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If there is one thing the Final Fantasy series is known for, apart from its well-crafted stories and gaming mechanics, it is its boss fights. They can either extend for long periods of time or be so difficult that they leave a lasting scar on you. Recently, these fights have been shown to provide a lot of awe and spectacle, bewildering us with enchanting visuals while providing a proper story. 

In Final Fantasy XVI’s case, its boss fights are among the best there, not just within the series but among the best in the video game industry in general as well. Each and every boss fight hit us like a truck, and it gets better and better the further you go and play into the game!

That being said, let’s start with today’s list of best boss fights in the game.

10. Knight of the Blinding Dawn


First, we have the Knight of the Blinding Dawn starting with the list. He is the first boss battle of the game, which takes place in the Prologue section.

They say that the first impression is the last impression, and seeing as the latest entry was going for a more grounded approach with more focus on character action, skeptics were worried about the iconic Final Fantasy elements being removed altogether from the game.

Fret not; this boss fight proves all the naysayers wrong. Taking place during the Night of Flames incident when the Holy Empire of Sanbreque invades Rosaria, the Holy Knights Dragoon sweeps in to kill all the Rosarians present within Phoenix Gate. 

Young Clive, along with the then-Lord Commander and former Shield of Rosaria, Rodney Murdoch, fights this Dragoon, delivering us an epic first boss fight.

With the iconic Dragoon pose and fighting style, this is one hell of a way to start the game. Also, if you’re a Final Fantasy XIV fan, you’d be thrilled to hear that the fan-favorite Dragoon Estinien Varlineau voices this character. So, that’s a treat!

See the Boss Fight Here.


9. Eikon of Fire

Night of Flames

Next up, we have the first Eikon fight of the game, where you get to take control of Phoenix, Young Joshua’s Eikon form, squaring off against the Second Eikon of Fire.

This takes place within the Prologue, and it also is the namesake for the “Night of Flames” incident, where two Eikon of Fires are fighting against one another to the death while the Rosarian forces are fighting off against the battalions of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque at Phoenix Gate.

An introduction to most Eikon Fights present within the game; this one acts as a rail shooter where you get to dodge the Eikon’s attacks and shoot fireballs at it! You also get to witness the firsthand destruction of the Phoenix Gate caused by the colossal power of the two Eikons.

See the battle here


8. Sleipnir


Sleipnir is next on board with this list, and unlike the previous two entries, this one takes place way late in the game when you reach Kanver.

Once Clive has defeated all the other Dominants and only Odin remains, his loyal servant, Sleipnir Harbard, comes to stop Clive from making his way towards his liege in Waloed.

The fight is exciting as you get a preview of what Odin’s future abilities would perform like. Also, his movesets are really precise, and his dodging proves to be quite tedious, providing for a proper challenge during boss fights.

See the fight in action here.


7. Benedikta Harman and Garuda


In the next spot, Benedikta’s normal fight, along with her Eikon fight, takes the cake. This is also Clive’s first proper fight against any type of Dominant.

The head of the Royal Intelligencers of Waloed’s Army, Benedikta, plays a major role in Clive’s story as she is the one who captures the Dominant of Fire at Caer Norvant. Once Clive reaches the top of the Caer, it’s where she faces off against her.

After besting her in a typical dodge-and-strike boss fight, that is when her Eikon fight begins, considered a Kaiju wrestling match (an amazing one at that), and you get to control and know the fact that Clive was the second Eikon of Fire himself, known as Ifrit. (Only he doesn’t know that yet.)

See the whole fight here.


6. Typhon The Transgressor


Typhon The Transgressor is next on the list and this is another one of the most memorable boss fights within the game!

He literally appears out of thin air and pulls in Clive after the first Mothercrystal, Drake’s Head, turning out to be Ultima’s loyal minion. 

It is a fun fight that pushes Clive’s ability to the limit and lets you earn some good AP Points as well!

See the full fight here.


5. Infernal Eikon

Infernal Eikon

Now, we’re moving towards the big leagues, starting with #5 and probably one of the most motivating fights within the game.

Presenting Clive’s battle with his inner demons after he visits The Apodetary beneath the Phoenix Gate after the 5-year time skip and encounters the Circle of Malius mural.

It’s one of Clive's most personal battles as the Eikon not only takes his shape but represents his guilt and self-loathing, involving sword and flame, of course. It’s fast-paced, it’s energy-pumping, and the use of  “Find the Flame,” which is Clive’s theme song, within the battle is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

See the fight here.


4. Barnabas Tharmr and Odin


Barnabas Tharmr, the Dominant of Odin, Warden of Darkness, and The Last King remaining in Valisthea, takes the next spot in this list.

Taking place atop the Fallen tower in Waloed and another in the sea before that, which was an unwinnable battle, the former being one of the most tactical battles that Clive will have to face.

With Barnabas priming as Odin and acting as an antithesis for Clive, the two duke it out against one another with their skills, Eikons, and an epic background music that makes us remember this battle for ages to come!

See the confrontation here.


3. Hugo Kupka and Titan + Titan Lost

Titan Lost.

On #3, we have the long-awaited grudge match between Hugo Kupka and Clive, which definitely takes the cake on this list!

Hugo Kupka, the Dominant of Titan, went out for Clive’s blood when he found out that Benedikta was murdered. In retaliation, he destroyed the old hideaway, causing death and catastrophe to many. To make things even more personal, he invaded Rosalith when the second Cid’s identity was revealed to be Clive just to lure him out.

This doesn’t end here, though. Clive wishes to end him as well for all the suffering Hugo Kupka has caused, so he heads for Drake’s Fang, and the two Eikons go toe-to-toe against one another. Not only that, Kupka is such a tough enemy to defeat that his Titan Lost form is also a tough cookie to crack!

See the bloodbath unleash here.


2. Ultima Risen and Ultimalius


A Final Fantasy game is nothing without a memorable boss fight, and this one will definitely go down as one worth remembering in gaming history.

Ultima, the creator of all humans in Valisthea, is the overarching and main antagonist of the game. He is the one who planted the Mothercrystals and is responsible for the Blight taking place within the realm.

What’s more is that he, too, is responsible for the Sins of Dzemekys and other heinous acts that make us despise him all the more together. But the fascinating thing about this fight is that you get to use all sorts of Eikonic moves against him, and that last punch to his face is all the more satisfying!

See the climactic battle here.


1. Bahamut


On the #1 spot, we have the fight against Bahamut on Twinside, arguably one of gaming’s best boss fights in history.

Clive finally reaches Twinside, the new capital of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, and finds Bahamut wreaking havoc in the city.

Clive’s reunion with Joshua and fighting him up toward outer space makes this boss fight worthy of spectacle and awe.

See the whole fight right here.


And that’s about it with the best boss fights in-game. Hope you have a great one ahead.


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