Shroud Armor is arguably the best armor in the game. This is because, when fully upgraded, it has the second-highest damage resistance of any suit in the game. Although its energy resistance is not as impressive, it is still pretty good. Where the Silver Shroud armor Shines is the effects. When wearing this armor the player takes 155 less damage from humans and gains a +1 in perception and agility.

When fully upgraded, The Silver Shroud Armor weighs 7 pounds. It has a damage and energy resistance of 87. Its radiation resistance is 15. This armor has a value of 1000 bottle caps and is not compatible with the ballistic weave modification.


14. Mark 4 Synth Left Leg(Best for Late Game)

The Mark 4 Synth Left Leg is a unique piece of synth leg armor. It can be purchased from the Scribe after finding him and recruiting him to work at a settlement armor emporium. The Scribe is a former member of the Brotherhood of Steel who has since deserted. He now wonders about the Commonwealth and can be encountered by the player at random. 

This leg guard gives the player a +2 increase in luck. Luck determines how many hits it takes to fill the critical meter, as well as the amount of caps and ammo  found around the wasteland. With enough luck, the player can avoid getting infected by molerats in Vault 81. This will save you from a permanent and incurable health penalty. 

The Mark 4 Synth Armor weighs 14.3 pounds. It has a damage resistance of 22. Its energy resistance is 25. It offers no base radiation resistance. This armor has a value of 6305 bottle caps and can be upgraded at any armor workbench. 


15. Courser Uniform(Best For late Game)

The Courser Uniform is an armor suit worn by the Institute hunter-killers called "Coursers". To obtain this armor,, the player can loot it from a defeated Courser or find it in the Institute. The Courser Uniform is the default suit worn by the companion X6 88. 

While wearing the Courser uniform the player will receive +1 perception and endurance. Endurance will increase the number of hit points available to your player and decrease how many action points are depleted while sprinting. With increased perception, your player will have greater accuracy in V.A.T.S, and pickpocketing and lockpicking attempts will be more successful. The Courser Uniform can be upgraded with the ballistic weave modification, turning the Courser Uniform into one of the strongest armors in the game. 

The Courser Uniform weighs 15 pounds. Its base damage resistance is 30. It has an energy resistance of 15. The radiation resistance is 15 as well. The value is 200 bottle caps. No unique versions of this armor are available in the base game.

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