The Best Fantasy Games To Play on PC (2019 Edition)

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There are a huge number of Fantasy games to choose from, but which are most worth your time and money?

Fantasy fans will find no shortage of games to play on the PC. With each sub-genre there are tonnes of games that players have sunk hundreds of hours into; questing, collecting, and terrorising hordes of fantastical, imaginative enemies from Mordor to Azeroth. But with so many games available, how do you choose which one to play next? This article hopes to assist you, listing 22 of the best Fantasy games that the PC has to offer.

Best Fantasy RPG Games

8. The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 Gameplay

The third instalment in CD Projekt Red’s series based on the fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski follows Geralt of Rivia again, as he goes in search of his ex-lover Yennefer and surrogate daughter, Ciri.

The open-world is huge, with an almost overwhelming amount of quests to do in it. You could just follow the main quests through if you wanted to, but the beauty of The Witcher 3 lies in the sheer volume of things to do off the beaten track. There are monster-hunting contracts to carry out, missions and quests for locals in the various, gorgeous settings, and Gwent cards to collect, the game’s own original (and extremely addictive) card game.

The world feels well populated and as though there is plenty going on beyond your story, with all the non-playable characters having their own personalities and the strong voice acting throughout helps this too. The RPG elements are great, and you really feel the impact of your upgraded spells as the fantastically gory and exhilarating combat gets more difficult.

There is no shortage of things to do in this game that can carry on well over the 100-hour mark and though it may help, you don’t need to play the first two games to dive into this Fantasy RPG.


7. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Gameplay

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is the second entry in this series that is set in J.R.R Tolkien’s fantasy world.

The events of the game take place between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and carries on from the first game’s story that revolves around the human, Talion, and the Elf Lord, Celebrimbor, who shares his body, as they forge a new Ring of Power to aid in the fight against Sauron, only to lose it soon after.

The ‘Nemesis System’ returns in Shadow of War, with tonnes of randomly-generated Uruk Captains appearing with their own strengths and weaknesses for Talion to try and exploit. Each fight feels personal due to the System, and thought must go into whether to kill each Captain for their loot or brainwash them into becoming a part of your army. This army can then be used to assault and take over fortresses held by Sauron’s army, a new and very welcome strategic addition in this second instalment.

Though single enemies may not be much of a challenge for Talion’s range of abilities, you can quickly find yourself quickly surrounded when taking on fortresses and you must think hard about how to tackle each battle.

Slow-motion finishers, smooth and speedy movement, and a range of exciting and upgradeable weapons make this another game not to be missed by fans of Tolkien’s universe.


6. Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity gameplay

Pillars of Eternity is a love letter to isometric RPGs such as Baldur’s Gate, and it does a fantastic job of imitating these in a fresh and original way. The atmosphere of the game is gorgeous, as are its text and drawings combinations.

The story is a deep one, following you as you play as a ‘Watcher’ who can look into people’s souls and investigate why you are one, and how to solve the ‘Hollowborn’ problem that has arisen with people being born without souls. This drives the deep plot, with every line of text beautifully crafted to keep the player interested and to make you feel like you don’t want to miss a line.

The pausable real-time combat is challenging and rewarding, taken and refined by Obsidian Entertainment from its predecessors. There are eleven classes to choose from (including the novel Cipher and Chanter), with a huge amount of customisation at the beginning and throughout, as Experience is gained by completing the many diverse quests throughout the fantasy world of Eora.


5. Baldurs Gate 2

Baldurs Gate 2 gameplay

Baldur’s Gate 2 is a computerised Dungeons and Dragons videogame, the pen-and-paper table-top game that many had been enjoying for decades.

This second instalment in the franchise refined the first and became what many believe to be one of the greatest RPGs of all time. The massive levels of customisation and personalisation mean that no two playthroughs are the same, with each character class having their own strengths and weaknesses that affect the way you play.

The game carries on from the first in the series and begins with your character (and companions) being tortured by a Mage, before managing to escape after thieves attack his complex. The Mage and one of your companions are captured and taken away after a fight due to the unsanctioned use of magic, and the story progresses from here as you struggle to find out what has gone on.

