Top 10 Most Satisfying Character Deaths in Game of Thrones (villain deaths, and why they deserved it, and why its satisfying)

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What better way to wash down those pies?

10. Walder and the Freys

Had a taste of what the Freys been dishing out. 

Walder Frey was more of a pawn of the Lannisters, who really are the masterminds of the Red Wedding, but he still boasts of killing Rob and Catelyn Stark under his roof—which attracted the attention of newly trained assassin Arya Stark. Now Arya could have gone a simple route of just poisoning Walder and escaping, but she instead wanted to make it more personal. Instead of just killing him and being done with it she fed him his own children In a pie and slit open his throat—the same way her own mother was killed (minus the pies).

She didn’t stop there. Disguising herself as Walder Frey, in one fell swoop, killed off every single (male) Frey with poisoned wine. Single-handedly causing the extinction of a House and bringing long awaited justice for the Starks and the North. 

The Red Wedding

Death of Walder Frey

Massacre of the Freys

9. Joffrey Baratheon

Getting choked up at his own wedding. 

Continuing with the theme of poison, killer women, and pies, Joffrey Baratheon’s death was short but ever so satisfying to watch. After the bastard King irked us even further with his torment over everyone’s favorite Half-man, the audience received a small sign of hope when Joffrey started coughing. Then the series of coughs turned to chocking. Falling to the ground on his own wedding, eyes blood red, chucks of vomit and pie spewing from his mouth, and his skin turning purple. The viewer got a close-up of Joffrey painfully clinging onto his last moments, watching as the life leaves his eyes in a gruesome end. Though the downside to this is the fallout of his death; especially with him screwing over Tyrion by pointing at him as he dies (though he probably was pointing at the cup in his hand) and leaving him to be tried for murder. Bad for Tyrion but good for everyone to be rid of Joffrey. 

Joffrey's 9 douchiest moments

The Purple Wedding

8. Allister Thorne & traitors

And now their watch has ended.   

Allister Thorne was a thorn at Jon Snow’s side since the beginning of his time at The Wall. Despite being unpleasant, Allister seemed to do what is best for the Night’s Watch, he was disagreeable but had the Watch’s longstanding in mind, until he and other traitors stabbed Lord Commander Jon Snow to death. The only noticeable member of the traitors was Olly, Jon’s personal steward, being the last one to drive a knife into Jon’s heart. With Jon’s revival, he sentences the traitors to be hanged in a bittersweet scene. Finally to be rid of Thorne after all the insults he’s been throwing out but at great personal pain to Jon to be betrayed in such a way by his sworn brothers, the hardest hitting being Olly. The quiet onlookers, nothing but the sound of the four struggling for air, and the final shot of their limp corpses was somber but the final outing for Jon to leave the Night’s Watch and to become the King of the North.   

Traitors kill Jon Snow

Jon Snow hangs Allister and Olly

7. Karl Tanner

The legend of Flea Bottom himself. 

And here is a brother of the Night’s Watch you feel nothing but contempt for. Karl Tanner was on the Great Ranging with Lord Commander Mormont. After having enough of the poor treatment, Tanner leads the munity at Craster’s Keep, backstabbing and killing Mormont. Along with other mutineers, he spoils himself to Craster’s food and daughter-wives, abusing and raping the innocent women and making the Lord Commander’s skull his personal drinking goblet. Jon Snow leads a party to attack them, killing the mutineers and driving his sword through Karl Tanner’s head, nothing but a bloody kill to a despised character with minimal loss or adverse aftermath.

Mutiny at Craster's Keep

Karl Tanner's Death

6. Xaro Xhoan Daxos


Should have just taken a sword to the heart than die slowly like that.

Now this one takes a step back and instead of having blood and guts, leaves it to the imagination. Xaro Xhoan Daxos was a merchant in the city of Qarth, offered a helping hand to Daenerys Targaryen and a possible marriage-alliance to fund her invasion of Westeros. At first, seeming like an eager supporter to her claim to the Iron Throne turns out to be deception as he declares himself King of Qarth and steals Daenerys’ dragons. After Daenerys recovers her dragons in the House of the Undying, she catches Daxos off-guard and demands the vault of promised riches to be opened, only to find it empty. Daenerys seals the vault in which Daxos says is impenetrable by even the best thieves and locksmiths—with him inside. Trapped inside an unbreakable box in abysmal darkness, screaming until your lungs explode, knowing the only people that can help you are the ones that put you in there. Did he starve to death, claw out his own throat to end the suffering? Who knows but the imagination.

