[Top 25] Famous Villains from Fantasy Movies and Games

Famous Villains from Fantasy Movies and Games
We know them, we love them, and we love to hate them.

25. Morgana Pendragon - Merlin

Morgana is the beautiful young ward of king Uther Pendragon. She’s a strong willed witch who grows to covet great change and the throne of Camelot.

Though she may not have been a villain originally, Morgana was driven to darkness. She became one of the most dangerous witches to ever live, and while she failed in her mission to take Camelot for good, it’s safe to say her actions left a deep scar on the kingdom.

Morgana is perhaps one of my favorite villains, because her motives were never really bad to begin with. She only wanted those with magic to have freedom. Though she turned dark and malicious, Morgana’s original intent was noble. But she did turn dark, and proved to be the most dangerous villain Camelot had ever seen.

But let’s never forget, Kilgharra did warn Merlin that Morgana would bring destruction if she wasn’t killed. But did he listen? Noooo.
Morgana is most known for:

  • Possessing extremely powerful magic, training with the druids and Morgause to better control it.
  • Her betrayal. Even after returning to Camelot, Morgana had fooled everyone (save for Merlin and Gaius) into thinking she was still a loving, loyal ward. Easily hiding her true intentions.
  • Being turned into a villain by prejudices and hate. It’s safe to say that Uther’s actions drove her to becoming the witch we know and love (thank you, Uther).



24. Gul’Dan - World of Warcraft

Gul’dan is an Orc Warlock whose troubled past led him to becoming one of- if not the most powerful warlock in existence. His motives vary, but largely focus on summoning powerful demons from the burning legion to gain power.

This spooky Orc has been a prominent villain in several World of Warcraft expansions. He is conniving and cunning, willing to betray anyone to further his own goals and attain greater fel power. He even betrayed his mentor Ner’zhul, and was responsible for the demonic enslavement of his people.

Much like Morgana, Gul’dan wasn’t born evil. Being frail and deformed, he was bullied. Had his clan Shaman not intervened, he would have been beaten to death. The world rejected Gul’dan. The orcs, the elements. That kind of pain is the tastiest bait for demons, who offered him acceptance. In exchange, Gul’dan would become the harbinger of their destruction.
Gul'dan is most known for:

  • Founding the Shadow Council, a group of warlocks that serve the Burning Legion.
  • Raising the Broken Shore from the depths of the ocean in an attempt to release the largest attack by the Burning Legion yet.
  • Holding significant power, even after death. The power held in his skull was enough to transform Illidan Stormrage into a demon.



23. Alduin - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Alduin is the main antagonist of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, whose goal is to destroy the world. Pretty cut and dry, but it makes a good story. Alduin is known for his timely intervention in the Dragonborn’s execution, laying waste to Helgen and harassing the lands of Skyrim with his dragons.

On surface level, Alduin may not seem that impressive. But he’s not called the World-Eater for nothing. He can summon cataclysmic meteor storms, and commands the loyalty of most of the dragons, who covet superiority over man once more. He can travel between worlds, and even feeds on the souls of the mighty in Sovngarde to gain power.

While most of us probably leave dealing with Alduin until there’s nothing else to do in game, lore wise, Alduin is a terrible threat. He’s destruction incarnate.
Alduin is most known for:

  • Devouring the souls of the dead to empower himself.
  • Being highly resilient, with heroes of old only managing to cripple him briefly. Having to resort to sending him forward through time.
  • Destroying the old world. According to lore, Alduin destroyed the previous world in an event known as the End Times.



22. Strahd von Zarovich - Dungeons & Dragons

Count Strahd von Zarovich is the main antagonist of the Dungeons & Dragons Curse of Strahd module. His one true motive is to be with his love, Tatyana.

Known for many things, perhaps the most tragic is the fate his jealousy and love condemned him to.  Coveting his brother’s love, Strahd made a dark pact and murdered his brother at his wedding. This, of course, backfired and the woman he so loved threw herself from the balcony.’ This began Strahd’s curse of being trapped in the Shadowfell, forced to relieve his pain.

Strahd is your typical vampire boss, for lack of a better term. Powerful, skilled in necromancy, cunning. He can call upon bats, rats, and wolves under the cover of night. He can also cast a powerful charm. If you’re foolish enough to fight him in his castle, he becomes even more powerful. Able to summon vengeful spirits that have died in the castle to attack, or even animating a player character’s shadow as a creature under his command.

