Top 50 Game of Thrones Characters and Their Most Memorable Scenes

Cersei Lannister, is one of the most unforgiving characters in fictional history

With season seven fast approaching, and anticipation rising, we take a look at some of Game of Thrones best characters.


Warning though, this article may contain spoilers of all seasons of the show to date.


50) Daario Naharis

Daenery’s lover, Daario Naharis entered the Game of Thrones show after killing his superiors in the Second Sons. Originally intended to murder the Queen, Daario decided to become an ally instead. Now a major character, he serves the Queen in anyway needed.

Daario impresses not only his Queen, but the city of Meereen also.


Daario and Grey Worm decide to take a chance and see who’s stronger.


49) The High Sparrow

The High Sparrow, although he didn’t last long, rose to power through the manipulation of the Lannister’s. Using reputation and love against the most powerful family in Westeros certainly did come at an explosive price.  


The High Sparrow puts Lady Olenna in her place, explaining that not all in Westeros has a hidden motive.


Margaery is brought to The High Sparrow, as he explains that all she seeks is a sin.


48) Syrio Forel


Arya’s ‘dance master’, in other words sword teacher, Syrio Forel, is a fan favorite, as he stuck to his guns and took on the Kings-guard when they came for Arya.


Syrio is known for his unique way of speaking to Arya, naming her ‘boy’ instead of her actual name.


Easily one of the bravest, Syrio takes on the Kings-guard as they come for Arya soon after her father’s imprisonment.


47) Benjen stark


Ned’s brother, Benjen, a watchman on the wall, and part of the Night’s Watch, he is close with Jon but when he goes missing, strange things begin to happen.


Benjen talks to Jon about the sacrifices of taking the black and becoming part of the Night’s Watch.


Benjen comes back, bluer than ever as he saves Meera and Bran from the living dead. Only this time, he is neither dead nor completely alive.  


46) The Waif

A Faceless Man, an assassin, and a down right bully. The Waif appears in more recent seasons, helping Jaqen H’gar to train Arya as she ventures out to become an assassin. But, The Waif brings out the worst in Arya, and teaches her some pretty terrible lessons.  


The Waif helps Arya train, despite Arya being blind.


The Waif gangs up on poor, blind, begging Arya.


45) Bronn

Tyrion’s most loyal soldier, Bronn, is the humor in the realm. Selfish and arrogant, he makes a match for Tyrion in more ways than one. The bro-ship between the two is shown between witty remarks, and their love for fine wine.


A great fighter, Bronn defeats Lysa Arryn’s swordsman, even if he didn’t fight with honor.


An unlikely team, Jaime Lannister and Bronn take on Dornishmen in one of the most entertaining fight scenes so far.


44) Gendry


Last seen rowing out into the sea, Gendry is seen to fans as the true heir to the throne. Robert Baratheon’s only living bastard son, Gendry has been hunted down again and again, and it is only in his last few episodes to date, that he finds out who he truly is.


Running away with the Nights Watch, Gendry is embarrassed to find out Arya’s true identity.


Sink or swim, Gendry’s escape was one of the least satisfying things to happen on the show.


43) Shae

The traitor whore who stole the lions heart, Shae, provides Game of Thrones with much needed Lannister drama. After tricking Tyrion into falling in love with her, she betrays him, and calls him a murderer of the king. But, it isn’t long until Tyrion gets his revenge.


Gentle and cunning, Shae does what she needs to do to survive, even if it meant entering the Lion’s den.


De-jav-u, Tyrion is betrayed by his whore-lover in court, after being accused of murdering Joffery at his own wedding.


42) Grand Master Pycelle

One of the most underrated characters in the series, Grand Master Pycelle is a trickster of them all. He has taken the care of multiple kings, pleading allegiance to all. Yet he is all smoke and mirrors at the end of the day.


A highly entertaining character, Grand Master tricks everyone in the realm into thinking he is old and incapable, when in reality, he is just the opposite.


Some fans saw justice as The Grand Master was killed off by Varys’s little birds.


41) Renly Baratheon

A king fit for the boys, Renly, the youngest of the Baratheon boys, is probably the most naïve. With no real claim to the Iron Throne other than ‘I’m better than Stanley’, Renly is really only here for entertainment, and a little bit of motivation of other characters.


Catelyn Stark tries to bring the boys back together, threatening to lock them in a room until they sort themselves out.


Sir Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon get a little too friendly as the night goes on.


