The 25 Most WTF Moments in Game of Thrones

Shocking moments in Game of Thrones
WTF Just Happened?

Over the seven seasons of Game of Thrones there have been many insane or WTF moments. What I try to do is narrow down those crazy scenes to 25 of the most insane. These are the moments that I couldn’t believe happened, and are still stuck in my head. You should see if you remember these scenes like I do, and if you agree with my list.

25. When we see the actual age of Melisandre

When we first meet Melisandre she is a young woman with bold red hair. She is beautiful and powerful, and nothing too sinister about herself to hide. That would be wrong. When Melisandre is by herself in her tent, and after a long day of helping Stannis kill people she decides to relax. She starts to undress, and then she takes off her necklace. As soon as she does this her true age is shown, and it is both WTF and disgusting at the same time. She turns out to be old as anything using her powers to look young and beautiful. It shocked the hell out of me, and it took me a moment to get it out of my mind.

24. We learn why Hodor only says Hodor

One of the biggest mysteries throughout the series is why Hodor only said the word “Hodor.” Well we find that out in this shocking moment. While Bran is still learning to become the Three Eyed Raven he is in one of his trances seeing the past. During this the White Walkers find Bran and his friends. They escape, and Bran connects with Hodor from the present and the past. The younger Hodor keeps saying “Hold the door” over and over again until it turns into “Hodor.” This is WTF for me because I never thought it would be Bran’s fault that Hodor could only say that one word for the rest of his life. I was caught off guard completely, and I felt so bad for him as well.

23. Hodor Dies

Now you must be thinking aren’t these two moments connected, and you would be right to a point. It is the same scene, but two very different moments. First, you get the revelation of how Hodor became Hodor, which is shocking enough. Then you think for a brief moment he will survive; they aren’t going to kill him after revealing such a revelation to us. I was wrong, shocked, and upset all at the same time. First, they reveal that shocking origins moment, and then they kill him off. It was two WTF moments in five minutes. I was like why did they have to do that to us, but it shocked the hell out of me, and probably you as well.

22. When Rickon Stark Dies

This is a WTF moment because at this point they killed so many Starks already that it makes you wonder if any of them will make it to the end. This one angered me so much because I really love the Stark family, and wanted the rest of them to live. I did not get my wish when Ramsay has Rickon, and Jon and Sansa go to war with him to free their brother. Ramsay unties Rickon to run, and he starts running. Jon starts riding his horse towards him, and you think for a brief moment they will make it. Nope, not even close, and I was so ticked off. I was hoping Rickon would zig zag, or Ramsay would miss, but my dreams were taken from me just like Rickon’s life.

21. Sansa loses her virginity to Ramsay

Now wedding night’s are supposed to be romantic and sweet, but it was the total opposite for Sansa. This is the moment where we see another vicious side to Ramsay. We already know he is a sick person after what he did to Theon, but what he does to Sansa this night is totally a WTF moment. Not only does he take her virginity in the most vicious and cruel way by raping her, but he also makes Theon watch the whole ordeal. Theon watches as Sansa is brutally attacked, and doesn’t do a thing to stop it. I’m screaming at the screen at this point, yelling for someone to stop this horror show, but no one stops it. By the end my jaw was on the floor not understanding why no one stopped it.

20. Prince Oberyn’s Death

When we are first introduced to Prince Oberyn he is a cocky, handsome, gentleman who has as much fun as he can. He brags over and over again how good of a swordsman he is, and we get glimpses of it as well. That is why when he agrees to fight for Tyrion’s life in combat we are a little hopeful he will be victorious. Even during most of the fight he looks to be winning, and our hopes rise even more that he will prevail. All of a sudden our hopes are torn right out of our eyes. The Mountain gets the better of Oberyn, and in a few moves, gouges out his eyes and kills him. I was so ticked because I liked Oberyn, and I really liked Tyrion at this point that I just couldn’t believe they just did that. He was doing so well, and then he just died. I was thinking WTF at this exact moment; I was shocked.

19. Tyrion kills Shay

Tyrion and Shay always had one of the strangest relationships, but in his own way Tyrion loved Shay. After he escapes from prison he goes looking for his father, and he finds Shay in his father’s bed instead. After everything that was the last straw, and he snaps. He gets the upper hand and strangles the life out of her. I was thinking “damn” after this moment because I didn’t actually think he would kill her, but he surprised me, and it got me thinking WTF.

18. Ygritte’s Death

I really liked Jon and Ygritte’s relationship, and I thought they would make up by the end. Man was I wrong again, and I didn’t see this death coming at all, especially who caused it. During the battle between the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings Jon and Ygritte are both fighting enemies around them until they meet up with each other. He has lost his sword, and she has her bow aimed at him. They both hesitate as they stare at each other remembering the good times. As you think she will lower her bow down you hear the sound of an arrow going through a body. You first think she fired, but an arrow actually went through her by one of the Night Watchers’ youngest recruits; he is a kid. Your brain takes a moment to catch up to this extreme moment, and then it snaps back as you watch as Ygritte dies in Jon’s arms. Sad and unexpected at the very same time.