Personally, I think Strahd is such a well done villain. Obviously, because of the nature of D&D, everyone may have a different experience with him. Some people may choose to join him, even. But being cursed by believing one woman each generation is Tatyana, and reliving her death over and over is cruel. Even for a vampire.
Strahd von Zarovich is most known for:

  • Being one of the greatest Dungeons & Dragons villains of all time, named by the final issue of Dragon magazine.
  • His curse. Once every generation, a woman is born who Strahd believes is Tatyana. He pursues her, and she dies.
  • Being one of the most  Iconic vampires in gaming history.



21. Narissa - Enchanted

Narissa is the stepmother of Prince Edward, and the acting Queen of Andalasia. She will do anything to keep her place on the throne.

There are so many notable qualities of Narissa. From her immeasurable flair to her penchant for black magic. She’s most known for being the vindictive stepmother who crossed worlds and took on the form of a dragon to keep her place as Andalasia’s Queen.

To quote Narissa herself, she’s spiteful, vindictive, and very large (hey, she was a dragon at the time) but never crazy. She is skilled with many forms of magic, like scrying through liquids, summoning lightning, and transforming herself into a dragon. Her magic is only part of her villainous charms, though. Narissa is skilled in manipulation, having convinced Nathaniel that she loves him in order to keep him loyal.
Honestly, I find it hard to hate her. Sure, she may be a total trope, but she’s quick witted and almost theatrical in her ways.
Narissa is most known for:

  • Being a powerful and intelligent sorceress, capable of sending people to other worlds and transforming.
  • Ruthless cunning and manipulation, using the feelings of Nathaniel to her benefit.
  • Being evil with style.



20. Bowser - Mario

The Koopa King Bowser is a staple in the Mario series. Usually just to kidnap Princess Peach, but sometimes he gets to play hero. … Before going back to being evil.

Anyone who has even heard of Mario likely knows what Bowser does. He kidnaps Princess Peach. At least it’s out of love. Someone should really tell him she’s just not that into you, buddy.

Bowser is a ferocious fire-breathing machine, who uses his large physique to crush his enemies (usually Mario). He is King of the Koopas, though many of them don’t really cooperate with him. Even with the rogue koopas, Bowser commands an impressive military force of koopas with diverse skills.

He’s one of the OG bad guys, kidnapping Princess Peach since 1985. He’s a classic. Lovable, ferocious, and not opposed to doing the right thing sometimes (if it benefits him).
Bowser is most known for:

  • Being the classic, OG, princess-stealing bad guy. He’s been in the biz since 1985 and will likely stay around for many more years.
  • His infatuation with Princess Peach, never meaning her any harm. He’s mentioned several times wanting to marry her, and almost got his chance in Super Paper Mario.
  • His son, Bowser Jr. The Prince of Koopas often works with his father’s nefarious plans. His mother is unknown. (Bowser, you scoundrel.~)



19. Lady Tremaine/Evil Stepmother - Cinderella

Few Disney villains are as iconic as Lady Tremaine, otherwise known as the Evil Stepmother. Her goal is to marry off one of her daughters to the Prince, securing power and riches.

Lady Tremaine is well known for her role as the evil stepmother. We all know her, and we all love to hate her. She abuses poor Cinderella and turns her into a slave, showing absolutely no empathy for the girl who lost her father. She’s proven to be malicious and conniving, shown by the fact that she so easily manipulates even royals. And if you consider the original story, she cuts off her daughters’ toes to try and fit into the glass slipper. Imagine being so enamored with social standing and power that you mutilate your own children.

There are few villains quite as iconic as the evil stepmother. In the original animated movie, she was depicted as a crotchety old hag, but in the live action adaptation, she was as beautiful as she was cruel. Funny to think that if she had just treated Cinderella with kindness and love, she’d probably be taken care of after Cinderella married the prince. Someone should have told her you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.
Ladt Tremaine is most known for:

  • Being probably one of the worst parents in Disney history. Enslaving her step child, and mutilating her children to get what she wants.
  • Being the queen of gaslighting, consistently reminding Cinderella how lucky she is to even be kept around.
  • Being one of the most iconic Disney villains to date, practically creating the evil stepmother trope.



18. Gaston - Beauty and the Beast

The heartthrob of the village, Gaston has eyes only for Belle. He vies for her hand in marriage, and will do anything for it.