40) Lord Varys

The Spider of the realm, Lord Varys is one to keep an eye out for. He knows all and hears all, as he plays the Game of Thrones for the good of the realm and nobody else.


Lord Varys speaks to Ned Stark, as he is being held prisoner on accounts of treason.


A little bit of history, fans become slightly more sympathetic for The Spider.


39) The Mountain (Sir Gregor Clegane)

The most vicious in the land, The Mountain has a reputation for anger and violence. His violence leads him on a path to destruction, and before he knows it, a walking zombie-like creature is in his place.


The Mountain’s temper shows as he loses to The Knight of Flowers, Loras Tyrell.


One of Game of Thrones most shocking deaths, The Mountain crushes Prince Obyren’s head, showing his anger and strength.


38) The Hound (Sir Sandor Clegane)

Brother of The Mountain, The Hound is Joffery’s loyal bodyguard, that is until the battle of Blackwaters Bay, where The Hound runs off, tail between his legs. It isn’t long until he crosses paths with Arya, who he then tries to get to safety.


Some say he likes his chicken a little too much, as The Hound crushes every last enemy in the room.


Brianne of Tarth battles against The Hound, trying to take back little Arya Stark, who ends up running off anyway, well done Brianne.  


37) Podrick Payne

The most enjoyable squire, Podrick is the clumsiest of all in the show. Firstly squiring for Tyrion before moving onto Brianne, no matter who he is with, he makes a good pair.


Whore-favorite Podrick shocks Tyrion and Bronn, as they refuse him to pay for their services.


Podrick and Tyrion’s friendship comes to an end, as Podrick comes to say farewell to his best boss ever.


36) Shireen Baratheon

The only child of Stanley Baratheon is the sweetest of them all, but her death and her childhood doesn’t give her justice. A victim of greyscale, Shireen is locked up and hidden away, so as not to spread the infection. She befriends the Onion Knight, and teaches him to read, showing that not everyone is horrible in Westeros.


Shireen sneaks past the fat guard to help teach Davos to read.


Sir Davos give Shireen a small present, as a token of his gratitude.


35) Grey Worm 

Loyal and serving to the very end, the Unsullied leader pledges his life to Daenerys, and does just that after she frees him from the clutches of the Masters.


Grey Worm chooses to keep his name as he believes it is the name of freedom.


He may be quiet, but he isn’t stupid. Grey Worm shows he is capable of humor.


34) Rickon Stark

Probably one of the most useless of the Stark children, young Rickon is more pawn than character. After fleeing his home with Bran and the others, Rickon is forced to grow apart from his entire family, before being captured by Ramsey Bolton himself.


Looking ever so young here, Rickon and Bran share a heartwarming moment before their departure.


Possibly the most devastating death, Rickon runs, stupidly in a straight line, as Ramsey continues his evil games.


33) Jaqen H’gar

Whether or not Jaqen is his real name, it is the name fans have given him. The quiet assassin who befriends Arya after she saves his life, becomes more and more important as the show goes on. It doesn’t matter who he is either, as a man has no name.


Jaqen strikes a deal with Arya, as she saved his life, he believes he must kill three others for her, to make it even.


After starving and drifting, Jaqen and Arya are reunited, where she begins her training to become a deadly assassin.


32) Roose Bolton

The Bolton boss, Roose is almost as evil as his bastard son, Ramsey. Betraying Robb and Catelyn Stark, in order to take Winterfell for his own, Roose is not a force to be reckoned with.

Biggest mistake in Westeros history, Roose makes psychotic Ramsey his official heir.



Roose takes a stab at Ramsey’s reputation, at a very awkward family dinner.


31) Tormund Giantsbane

Possibly the best wildling ever, Tormund stole fans hearts with his own. He may be a giant ginger hairball, but his heart is in the right place. One of Jon’s best friends, and most loyal fighters, Tormund is the best of them all with his humorous attitude and kind mind.


When it comes to it, Tormund is one for violence, giving no mercy whatsoever.


A fan favorite, Tormund makes goo-goo eyes at none other than Brianne of Tarth, giving fans something to wish for in the long run.


30) Sir Jorah Mormont

After betraying Westeros, and being banished, Sir Jorah finds Daenerys, where he spies on her for none other than Lord Varys. Soon, after falling in love with her and saving her life on multiple occasions, he gets sent on a quest to find the cure for greyscale, after catching it.