  Xaro Xhoan Daxos betrays the council

Xaro Xhoan Daxos’ death

5. Lysa Arryn


Bet she's wishing she had a giant falcon like the Starks have direwolves. 

Another death that leaves it more to the mind rather than what’s on screen. The slightly unstable sister of Catelyn Stark was never much a villain but at best an annoyance to everyone around her. Her death wasn’t uniquely special, taking a fall from the infamous Moon Door of the Vale seems like the average death sentence but the context of her death is what makes it special. After being dotted to betray and murder her own husband by Littlefinger and believing he loved her, it was in a raged induced rant that Littlefinger took her by the shoulders to lay it flatly. She was his pawn and he only cared for her sister, he pushes her into the Moon Door, taking that mile-long fall onto the ground. In the final moment before her fall, she learned that she meant nothing to the person she loved and suffered those few seconds of freefall before she was nothing but blood on the rocks with chucks of her flying in all directions.

Lysa Arryn verbally abuses Sansa

Lysa Arryn's death

4. Meryn Trant

Worse than Janos Slynt.

On occasion seen but always made his presence count when you want to hate him; Meryn Trant was a Kingsguard who was cruel and cowardly, beating on the helpless and being the opposite of a proper knight. To to add more reason to why you shouldn’t like him—he’s a sadistic pedophile, beating and raping young girls. Not only was it great when Arya Stark stabs out his eyes and left him in a stupor to explain who she is and why she is killing him, the death also served as her transformation into the Faceless assassin. She avenges her former teacher, Syrio Forel, and declares the Starks very much alive and that he is the first of many who will pay for the crimes against them.

Meryn Trant beats on Sansa

Meryn Trant's death 

3. Tywin Lannister


Guess his plans went down the toilet. 

Humiliation over blood for this death. Tywin Lannister was powerful and feared above those who possess the crown or wealth; stoic, grand, ambitious, and demanding of control only to be brought down so low because of the way he died. After attempting to have Tyrion executed and taking his lover, Shae, as his own whore, Tyrion shot him with arrows on the toilet. Even when dying, Tywin went out like a champ; without screaming or begging for his life, but the idea of someone (possibly Jaime or Cersei) finding such a man as Tywin bloody and covered in his own excrement is a sight that we missed out. One of many ironic deaths: a man so great, killed in one of the most humiliating of places to be found dead.

Tyrion's trial

Tywin Lannister's death

2. High Sparrow

He's closer to the gods than ever. 

There’s no kill like overkill. The Pope-like High Sparrow was indeed with that arrogance that people have when claiming to be more righteous because they are religious. The High Sparrow and his Faith Militant were so hated that the audience started rooting for Cersei—CERSEI! Of all people! —and she delivered on her revenge. On Cersei’s trial with the Faith and other prominent characters like the Tyrell siblings were taken out in the most spectacular fashion. Catches of wildfire below the Sept of Baelor caused an enormous explosion, simultaneously taking out hundreds of people in the building and the immediate area, all just to kill the High Sparrow and his small group. Sure, most of the people killed were Cersei’s enemies and she was glad to be rid of them, but the attack was primarily for him. Also add insult to injury by blowing him up in his place of worship.

The High Sparrow arrest Cersei

Cersei's walk of shame

The High Sparrow and Faith Militant's death

1. Ramsay Bolton

A mad dog that needed to be put down.

And the one death we all wanted, the one death we were expecting, and the one we kind of guessed how it was going to happen but didn’t subtract the enjoyment we got from watching it. The bastard turned trueborn turned Warden of the North, Ramsay was a vicious hound going through any means to get what he wants. A laundry list of things to hate him by: torturing and enslaving Theon, raping Sansa, killing his stepmother and her newborn by feeding her alive to his dogs, killing Rickon and Wun-Wun as the final insult before the most satisfying death in Game of Thrones history. After being beaten bloody by Jon now and having the sigil of the Direwolf flown over Winterfell after so long; Ramsay is tied to a chair and is given the final farewell by Sansa. She tells him he will be forgotten and he will fade from memory and history right before he is eaten by his own starving hounds. Watching Ramsay trying to desperately take control of his dogs before having his neck bitten into is the sigh of relief, he is no longer in power. As his dogs feed on his screaming self, the screen turns to Sansa as she walks away, a smile overcomes her as she knows that its finally over for him.

The 5 worst things Ramsay has done.

Ramsay Bolton's death

The show has dished out some impressive ways to kill off characters but how will it fare to newer kills? Will future deaths even compare to what has already happened or is the series saving bigger surprises for how it ends for some? Who in the end will have the most impressive way to die and who will avoid the most gruesome of it?

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