C’mon. We all know Gaston. He’s the chauvinistic, egotistical hunter who wants Belle’s hand in marriage. When he finds out that Belle loves the Beast, he goes crazy and tries to kill him. The scariest thing about Gaston is his popularity. He whips the entire town into a frenzy against the Beast with little to no effort because he’s so renowned for his looks and hunting prowess. He uses his status to fearmonger, convincing the entire town that the Beast is dangerous, and all because Belle rejected him.

Personally, I think the scariest thing about Gaston is how real this villain is. Sure, villains like Gul’dan and Morgana are terrifying for their magic. But Gaston manages to mount an entire hunt on his reputation alone. Nobody questions him because he’s respected, and that’s something that is a very real issue. Sure, he gets what’s coming to him in the end, but the fact stands.

Gaston was the original chad.
Gaston is most known for:

  • His reputation, which commands the respect of the entire village.
  • Jealousy. When Belle rejects him, Gaston’s jealousy causes him to hunt the Beast and fearmonger, convincing the villagers that he’s dan
  • His shallow personality. All he wanted Belle for was because she was the most beautiful.



17. Melisandre - Game of Thrones

The Red Priestess Melisandre serves the Lord of Light, and seeks to spread his teachings around Westeros.

A Red Priestess, Melisande is well known for her magical capabilities and loyalty to Stannis Baratheon (before his death). Perhaps more than that, her devotion to her God is unwavering and fierce. Driving her to commit even horrible acts with little to no remorse, in the name of the Lord of Light. This is seen most prominently when she burns Stannis Baratheon’s daughter, Shireen, on a pyre in sacrifice to the Lord of Light.

Melisandre has many powers. From seeing visions in dancing flames to casting powerful illusions. Did you know she’s well over 300 years old, and looks like it? The necklace she wears is enchanted with a powerful glamour, giving her youthful beauty. She also holds the power to resurrect the dead, as seen when she brings back Jon Snow. Unsurprisingly, Melisandre can summon flames as well. Before the Battle for Winterfell, she sets the Dothraki’s blades alight with divine fire.

Melisandre falls into a gray area for me. Yes, things she’s done are horrible. Though, she truly believes she’s doing good. Even after she’s banished, she still serves her purpose and doesn’t hold much resentment. After sacrificing Shireen, though, there’s no question that she deserves to be on this list.
Melisandre is most known for:

  • Unwavering faith. Countless times throughout the series, she’s placed unshakeable faith in the Lord of Light.
  • Powerful magic. Whether it was conjuring flames, divining the future, or bringing people back from the dead.
  • Having little to no remorse in her actions, as seen when she sacrificed Shireen to the Lord of Light.



16. Team Rocket - Pokémon

Always blasting off again, Team Rocket are the persistent group trying to capture Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu.

While Team Rocket itself is a whole organization, none are quite as iconic as the trio of Jesse, James, and Meowth. Early in the series, they began harassing Ash and trying to capture Pikachu. It became one of the running gags of the show, along with their catchy mantra, and their iconic phrase: Team Rocket is blasting off again.

They really have no discernible skills. They’re clumsy, goofy, and their plans almost never work. Aside from having a Meowth that can talk, and the persistence to chase one single Pikachu since 1997, there isn’t anything dangerous about them. So then why, you might ask, are they on this list?

Well. Despite being terribly badat being villains, you can’t deny how iconic they are. They’ve blasted off more than 700 times throughout the show. And who can resist singing along when they start their manta? Sure, they aren’t the most villainous, but they sure are iconic.
Team Rocket is most known for:

  • Being exceptionally bad at their jobs. Seriously. They’ve been trying to capture PIkachu since 1997.
  • Their mantra, and their iconic “Team Rocket is blasting off again”.
  • Having a talking Meowth.



15. Azula - Avatar the Last Airbender

Princess Azula of the Fire Nation. A powerful fire (and lightning) bender dedicated to taking down the Avatar and ensuring the Fire Nation’s success.

Perhaps one of the most interesting and deep villains in an animated show. Best known for her sarcastic, witty remarks and her mastery of lightning. Azula uses fear and intimidation to keep her friends loyal. She is able to create blue flames, which are more intense and hot (much like their bender). Her mental health is fragile at best, which can be seen as the main series progresses. To quote Zuko, she’s slipping. When she’s finally defeated by Katara, she snaps and goes into a full mental breakdown.