Sir Jorah fights for his Khaleesi Danerys, after she banishes him.


Daenerys shows her love for Jorah after she finds out he has caught the dreaded greyscale.



29) Gilly

Another wildling, Gilly is rescued by none other than Samwell Tarly, and as the two venture off after she gives birth. Battling against White Walkers, and Samwell’s family, Gilly has proven herself a strong woman role to fans of all ages.


Gilly gets the hang of things south of The Wall, as her and Samwell return home.


First time dressed like a proper Westeros lady, Gilly gives the in-laws a try at a fancy dinner.


28) Ygritte

The famous speaker of the famous words ‘you know nothing Job Snow’ Ygritte is a fan favorite. Yet another Wildling, she is fierce and strong, smart and cheeky, and isn’t afraid of anything. The short romance between Jon and Ygritte is one that has fans still swooning like a summers girl in a silk dress.


Captured or not, Ygritte knows how to get under Jon’s skin in the funniest way possible.


Roles reversed, it is now Jon’s turn to show Ygritte how it is done, South of The Wall.


27) Melisandre

The Red Priestess who joins Stanley Baratheon’s reign as king, gives birth to a shadow baby, and kills Renly with thus shadow baby, is one of the most interesting characters in the entire series so far. Coming out of nowhere, she causes strife in the realm as she guides Stanley to his apparent success. The religion of the Lord of Light, she really does talk him into doing some messed up things.


The Red Priestess freaks out Davos as well as fans as she gives birth to a creepy shadow baby who goes on to kill Renly.


Once again freaking out fans, Melisandre shows her true, and saggy, self as she removes her necklace.


26) Khal Drogo

No, it isn’t Aquaman, at least not yet. Khal Drogo, Daenerys late husband, is a big, strong, teddy bear. He does everything in his power to protect his clan and his sun and moon. After a heartbreaking and infuriating death at the end of the first season, we must watch Khal live on in Daenerys fire and rage.


Not afraid of anything or anyone, Khal Drogo sticks by his wife’s decision, and fights for her.


Once again standing by his wife, Khal Drogo gives one of the most vicious deaths scene in Game of Thrones, to none other than Daenerys own brother.


25) Samwell Tarly

The first character on Game of Thrones to kill a White Walker, kind hearted Samwell is a breath of fresh air. After rescuing Gilly, he makes it his mission to keep her and her baby Sam safe, no matter the cost, all while sticking to his Watcher of the Night’s vows.


Starting out as a bit of a coward, Samwell’s character development is one of the most inspiring on the show.


From zero to hero, Samwell finds Dragonglass, something that hasn’t been seen for centuries, and uses it to kill a White Walker.


24) Robert Baratheon

The drunken old king of Westeros, and great friend of none other than Eddard Stark, King Robert serves nothing to the show but humor. His big belly, and big eyes for women and wine, Robert doesn’t last very long as his untimely death sparks the events of the show.


Originally promised to Lyanna Stark, Eddard’s sister, Robert had little choice but to settle for Cersei Lannister.


Robert’s big belly finally shows him just what it means to be king as he wishes to joust.


23) Walder Frey

Ninety-years, and still kicking it, Walder Frey is the biggest backstabbing character in the shows history. After getting his revenge for being betrayed by Robb Stark and his mother, Frey then decides to plain and simply be an ass to everyone.


Even Walder’s first introduction in the show is displeasing, as it shows his personality through and through.


A match made in heaven, Roose Bolton and Walder Frey discuss events prior to the Stark slaughter at the Red Wedding.


22) Yara Greyjoy

More manly than most, Theon’s sister Yara is one to look up to. A reflection of Daenerys, Yara tells it how it is, and even makes an attempt to become queen of the Salt Throne after her father is murdered.


Yara and Daenerys make a deal, as Yara makes a good impression of the Breaker of Chains.


Yara’s speech for the Salt Throne is an impressive one, as their way of life usually doesn’t include being ruled by a woman.


21)  Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish

The most suspicious of all, sly Littlefinger is not a force to be reckoned with. He is full of betrayal and selfishness, as he uses others like pawns to get his hands on the Iron Throne himself. Coming out of nothing, he uses his given position to gain power and use it to his own advantage.


An enemy of all, Littlefinger and Cersei have a habit of subtly clashing.


Littlefinger bargains, as he threatens a war that they must all prepare for.  