There is a huge amount of exploration and side-quests available in the game, and you can recruit other characters as you go along. Choosing a synergetic group of characters is something that you must put a lot of thought into, as characters can clash if they do not see eye to eye.

The game does not hold your hand and each battle must be planned and strategized, making every win feel rewarding.

The series went on to inspire many other games and this adventure into The Forgotten Realms should not be missed by any Fantasy fan.


4. Skyrim

Skyrim gameplay

The fifth game set in the Elder Scrolls universe, Skyrim is a game of titanic proportions. It is another game that sits high on the list of best RPGs of all time and not without good reason.

Skyrim is enormous, with so much detail put into the diverse settings, armour, weapons, and lore as to be almost overwhelming. You can play through this game however you want, and no two players are likely to do it the same way. After well over 100 hours of playtime, players will no doubt still be finding new quests and locations that they had not previously known existed.

The main quests surround the return of dragons and your characters’ involvement with this as one of the ‘Dragonborn’. Being one of the Dragonborn allows you to learn ‘Shouts’ from Word Walls dotted throughout the map. Finding these and slaying dragons gives you access to these abilities, which are awesome!

The other storylines found throughout Skyrim are just as interesting, as detailed, and as exhilarating as the main quest and there are many of them to find and do.

The soundtrack for the game is superb, and the RPG elements are some of the strongest in any game. Rather than being stuck in a class or role, you can choose what you specialise in as the game rewards skill use. So, the more you use a two-handed weapon, the more proficient and powerful you will become with it as you level up. Using fire magic more often will upgrade your Destruction Magic. You will also level up generally, giving you skill points that can be used in a Skill Tree to further customise your character. Moreover, you can play in first or third-person, or a mixture of both. Well, what are you waiting for?


3. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Vermintide 2 gameplay

Vermintide 2 is set in the Warhammer universe, following on from the events of the first game with the Heroes of Ubersreik and their battle against Clan Fester and their new allies, the Rotbloods.

The game is brutal, giving the player a vast variety of ruthless ways to decimate hordes of enemies. From a sword or a hammer, to a bow and arrow or shotgun, there are many ways to kill your foes, each as impactful, hard-hitting, and satisfying as the last.

You can personalise your experience through character customisation, choosing from five different characters and three different ‘careers’ at the beginning of the game. Randomised loot boxes keep things fresh and exciting throughout each of the thirteen missions this game has to offer.

Its gorgeous settings and powerful finales make this a truly exciting game, and this franticness of the whole thing make it a game that no Fantasy fan should miss.


2. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 gameplay

Another game that gained its influences from games such as Baldur’s Gate, this top-down and turn-based RPG is a masterpiece of the genre.

With a fascinating tale surrounding ‘Sourcerers’ having to wear magic collars to prevent them from using their powers (and to protect the rest of the world), this is another Fantasy RPG with an immense amount of depth. As with other games in this list, the side quests are just as powerful and interesting as the main quest, and every single line of text is wonderfully voice-acted throughout.

The game looks gorgeous and is supplemented by a fantastic soundtrack. Every problem that presents itself can be solved in different ways by different characters, and each battle can be fought in different ways, making every playthrough feel hugely personal to the player.

Non-playable characters can die before you get a chance to speak to them and this is something that some games are scared to do; not Original Sin 2. The world is affected greatly by your deeds and actions, and you must face the consequences of these as you progress.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 builds on the successes of its precursor to create another game that will be played for many years to come.


1. Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 gameplay

The third (and possibly final) instalment in this insanely punishing series refines and builds upon its predecessors to give players another brutal game that forces you to learn by dying. A lot.

Set in the Kingdom of Lothric, the game begins with the ringing of a bell that signifies the ‘First Flame’ is dying out. Its extinguishing would bring about the Age of Dark and the rise of the undead but can be avoided by the work of a nominated fire-linker for that age. Unfortunately, this age’s linker is unwilling to carry out his duty.

The game rewards exploration, with so many secrets and hidden areas waiting to be found by the inquisitive player. The various locations are staggeringly beautiful and atmospheric, with contrastingly horrifying enemies. Caution must be taken with every fight, even one-on-ones, as every enemy is smart and powerful.