Azula is a powerful fire bender, who also can conjure and redirect lightning as well. A very rare skill among firebenders. She is fierce and cunning, and is almost single handedly responsible for the Fire Nation’s conquering of Ba Sing Se.

One of my favorite things about Azula is her character depth. Every character in Avatar the Last Airbender is written well, but as we get to know more about Azula, we start seeing the pressure she’s burdened with. It makes sense of her eventual mental breakdown, and it makes me almost pity her.
Azula is most known for:

  • Being one of- if not the only- fire bender able to create blue flames.
  • Conquering Ba Sing Se by impersonating Kyoshi Warriors along with Ty Lee and Mai, which allowed them to attack from the inside.
  • Coming very, very close to ending the Avatar cycle. If Katara had not brought Aang back with the spirit water, Azula would have been the first person in history to break the Avatar cycle.
  • Having excellent manipulation and lying skills. She was one of the only people who could lie to Toph without being noticed, and her fearmongering kept Mai and Ty Lee loyal to her throughout most of the series.



14. Seymour - Final Fantasy X

Maester Seymour Guado, a half-breed who rose to power as a Maester of Yevon, like his father Jyscal. He desires to see Sin defeated… right?

Seymour is well known among the peoples of Spira as a skilled Summoner and benevolent Maester. Large in part due to how well he has conned the masses. Seymour uses his position to veil his true nature and action. He is a nihilistic man who seeks the destruction of the world to “save people from the pain of life”.

His upbringing has much to do with his views, as he was seen negatively by both the Guado and the Humans as a dirty half breed. He tries to marry Yuna to, in his words, give Spira cause for celebration. His true goal is to become her Final Aeon so he can become Sin, and destroy Spira.

The half-breed Guado is powerful, hosting a ton of black and white magic. After his initial battle, where he is killed, he absorbs Pyreflies to transform into increasingly more powerful forms. He will banish Yuna’s aeons, and will have some variation of Mortibody that supports him in battle. Outside of combat, his power is still terrifying. He is so beloved that nobody suspects his evil doings. He has ensured that, even going as far to summon fiends at the Blitzball tournament for the sole purpose of killing them off himself, looking like a hero.
Seymour is most known for:

  • Being a half breed. He is half guado and half human.
  • Killing his father, Jyscal Guado, in an attempt to keep his true motives hidden and rise to power as a Maester.
  • Summoning the aeon Anima, who is the fayth of his mother.



13. Bellatrix Lestrange - Harry Potter

Bellatrix “Bella” Lestrange is a death eater who is fiercely loyal to he-who-shall-not-be-named. Her goal? To further his.

She’s well known for being the most loyal of all Voldemort’s followers, to a fanatic degree. She’s powerful, dangerous, and sadistic. She takes pleasure in the suffering of her enemies, moreso when it pleases her lord.

Being trained by Voldemort himself, Bellatrix is an immensely powerful witch. She is a trained Occulamens (a talent she’d later train her nephew Draco in) and a highly skilled duelist. Her signature spell is the Cruciatus Curse, and boy did she utilize it. Her devotion to Voldemort was so strong that she willingly accepted a life sentence in Azkaban for him.

Bellatrix is powerful, sadistic, and unstable. All the makings of a great villain. Unlike many villains, though, she knew her limits and would retreat from foes she knew she couldn’t best- like Dumbledore. This makes her not only a powerful witch, but a smart one with good instincts as well. No wonder she was Voldemort’s most powerful follower (and mother to his child).
Bellatrix is most known for:

  • Sadism. She genuinely enjoyed inflicting pain, and was very good at it. In the books, she ended up putting Nyphadora Tonks into St. Mungos with her Cruciatus Curse.
  • Her intense loyalty and love for Voldemort. Following him without question, killing in his name, and secretly birthing a child fathered by him.
  • Skill with the dark arts, capable of easily casting the Cruciatus and Killing curses with no regard for the recipient.
  • Dueling. She was said to have prodigious skill, and her reflexes outmatched even younger and more physically fit wizards.



12. Theodora - Oz, the Great and Powerful

Theodora, more commonly known as the Wicked Witch of the West, lives up to her title. She seeks to rule the land of Oz, and revenge on the con man who did this to her.