20) Loras Tyrell

The Knight of Flowers, and Rely Baratheon’s very good friend, Loras Tyrell has just recently met an untimely death. After being held captive by The High Sparrow, and making a deal to become one of them, Cersei went crazy, and blew the entire place up, Lord Tyrell with it.


A great fighter, Loras and Brianne battle it out, and the results may shock some.


Jousting against The Mountain, it was because of Loras that Sir Gregor Clegane cut the horses head off in the first place.


19) Catelyn Stark

A mother not to be reckoned with, Catelyn Stark is known for her fierce protection of her family. After an attempted murder on Bran, Catelyn goes on a quest for truth, which sparks a war.


Jaime feels the wrath of the mother as Catelyn visits him whilst he is held prisoner.


Bickering like lovers, Catelyn expresses her grief at being betrayed.


18) Tywin Lannister

Speaking of parents with issues, Tywin Lannister takes the lead. Head of the Lannister house, Tywin is in full power. Although he clashes with his youngest son, Tyrion, he does what he needs to do purely for the name of his house.


Tywin’s best scenes show just how much of a bad-ass he really is.


Tywin shows Joffery everything he should have been taught.


17) Olenna Tyrell

Bad-ass grandmother of the year, Olenna Tyrell is one of fans favorites. She speaks her mind, whilst keeping polite and intact. Gaining what she wants, and what her family needs, she rises to power through association with The Spider and works her way to the top alongside her Granddaughter, Margaery.


Fans first look at Olenna is one that sticks with them, wanting true information of Joffrey, she befriends none other than Sansa Stark.


Putting Tyrion in his place, in a polite and lady-like manner, Olenna shows her boss-like attitude, and that she is not a force to be reckoned with.



16) Tommen Baratheon

The baby of the show, given too much responsibility too fast, Tommen tries his best at ruling the Seven Realms. This would be a lot easier to do, if he wasn’t such a child and didn’t have his mother whispering in his ear at every opportunity either.


Easily seduced, Margaery takes advantage of this, seducing Tommen into love, and thus completing her reign to power.


After the murder of his beloved wife, Tommen anti-climatically takes his own life.

15) Brienne of Tarth

A woman the size of a man, and with more strength, Brianne of Tarth is one who will do anything for those who show her compassion and love. She has had many oaths and kept them all, from Renly Baratheon, all the way to Jaime Lannister, Brianne can befriend any, and stand up for herself better than any women in Westeros.


Not many women would face off against a bear with a brave face, but Brianne is not any woman.


Brianne shows three males who’s boss.


14) Hodor

To say more than Hodor, should be a crime against character. But Hodor is just simply the most loyal character of all.


Hodor explained. Mind is blown.

Hodor loses all control as Bran takes over. 


13) Bran Stark

As young, naïve, and annoying as he may seem, Bran really isn’t all that bad. He takes the step to travel North of The Wall, and although he may seem helpless due to the Lannister’s, he does his best to survive.


Siblings will as siblings do, Bran and Arya face off unintentionally at target practice.


Bran decides his fate, as he chooses not to listen to his mother.


12) Ramsey Snow (Bolton)

A bastard of Roose Bolton, Ramsey is one of the most messed up characters on the show. Torture and live target practice are just some of his past-times. Although, once he marries Sansa Stark, his luck begins to turn.


Showing his real face from the get-go, Ramsey is mostly known for his messed-up torture.


The Battle of the Bastards was the best battle on Game of Thrones to date.


11) Theon Greyjoy

Theon, or Reek as Ramsey prefers to call him, is both asshole, and sympathy character. After taking over Winterfell, Theon gets too big for his boots, as Ramsey takes over, torturing Theon, until he turns to nothing and answers to the name Reek. He eventually atoned for his sins, and helps Sansa escape, where they were rescued by Yara and Brianne.


Upon his return to Pyke, Theon’s ego grows even more, as he ‘pleasures’ his sister, not knowing it’s her.


Tortured by Game of Thrones most evil character, Theon slowly becomes the well-known ‘Reek’.

10) Tyrion Lannister

A little short of humor and respect, the Imp Lannister, Tyrion, is the most knowledgeable character to date. Seeing as though all he does is drink and know things, as well as be a little lust-filled troublemaker, Tyrion escapes the clutches of his family, after being wrongfully accused of murdering his nephew, The King, where he comes into the safe clutches of Daenerys.


Theorized to be a Targaryen, Tyrion faces off against Daenerys dragons.