The soundtrack is extremely strong too in this game, and it adds to the tension in the incomparable boss fights. The depth of the lore, the huge number of terrifying encounters, and the punishing gameplay make this one of the most rewarding experiences you can have with a Fantasy RPG.


Best Fantasy Strategy Games

4. Total War: WARHAMMER 1 & 2

Total War: WARHAMMER 2 gameplay

Another game set in the Warhammer universe, the Total War: Warhammer games are turn-based strategy and real-time tactics games that took the Total War series and brought it to the Fantasy genre in a powerful way, much to the delight of fans. Players manage their armies and cities throughout their campaigns, and take part in skirmishes and sieges, controlling their factions and in rewarding real-time battles.

The series moves away from its usual historical settings and into the realms of fantasy, with characters able to control factions of Vampires, Dwarves, The Empire (humans), or Greenskins, with more added after the release of the first game. The introduction of quests, dragons, and magic all added to this.

The sequel, released in 2017, built on the successes of Total War: Warhammer and introduces Lizardmen, High Elves, Dark Elves, Skaven, and Tomb Kings, that the player can control and follow the storyline of as they all struggle for control of the Great Vortex in Ulthuan. The second game has noticeably more narrative than the first, but both are very strong Fantasy-Strategy games.


3. Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders 3 gameplay

Age of Wonders III, the fourth instalment in the series, is a 4X fantasy and strategy-based game from Triumph Studios.

4X is the name given to games where players control a Kingdom or Empire and Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate. The game is high fantasy and sees you fight to overcome rival heroes in turn-based battle.

The huge amount of customisation with your hero is great, and the combat is where the game is at its best. It is tense, fun and watching the heroes you have recruited and equipped with magical weapons lead your armies into battle is rewarding every time.

All the different units feel unique, with many to choose from, and the large amount of locations, classes, allies all add to this great strategy game based in the Fantasy genre. Dragons, ogres, shamans, and magic await you here!


2. Endless Legend

Endless Legend gameplay

Endless Legend is also a 4X fantasy-strategy game, with players struggling to take control of Auriga, an original fantasy world that is randomised with each game.

The game is the second released by Amplitude Studios and is a solid fantasy game. There are eleven different races and factions for players to choose from as they explore the land that is initially covered by a ‘fog of war’, finding resources and other factions that can be used to grow your Empire.

Players can choose to play as Wild Walkers, the Mezari, Necrophages, or Ardent Mages, and each of these has their own personal attributes and appearances that will affect the player’s experience as they progress through each game. The different quests throughout the game also change depending on your chosen faction or race and completing all of these is just one of the many routes to victory.

Endless Legend is highly regarded and for good reason, a justified entry on the list!


1. Armello

Armello gameplay

Armello is the product of the Australian game studio League of Geeks and is a role-playing strategy board game now available on PC.

The game is brimming with character, as anthropomorphic characters fight to win (and become the new King or Queen) the games of dice and cards in turn-based strategy in various ways.

They can either kill the King, cure him of his rot, or let him die on his own but build up the most Prestige points. This feature makes the game unique – as the game works on a Day/Night cycle, the King loses help at the turn of every day. This means that the King will die, regardless of player action or intervention, and makes the game faster than some strategy games that can seem almost endless.

The randomly-generated hexagonal board tiles contain dungeons, quests, battles, or settlements to capture, and adds to the variety of each individual game. Players use dice and cards to carry out actions or equip items, and players can choose from eight different characters, each with their own unique personalities and attributes.

The game looks good, is great fun to play, and fans of the genre should not judge its initially cute appearance!


Best Fantasy MMORPGs

5. Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV gameplay

The second MMORPG in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XIV is set in the Eorzea, a huge fantasy realm that will feel like home for fans of the series.

Players create a character and begin questing, doing quite mundane tasks for different non-playable characters at first but soon finding themselves wrapped up in a fascinating tale of invasions and gods. There is a huge amount of customization and character choice regarding the way you want to play through the game, and the different types of quests also add to the different player experiences.