Theodora did not start out wicked. No, she was actually called Theodora the Good. It wasn’t until she believed Oz had betrayed her affections (a trick by her sister Evanora, the Wicked Witch of the East) that she began to turn evil. Evanora offered an apple to her sister, telling her it would make the pain go away. One bite transformed the beautiful and kind Theodora into a wicked and ugly monster.

Theodora has always been a powerful witch, even when she was good. With a strong affinity for fire which she could both summon and control. She can control a person’s movements telekinetically, and was powerful enough to break through Glinda’s barrier.

I really like this adaptation of the Wicked Witch. She wasn’t really born evil. A bit hot headed maybe, but not evil. It was her sister’s actions that turned her into a monster, which really just proves… siblings suck.
Theodora is most known for:

  • Being the classic witch. The Wicked Witch of the West is the most iconic witch in television.
  • Her appearance. From the green skin to the pointed nose, everything about her screams wicked witch. All she’s missing is the mole.
  • Being a good witch, originally. Evanora, being the true wicked witch, is responsible for turning her sister evil.



11. Kefka Palazzo - Final Fantasy VI

Kefka Palazzo, the court mage of the Gestahlian Empire. He was the first experimental Magitek Knight- given the ability to cast magic. This twisted his mind, however, and turned him cruel and sadistic.

Kefka is Final Fantasy VI’s main antagonist. A ruthless and cruel man, who savors destruction and pain. Well, others’ pain. Not his own. What sets him apart from many other villain tropes, is that he did end up completing his goal. He destroys the world, bringing about the “World of Ruin” and becoming the God of Magic. Gotta respect that.

Being the God of Magic, naturally he has incredible capabilities. Even before becoming a god, he could kill espers and transform them into magicite. After ascending to godhood, he gained some terrifying spells. Such as the Light of Judgement, which could blow entire towns into the sea. He can create monsters or illusions to serve and defend himself, and also has a strong knowledge of machinery as well.

It’s bad enough Kefka has to be a scary magic god with sadistic pleasures and power enough to destroy the world, but he also looks like a jester. Which just makes it creepy, and I love it.
Kefka is most known for:

  • Actually succeeding in his mission to destroy the world. A trope that rarely sees itself through. Kefka’s a go-getter.
  • His eccentric, childish behavior. Often breaking out in cackling laughter, and reveling in the misery and pain of others.
  • Ascending from a magitek experiment to the God of Magic.



10. Sin - Final Fantasy X

Sin. The manifestation of humanities… well. Sins. Punishment for letting their society become hedonistic and reliant on machina. It threatens the world as a constant reminder, bringing death and destruction in its wake.

Some people may be questioning why Sin is a place above Kekfa. Well, while Kefka did in fact complete his goal, well… so did Sin. And in addition to that, Sin was immortal. Before Yuna shunned the final summoning and sought a new way, Sin would continue to return after each defeat. Only allowing a finite period of uneasy peace before it would rise up and begin a new era of destruction. Why? Well, as Yunalesca would put it… will humanity ever attain the purity needed to be rid of Sin for good?

Sin is a behemoth of a boss. It uses gravity control to manipulate its surroundings, usually water. It’s believed to be unkillable by conventional means, due to its healing and regeneration abilities. Sin summons fiends known as Sinspawn to cause further terror, and if all that weren’t scary enough? It can use an ability called “Giga-Graviton,” which not only causes an instant game over, but causes tectonic plate movements visible from space.

Sin is probably my personal favorite Final Fantasy villain, just for how symbolic it is. A manifestation of humanity's sins, with Yevon stating only total purity can destroy it. Not to mention how bittersweet it is, knowing that summoners need to sacrifice both themselves and someone they love to defeat Sin, only to have it be reborn again.
Sin is most known for:

  • Being a punishment. Humanity became lazy, hedonistic, and reliant on machines and ended up with Sin as their punishment.
  • Its destructive force. Being able to wipe out towns with a tidal wave and move the land with graviton beams is scary enough, but it can also spawn fiends to wreck more havoc.
  • Longevity. Before Yuna and her guardians found another way, there was no way of defeating Sin for good. Each victory, if you can really call it that, only allowed a few years of respite, if that.



9. Fairy Godmother - Shrek 2

Beautiful, whimsical, and theatrical. What more could you ask for in a villain? The Fairy Godmother has all three in spades, ready to ruin Shrek and Fiona’s marriage.