At his forceful wedding to Sansa (before she married Ramsey), Tyrion does what he does best, drink wine.


9) Margaery Tyrell

The Queen of the realm, Margaery Tyrell is one of the best characters in the show. Always smiling, and always happy, she presents how to survive in the Game of Thrones, and until Cersei got her way, she always put the Lannister’s in their place with passive-aggressiveness, leaving Cersei shocked and angered.


Margaery shows her true side as she passively-aggressively embarrasses Cersei in front of all her friends.


Margaery shows her compassionate side at an orphanage, whether it be true or fake, it makes her character all the more lovable.


8) Eddard Stark

The true beginning to the rebellion, Eddard Stark really makes his mark upon Westoros. When he discovers the truth behind Cersei and Robert’s children, and better yet, refuses to back down, the realm really start to see heads rolling.


Seen as a traitor, Eddard Stark is attacked by egotist Jaime Lannister.


Although he sees it as a bad omen, Eddard allows his children to keep the Direwolf pups, saving some of their lives later on.


7) Jon Snow

Everyone’s favorite bastard, Jon Snow the Crow has had a massive impact on the world of Westeros. From saving The Wall from the Wildlings, to saving their king an uncomfortable death, Jon is the one who has really captured fans hearts. Currently, he is reunited with his half-sister-but-actually-cousin Sansa, and the two have recaptured Winterfell.


In the most brutal battle yet, Jon fights his way to freedom and revenge in Battle of the Bastards.


Betrayed by his fellow Watchmen, Jon gets tricked, stabbed, and dies. This ending had fans in tears, as he really is a beloved favorite.


6) Joffrey Baratheon

The worst king since the Mad King, Joffrey has proven that all bratty, selfish, and entitled children get what they deserve, whether it was their uncle who served it to them, or a certain grandmother of their bride.


Joffery’s wedding turned a little purple, as the celebrations turned sour.


Fingers of tongue, Joffrey forces a singer to sing about his father, only to punish him for it in a small abuse of power.  


5) Sansa Stark

Possibly the bravest in Westeros, Sansa has been through more than anyone to date. She has grown from a whining brat, to a boss-ass woman. Being married off twice, tortured mentally, and hunted by dogs, Sansa is back, and better than ever looking for revenge for her family.


Joffrey shows his evil side, as he forces Sansa to look at her fathers severed head on a pike.


Sansa shows who she really is now, the wolf in the girl, as she watches her torturer Ramsey get eaten alive.


4) Cersei Lannister

The Mad Queen Cersei, one of the best characters in the series, brings fans to anger and tears by her cunning plans and manipulations. Possibly the most fleshed out character, she is the one you love to hate, and continues to shock fans with her evil and manipulative ideas and plans.


Cersei threatens Margaery with an old wise tale she remembers from her childhood.


The first woman to sit on the Iron Throne, Cersei takes the lead after blowing up her enemies in a merciless act.



3) Jaime Lannister

Twin and lover of Cersei, The King-Slayer Jaime Lannister is a good-yet-bad Lannister, something not seen anywhere else. He is a bit egotistic at first, but after travelling back to Kings Landing with Brianne of Tarth, fans watch him as he changes perspective.


After returning, Jaime confesses why he killed the Mad King to Brianne, something he has never told anyone before.  


Sweet, subtle, revenge. Jaime loses at the hands of Bolton’s men.


2) Arya Stark

A girl really does have a name, as Arya has come to discover. After running away, and failing to find any live family, Arya takes to Braavos, where she learns to become an assassin. After not being able to give up her identity, she returns to Westeros, hungry for revenge.


Arya begins the revenge on her list, starting with Walder Frey.


A little different to Syrio’s lessons, Arya learns how to fight, as if she has no name.


1) Daenerys Targaryen

The boss of all queens, the breaker of all chains, the true ruler of the kingdom, Daenerys is one of a kind in the Game of Thrones. The owner of three giant dragons, never seen before in this new-aged Westeros, Daenerys is hungry for power, to rule fair and true to her name. Judging by the end of Season Six, that is just what she is about to get.


Daenerys takes the Dothraki after setting the Khal’s alight.


A fiery end to a fiery deal.


Although Game of Thrones has many more characters, these fifty are some of the best. From cheeky Grand Masters, all the way to Breaker of Chains, Game of Thrones characters are among some of the most developed and thought through.

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