Story quests will help characters gain Experience Points that will, in turn, help them to level up and learn new abilities, and Levequests, that are basically side quests accessed through the Adventurers’ Guilds. The Armory System in Final Fantasy XIV means that the primary weapon of your character dictates what class they play as. This is perfect for players who do not want to find themselves stuck with one class. Classes are divided into Disciples of War, Disciples of Magic, Disciples of Hand, and Disciples of the Land. The Job System in the game also adds to this customization.

Though the game initially had a shaky release, Square Enix have revamped the game which has allowed it to become one of the best MMORPGs that you can play on the PC today.


4. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth gameplay

Where to begin with World of Warcraft? Set within the fantasy world of Azeroth, this MMORPG defined the genre. Back in 2014, Blizzard announced that since the game’s inception, over 100 million accounts had been created!

At its core, World of Warcraft consists of players creating a character, exploring the world, completing quests for non-playable characters, and doing battle with various enemies and monsters. However, the game offers an astounding amount of content which has been added to over the years with various expansions, and servers are still busy today.

Different modes such as Player vs Player (PvP) and Role-Playing (RP) add to your options when playing the game, and the game world is huge. Players choose to be a part of either The Alliance or The Horde and choose races that are exclusive to these two factions.

Playthroughs are very different depending on which faction you choose, adding to the already monumental replayability factor. Players choose their professions and guilds and can group with other players to tackle dungeons and more difficult content as they progress through the game.

Your character acts as an avatar for you in the fully realised world of Azeroth, and no fantasy gamer should go without ever playing World of Warcraft.


3. Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online gameplay

Elder Scrolls Online is the first MMORPG based in the Elder Scrolls universe and is the sixth instalment in the franchise.

The game is set in Tamriel, the fantasy realm in which all the other Elder Scrolls games take place. The game includes players creating a character and free-roaming across the world, doing quests and fighting monsters as they go. Players can choose from many different races of Human, Elf, and Beast, and choose from one of five classes when they do. These classes affect their starting attributes and will affect the way your character develops as you go through the game.

There is even the ability to become a vampire of werewolf, as fans of the series will know! ESO takes places around a thousand years before the events of Skyrim, and revolves around the vacant imperial throne in Tamriel, and the struggle against the Daedric Prince Molag Bal and his plans to meld the planes.

Most of Tamriel is available to players (each predecessor has focused on one region), with new content being added all the time for players to explore new realms and storylines. With a new expansion just announced, there has never been a better time to play ESO!


2. Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul gameplay

Blade and Soul is a Korean MMORPG that was released in 2012 but did not get released in Western Territories until the beginning of 2016.

The game consists of players creating a character and completing quests as they explore the world, but the combat is unique in that it is martial arts based. It is a fast and furious real-time battle system where players carry out fierce combinations to overcome opponents.

A huge amount of customisation is available from the beginning of the game, and players choose one of the four playable races from Gon, Jin, Kun, or Lyn. There are also ten classes to choose from, including the Blade Master, the Destroyer, the Summoner, or the Gunslinger.

The game looks gorgeous and is definitely an MMORPG worth trying if you are a fan of pvp.


1. Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online gameplay

Black Desert Online is an MMORPG that also comes from a Korean developer, Pearl Abyss, with them creating their own engine specifically for the requirements of the game.

This does show, as the game is absolutely stunning throughout. The combat is different from most other RPGs in that it is manual, and characters have the ability to attack, dodge, and block. After you have customised your character from one of the best customisation systems in MMORPGs, you are free to explore the huge world and carry out quests for NPCs.

Weather systems, dynamic day/night cycles (some NPCs might not be available at night or more monsters may appear), mounts, player housing, and the aforementioned combat system all add to the depth and immersion of this game that takes places in a high fantasy real.

The overarching plot revolves around a struggle between two rival nations and you become more involved in this as the game progresses. The astounding amount of things to do outside of questing and combat, and the fact that the game is being constantly improved by the developers, is a great reason for any fantasy fan to give it a try.


Best Fantasy Card Games

5. Hearthstone

Hearthstone gameplay

Hearthstone is a free-to-play online collectible card game set in the Warcraft universe that uses all the same characters and ideas from the world. It was released in 2014 with great success, and several expansions since have kept the game feeling fresh, with new cards being introduced each time.