17. Jaime Rapes Cersei next to Joffrey’s corpse

I knew this relationship was messed up from the beginning, but this is one of the creepiest WTF moments on this series. Their evil of a son is lying on the table dead, and Jaime thinks it’s a good idea to have sex right there and then. It is like what is wrong with you? I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when this aired. This is definitely a WTF moment because you can’t believe these people are this crazy to have SEX next to their DEAD son.

16. Jaime’s hand gets chopped off

Before Jaime started to redeem himself he was still a bad guy. I didn’t think I would ever see a good side to him, but that all changed after he got captured by Locke. Jaime actually thought he was going to be okay because he was now free from Robb Stark, and he thought he was going home. What he didn’t know is that Locke was a crazy person, and he liked inflicting pain. Jaime had no idea, nor did I, what was waiting for him when he got inside the tent. All of a sudden he is pushed onto the table and Locke takes a sword and chops off Jaime’s hand. No reason for it, he just didn’t like Jaime, and decided to cripple The Kingslayer. I didn’t see that coming, and I was wondering what the heck just happened as was Jaime.

15. Melisandre births a shadow demon

This moment without a doubt freaked me out . First, I thought it was weird how quickly Melisandre became pregnant, and then all the talks about what the baby was I didn’t know what to expect. She then goes into labor and you are kind of curious of what it will be. Well this is not what I expected at all, and I was asking a million times what the thing was that was being “born.” The thing isn’t even human, and then it goes and kills Renly Baratheon. My mind was flooded with a bunch of questions one of them being WTF?

14. Lysa breastfeeds Robin, her grown son

This is the moment that is pure WTF. You see this queen, and then you see her grown son, who is about ten, sitting together. All of a sudden he just starts drinking from her breast like it is no big deal. Everyone around are thinking WTF, and so was I. You now know these two are completely nuts, and nothing good will come from them, and you are correct. Even back then it was complete bonkers to still breastfeed a kid at his age.

13. Ned Stark’s Death

Ned Stark was a great character in the first season, and what happened to him was such a tragedy that started this whole journey. He was betrayed by people he thought he could trust, and the worst part is that he was begged to go to King’s Landing. He didn’t want to go, but he went anyways. After everything that got him captured he wasn’t supposed to die; he was just supposed to be put on trial and admit he was wrong. He admitted he was wrong, and then Joffrey being the twisted human being he was ordered him to be beheaded right there in front of everyone. This was one of the first WTF moments for me that got me really upset, and I couldn’t fandom they actually killed Ned Stark; in front of Sansa and Arya no less. By the end I was yelling at the show I was so angry.

12. Ramsay castrates Theon

When Theon got captured by Ramsay I was somewhat happy because of all the horrible things he did to the Starks and Winterfell. What came after I didn’t see coming, and we learn here how crazy and insane Ramsay truly is. He does horrible things to Sansa that are just nuts, but we see his true madness when he tortures Theon. He does a little slicing here and there, and you think this isn’t that bad. Then the WTF moment happens where he cuts off a part of Theon that no man should ever have cut off. So not only does he torture Theon he takes away his entire identity with one cut. I just couldn’t fandom what he just did, and I’m still shocked to this point.

11. Ramsay eats Theon’s castration

Now if castrating Theon wasn’t enough of a WTF moment Ramsay takes it a step farther in my next WTF moment. Ramsay then decides to take Theon’s castration cook it up, and eat it like a sausage. Yes, I said all that correctly. Ramsay just kept upping his craziness around each turn, and this by far had to be the most disgusting thing he did. My mind couldn’t comprehend how this guy was able to do all of this, especially this part where he eats the castration. This is just pure WTF.

10. We see Jaime and Cersei have sex for first time

This is the first WTF moment in the entire series, and it caught me completely off guard. I knew there would be sex in this series, but when I saw this I wasn’t expecting between twin brother and sister. This moment is what started a lot of the mayhem in the series, and their relationship is so screwed up that it just causes problem after problem. You just ask yourself WTF is wrong with these two that they decide to have sex with each other. They are brother and sister for heaven’s sake. It is disgusting and so very wrong.

9. Jaime pushes Bran out the window

The first WTF moment leads directly into the second because Bran witnesses Jaime and Cersei having sex. With him witnessing the messed up moment they can’t have him telling anyone, so Jaime tries to murder a ten year old to protect his creepy relationship. He doesn’t succeed, but my brain went from WTF why are you sleeping with your sister, to, WTF did you just try to kill a ten year old? I hated Jaime and Cersei pretty much after that, but the very first episode gives you two WTF moments in a row within two minutes of each other; it is insane.