The Fairy Godmother is a force to be reckoned with. In exchange for turning Harold (Fiona’s father) into a man so he could woo Lillian, she wanted just one thing. One teensy little thing. Fiona’s hand in marriage, for her son, Prince Charming. Driven by his froggy feelings, Harold agreed.

All was well, until Shrek ruined it by rescuing Fiona first. Which led to the events of Shrek 2, where the Fairy Godmother used her lies, manipulation, and magic to do everything she could to ruin their marriage and make Fiona love Prince Charming. Complete with magic potions and an iconic musical number.

Don’t let this burrito-loving fairy fool you. That magic wand is host to all manner of spells, which she is more than happy to unleash on you. Whether it’s shooting bolts of electricity or animating the furniture to come alive and attack you. Without her wand, though, she loses a lot of power. Her true power comes from intimidation, though, as seen in the Poison Apple with Harold. To quote the Fairy Godmother herself: “I helped you with your happily ever after- and I can take it away just as easily”.

She is one of my favorite villains. Not because she’s all-powerful, or has some tragic story. But because of her sheer presence. She’s confident and theatrical. And really, if you think about it, she’s completely justified. I mean, Harold did promise Fiona to Prince Charming in exchange for becoming human. So who’s the real villain here?
The Fairy Godmother is most known for:

  • Her intimidation and manipulation tactics. Lying to Shrek about Fiona already moving on, and intimidating Harold by threatening to revoke his “happily ever after” if he doesn’t comply.
  • Magic. Which really, is a given. She can dish out lightning bolts, anime furniture, or even just alter her clothing. With just… a… wave her of her magic wand.
  • The epic musical number she performed at the ball.



8. Dolores Umbridge - Harry Potter

Dolores Jane Umbridge is a bureaucrat with the Ministry of Magic. Despite being a half-blood witch herself, she despises half-breed creatures, and is relentless in her pursuit to make their lives miserable. Her goals are simple: superiority and power.

Dolores is well known for her condescending and sickeningly sweet mannerisms. She never misses an opportunity to berate or punish anyone that steps out of her line, and is rather cruel in her punishments. She is ruthless, cunning, and hungry for power.

She was placed in the position of “Defense against the Dark Arts” professor by the Minister, who feared Dumbledore was raising his students to overthrow the ministry. It wasn’t long before she was made the first ever Inquisitor, and finally Headmistress. So hated was Dolores that almost the entire school came together to make her time there miserable. Heartwarming, when you think about it.

After being tricked by Hermione and Harry into the Forbidden Forest, Dolores was besieged by Centaurs (after insulting and attacking them,) but was ultimately saved by Dumbledore. Personally, I think he should have let her get captured. But I suppose that isn’t very “wizardly”. Or something.

At least she gets to rot in Azkaban.
Dolores is most known for:

  • An intense lust for power. Having never gotten any when she was a student at Hogwarts, she uses her position to assert her self-proclaimed superiority.
  • Her heartlessness. She has very little empathy, shown when she is firing the Divination professor Sybill Trelawney.
  • Blatant, unabashed racism. She actively belittles races and half-breeds, and has even helped laws pass to make their lives more difficult.



7. Night King - Game of Thrones

The Night King, bringer of the Long Night and embodiment of death. He seeks only to grow his army of the damned, and leave nothing but death in his wake. Winter is coming, and with it, the Night King.

Originally one of the First Men, who waged war with the Children of the Forest. He was sacrificed by them and turned into the first White Walker. Originally, his purpose was to protect the Children of the Forest against the forces of man. But he would turn against them, forcing the First Men and Children of the Forest to ban together to drive him back. They did so, but could not defeat him.

The Night King is a terrible force, constantly bolstering his ranks with the bodies of his enemies. He is immune to fire, as seen during the Battle for Winterfell where even Drogon’s fire cannot harm him. He could create blizzards seemingly at will, and possessed superhuman strength. Able to hurl a spear of ice at a great distance and easily pierce armor.

He can turn male babies into White Walkers with a touch, as seen when he turned Craster’s last son. He can also mark people, able to track them wherever they are, as seen by his marking of Bran. Basically, he’s coming for you and you’re either gonna spend your life running, or die trying.