The game is turn-based and uses decks of thirty cards, and each player uses a unique hero with an exclusive ability. Cards and abilities are played using mana crystals, with players starting with one on the first turn and increasing by one each go.

The game has a simple premise, with each player attempting to bring the other player’s life to zero by attacking them using minions and spells. However, the sheer number of possibilities when creating decks makes each game fascinating and every win rewarding, and Blizzard have done a fantastic job of carrying over the creativity and personality of their other games and putting it into this game.

It is full of personality and lots of fun, whilst being easy to pick up and hard to master and should be tried by any fan of the Fantasy genre.


4. Duelyst

Duelyst gameplay

Duelyst is also a free-to-play strategy card game, with some great differences that make this game unique and interesting and one that fantasy fans should give a try.

You customise and personalise your ‘Squad’ (or deck) and use these to do battle against other players. The biggest difference in Duelyst comes with the fact that the game itself takes place on a grid, with your General and the Minions that you summon being able to move around on this grid. Generals and Minions must be one square away from another in any direction to be able to attack them.

Each Minion has an attack and a defence and can be summoned when you have enough mana for that card. Like chess, the game begins in quite a straightforward way, but once there are many Minions on the board and spells are being used, the game becomes fascinatingly tense and complex, forcing each player to really consider every card used.

The added facet of board movement makes the game unique, and it has a wonderful art style that gives the game lots of personality and character.


3. Gwent

Gwent gameplay

The creators of the Witcher series took their in-game collectible card game, refined it, and released it as its own entity. And what a game it is. Like Hearthstone, Gwent is a free-to-play online card game that uses characters and elements from the Witcher universe to populate its fantastic variety of cards.

Split into factions recognisable from the game, each deck has its own techniques and goals that make every round fascinating. The aim of this game is to have the highest amount of ‘Power’ on the board when the round ends. Each card has its own amount of power, and these are added each side as cards are played. There are spells and abilities that can strengthen and weaken other cards; ‘Weather’ cards, ‘Spying’ cards, resurrections, and many more.

Each deck is made up of bronze, silver, and gold cards, and a huge amount of thought must go into each play from your hand. You also have the option to ‘Transmute’ your favourite cards so that they are animated, which is a nice feature.

The game is simple at first glance but is intricate beneath the surface, perfect for Witcher fans and Fantasy fans alike.


2. Magic Duels

Magic Duels gameplay

Magic Duels is based on the highly popular fantasy collectible card game Magic: The Gathering and brings this to the PC for fans and newcomers alike. It is a free-to-play successor of Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers and contains a single-player mode and the ability the battle online against other players using their own constructed decks.

The standard rules from the card game apply to Magic Duels, with players having decks containing lands (that are used to generate mana) and spells. Players must use all of the cards at their disposal, taking it in turns, to reduce their opponent’s health to zero and win the game.

The story mode lets players play through the origin stories of five ‘Planeswalkers’, beating challenges and gaining new cards for each Planeswalker’s deck which can then also be used in the online battle mode. The design lets you feel like you are playing a real game of Magic, with some animation to supplement this.

Newcomers to the series will find plenty to love and fans of the collectible card game will love the ability to play others from the comfort of their PC.


1. Shadowverse

Shadowverse gameplay

The anime art of Shadowverse makes this free-to-play online collectible card game unique in this list.

In this game, players start with a defence of twenty and three cards in their hand, with the aim here to bring the opposing player’s total to zero.

What is also unique about Shadowverse is its ‘Evolve’ feature – players gain either two or three evolution points per round that allow them to ‘evolve’ certain cards. These evolutions work to strengthen cards and/or give them new abilities that could turn the tide of battle in the player’s favour. Cards are split into Followers, Spells, and Amulets, and come in either Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Legendary.

The Evolve feature alongside these different card types make for some exhilarating games and it is easy to see why this game became the most popular mobile collectible in Japan after its release.

There is a voice-acted campaign for gamers to play through and enjoy, and it is easy to see why Shadowverse has become a big player in the West also, and should be tried by all fans of the genre.

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