8. Talisa Stark Death

First off, the whole Red Wedding was just one big WTF moment, but each moment deserves to be counted so we can absorb everything. Before the Starks realize they are being betrayed a soldier comes up behind Talisa, and stabs her countless times in the stomach where she is pregnant. My brain couldn’t believe what just happened, and before it could catch up the next moment happens.

7. The Stark Army is Killed

After Talisa is gutted, and killed the mayhem continues where Robb’s army starts being attacked and killed one after another. It is pure bloodshed, and no one is left standing. My brain is still trying to comprehend WTF is going on, and catch up to all the chaos. The shock and awe still has a hold over me because I can’t believe this is actually happening. So much death, and out of nowhere, and we still aren’t done with the WTF moments yet.

6. Robb Stark is Killed

During the killing of his men Robb gets shot a couple of times. With his last few ounces of strength he crawls to his dead wife, and looks at her. His mom begs him to leave, but he doesn’t. He gets up, and as soon as he does a man comes over and stabs him with a sword killing him. Now, not only is his wife dead and his child, so is he. I couldn’t believe it; I was thinking there was no way they would kill everyone, but my mind was wrong once again.

5. Catelyn Stark Death

Finally, after Robb’s death you think Catelyn will run, and she’ll make it out alive. You think they aren’t going to kill everyone; someone will survive. My brain let me down once again, and I was shocked beyond belief. I was so ticked off that they just killed everyone, and not one Stark survived. I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed, and I had to take a few minutes to gather what just occurred. Game of Thrones has had many WTF moments, but The Red Wedding was probably the biggest in its history. It was shocking, but it isn’t first because there were a few more that just caught me completely off guard more than this did.

4. Joffrey’s Death

This is my next WTF moment because it was payback in my eyes for The Red Wedding, but I also had no idea this was going to happen. Since the beginning I wanted Joffrey to die, and before this happened I didn’t think it would ever happen. Joffrey is having a festival being the evil person that he is torturing everyone around him. He just keeps getting happier and happier the more miserable everyone looks, especially Sansa after he has a play performed of her father being killed. He just keeps laughing and laughing until the moment I didn’t see coming started. Joffrey starts to choke on something, but he isn’t eating anything. All of a sudden he starts to turn purple and falls to the ground. He begins bleeding from his eyes and nose, and he then dies. I first had to pause the show to let out my excitement, and to realize that they actually just did that. This is a WTF moment because I couldn’t believe they actually killed him, and because I had no idea who did it. It led to more moments down the road with Tyrion which were a lot of fun.

3. Jon Snow’s Death

When Jon Snow died I didn’t believe it at first, but they do actually kill him. After doing what he thought was right by protecting the Wildlings, a few members of the Night’s Watch didn’t agree with his decision. What they decide to do is gather around him when he isn’t ready and stab him three or four times until he is dead. That is how season 5 ended with the death of Jon Snow leaving you breathless, and thinking they didn’t just do that to one of the best characters in the series. WTF would you do that for? This can’t be real.

2. Jon Snow’s Resurrection

Season 6 begins with you hoping that Jon didn’t die from his wounds, but that isn’t the case because he is found where the men who killed him left the body. Jon’s friends bring him to a room to protect his body so no one will do anything else to him. Davos Seaworth then convinces Melisandre to use her magic to bring Jon back to life. She doesn’t know if she has it in her, but she tries anyways. At first it doesn’t look like it worked, and they leave the room. A few seconds later Jon opens his eyes, and takes a deep breath. Not only is Jon shocked to be back, but I was also very happy it worked, and thinking WTF is so special about Jon that it did work? Because in all honesty it shouldn’t have worked, but it did, and that makes it even more interesting and shocking.

1. The Death and Resurrection of Dany’s Dragon

This moment is number one for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that we have seen these dragons grow up from when they were born to the current season. They had been through a lot, and they are such awesome creatures. Second, I never thought they could actually be killed. Their skin is incredibly tough that it was looking almost like they were unbeatable. That all changed when Jon and a group of men went on a mission to capture a white walker alive. They became surrounded, and Dany showed up just in time to help them out. This came at a terrible cost when the Night King threw an ice spear at one of Dany’s dragons, and it penetrated its skin killing it right away. If that moment wasn’t shocking enough, at the end of the episode the White Walkers are pulling the dragon corpse out of the frozen water, and in the last second you see it turn into a White Walker dragon. This is my number one moment because this moment marks the point where I have no clue how they are going to defeat the White Walkers. It is the biggest WTF moment because it makes it look like everyone will die, and the White Walkers will rule the world.

Well that is my list for the top 25 WTF moments in Game of Thrones. What do you think? Do you agree? If not create your own list, and let me know what your top WTF moments are.

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