Despite being death incarnate, the Night King doesn’t appear to lack emotion. There were several times where he looked at Jon with curious interest, and easily displayed his sadistic pleasure watching his enemies fall. When he picked up Craster’s son, he also seemed rather pleased, and was pretty gentle with the baby. What a good dad!
The Night King is most known for:

  • Being the first White Walker, created by the Children of the Forest to protect them from the forces of Westeros. Didn’t work, but still.
  • Bringing about the Long Night, which blanketed all of Westeros (and probably beyond) in an endless winter. White Walkers roamed freely, seeking to extinguish all life.
  • Being nearly unkillable, with dragonglass and valyrian steel being the only things in existence that could kill him.
  • Necromancy. Seriously, he could raise entire battlefields to fight at his side like it was nothing.



6. Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth, the one-winged angel. The most powerful SOLDIER from Shinra. Always aloof and distant, when he learned the disturbing secrets of his creation, he became warped. Gaining something of a God complex, and believing he’s the chosen one, destined to lead the planet. You know the trope.

Quite possibly the most popular Final Fantasy villain of all time, Sephiroth is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII. A powerful man infused with the cells of Jenova, an alien creature of destruction. Upon learning the secrets of his birth he becomes warped, believing himself to be the “chosen one,” destined to take the planet back from humanity.

Those Jenova cells did their job, granting Sephiroth some intense power. His physical strength is well beyond that of human capabilities. He can wield a sword longer than he is tall with a single hand effortlessly, and can rip off bolted down steel with his bare hands. Sephiroth is capable of some pretty insane magic as well.

He can summon angels to sap enemies of their health, or summon destructive meteors. His scariest ability though is Supernova, which in its animation in the original Final Fantasy VII destroys most of the planets in the solar system. It’s one thing to destroy one world, but Sephiroth really didn’t discriminate when it came to world destruction apparently.
Sephiroth is most known for:

  • Being one of- if not- the most popular Final Fantasy villains of all time, even gaining himself a spot on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster.
  • His combat capabilities, hosting both superhuman strength and magical prowess. I’m sorry, but if you can summon a meteor from outside your galaxy to destroy several planets, you’re terrifying.
  • His love for psychological warfare, especially gaining pleasure from mentally torturing Cloud.



5. Maleficent - Maleficent

The protector of the Moors, Maleficent is a powerful fairy with a burning hatred for King Stefan born from his betrayal.

Maleficent’s hatred and heart of stone is born from the betrayal of her friend and first love, Stefan. He coveted the throne of the human kingdom and used Maleficent’s affections for him to steal her wings and present them as false proof of her death. This turned the beautiful lady of the Moors into the wicked and bitter queen she would become.

Being a fairy, Maleficent has many powers. Aside from the obvious command over nature, she can unleash her power as raw force or transform creatures and objects (poor Diaval). She can put people to sleep and carry them via levitation or heal minor injuries.

While maybe not the most wholly evil villain, at least in the later adaptations, I enjoy seeing the mischievous side of Maleficent. Even after her betrayal, she doesn’t lose her playful spirit, teasing the fairies in their cottage with various magic pranks.
Maleficent is most known for:

  • Being the protector and eventual queen of the Moors, before passing that role onto Aurora.
  • Her iconic curse. I’m still not sure why a spinning wheel needed to be involved but it’s classic and I appreciate it.
  • Powerful combat skills. Her wing gusts are enough to knock soldiers down, and her physical strength is enough to easily lift grown men in armor and mow them down with relative ease.



4. Thanos - The Avengers

A warlord from Titan, Thanos strives for balance. In an effort to preserve the universe’s resources and prevent overpopulation, he seeks the infinity stones.

Thanos is, much like Kefka, one of few villains who succeeded in his goal. He collected all the infinity stones, and with the Snap (yes, the snap) wiped out 50% of all life. Completely randomly. After which, he retreated and awaited the inevitable punishment for his actions.

He is powerful, cunning, and fiercely determined. Each stone in his gauntlet granted him further godlike power, such as spatial manipulation from the space stone and mental manipulation from the mind stone. Far too many individual powers to list here. Besides that, he proved to have superhuman strength, intellect, and tactical genius.

Thanos, unlike many other villains, always had a realistic view. He knew that if he succeeded, he’d be killed. And he accepted that, believing in his actions. His conviction was so strong, he sacrificed his daughter to achieve his goal. I know someone who isn't getting a #1 Dad mug this year.
Thanos is most known for:

  • Completing his goal, collecting the infinity stones and  erasing 50% of life with a snap of his fingers.
  • Sacrificing Gamora, the one child he adopted who he genuinely cared about, in order to obtain the Soul Stone.
  • Honoring his word, making sure the genocide was completely random. It would have been easy to make sure all of the avengers were eliminated, but he was true to his word in having it be completely random and unbiased.
  • Accepting his fate. He knew what would come from his actions, and accepted the consequences. He did not build defenses or fight back, but accepted death.



3. Joffrey Baratheon - Game of Thrones

Joffrey Baratheon is the illegitimate son of Cercei Lannister, and sat on the Iron Throne as king for longer than anyone liked. His desires were simple and selfish: power, obedience, and malevolence.

He’s known for many things. Being childish, cruel, and bloodthirsty. His displays of cruelty were nothing short of psychotic. But perhaps the thing Joffrey is known best for is his merciless, unjust execution of Ned Stark.

Until his death in season four, Joffrey was one of the most hated kings in the history of Westeros. He reveled in the misery of his people, and acts of cruelty were entertainment to him. Even his mother began to lament the monster she had helped to create.

I don’t think there was a person alive who didn’t cheer when he was killed.
Joffrey is most known for:

  • Being an unfair and corrupt king, as seen when he has Ned Stark unjustly executed.
  • Being exceptionally cruel, forcing Sansa to see her father’s head displayed on a pike, and telling her that her brother will soon join him.
  • Cowardice. There are several times in the series this is called out, Joffrey has little to no backbone and will hide from any danger.
  • Being the product of incest. Joffrey is the illegitimate son of Cercei and Jaime Lannister. A fact of which he’s unaware.



2. Sauron - Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings himself, Sauron as he’s more commonly known as. He created the rings, including the One Ring to rule them all, in his effort to conquer Middle-Earth.

Originally Sauron (who was still Mairon back then) was a gifted Maia who was secretly in service to the Dark Lord Morgoth. His treachery led to countless wars, though eventually Morgroth was defeated, leaving Sauron to continue on his legacy as the second Dark Lord.

Most of Sauron’s power comes from his trickery, resorting to manipulation and guile to further his goals. He orchestrated the construction of the rings by manipulating the Elves, only a few of which he didn’t fool. Despite his inability to corrupt the Elves, he easily corrupted the Men, and eventually would infiltrate Númenor, going from captive to the king’s most trusted advisor. All while secretly converting the populace to worship Morgoth.

Sauron is the perfect example that you don’t necessarily have to have insane powers- or even a physical body- to be feared. He manages that with magic rings alone. Before he lost his form, his manipulation caused Eru himself to intervene. You know it’s serious when a God steps in.
Sauron is most known for:

  • Being the Lord of the Rings. Obviously.
  • His manipulation, infiltrating and manipulating the Elves to craft the rings while he focused on the One ring.
  • Patience. He was held captive for years, biding time and garnering trust in Númenor while he schemed.



1. Voldemort - Harry Potter

Tom Marvolo Riddle, otherwise known as Lord Voldemort. More commonly referred to as you-know-who and he-who-shall-not-be-named. He was once a Hogwarts student himself in house Slytherin, but has since become a force of sheer terror in the wizarding world.

There are probably few villains as widely known as Voldemort. Even people who have never seen or read the Harry Potter books could recognize the name. Good ol’ Tom Riddle from Wool’s Orphanage, going from dark magic prodigy to the Dark Lord. Voldemort is well known for his hellish crusade against muggle-borns as well as his quest for immortality, even going as far to create seven horcruxes.

I would get my Hogwarts letter before I finished listing Voldemort’s magic prowess. Even as a child, he had almost total control over his magic. His raw abilities and affinity for the dark arts were said to be unmatched, many stating he was the most powerful practitioner of the dark arts ever. Voldemort was even known to create his own spells, such as Morsmordre and a spell that allowed flight without support. Outside of his magic, Voldemort had a loyal following eager to serve his cause.

There is no villain more synonymous with the word “Wizard” than Voldemort, and I will die on that hill. He is the Dark Wizard, and nose or no nose, we love you Lord Voldemort.
He-who-shall-not-be-named is most known for:

  • Being the supreme Dark Lord, with a large and devoted following.
  • Impeccable magical talents since childhood, capable of controlling animals and tormenting bullies with no training.
  • Splitting his soul into seven horcruxes to achieve immortality. A bit excessive, but effective.

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