Final Fantasy Female Characters And Their Hottest Pictures

The 16 Hottest Women of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is one of the most successful video game series of all time. The game brings incredible stories, impressive gameplay, beautiful soundtrack, and more. One thing that the games bring that have become a staple with many friends are the amount of beautiful woman in the game.

The girls are as gorgeous as they are tough. Living in a world where Bahamut's are summoned means you’ve got to be able to stand for yourself. These girls do that while looking great and capturing the hearts of multiple gamers all over the world. This list will go through 16 female characters of the series and their hottest pics.


16. Lunafreya

 Cosplay by Alyson Tabbitha

 by Serafleur

 By thanomluk

By DiegooCunha

 Cosplay by AllyAuer

 Cosplay by AllyAuer


Lunafreya is the main love interest of Noctis in Final Fantasy 15. She's a former princess and her beauty further shows it. She has long blonde hair with her bangs swept to the side and the rest braided with a headband and put up. Her blue eyes compliment her delicate features and is usually seen wearing a dress going down to her knees. 

15. Rinoa

Cosplay by  Beauty Queen Lilitherz

Cosplay by PrincessRiN0a

 Cosplay by Eyes-0n-Me

 Cosplay by stylechameleon

 Cosplay by cupcake-rufflebutt

 Cosplay by musableCOSPLAY

Rinoa is the love interest to the protagonist of Final Fantasy 8, Squall. While she doesn’t quite like him at first, they begin to bond as the story moves forward. Rinoa is recognizable through her luscious ebony hair as well as her trademark blue cardigan.

14. Lenne

 by LoveLoki

Lenne was one of the main characters in Final Fantasy X-2 as the summoner and songstress. She stands out with her long brown hair as well as her brown eyes topped off with her violet colored lips. She wears a blue top with white ruffles as well as a lace skirt with boots. The outfit is also worn by Yuna.

13. Beatrix

by  Eddy-Shinjuku

 by Shiroho-Art

Beatrix in an incredible warrior apart of the Alexandria army. She is respected among the world for her skills in battle as she is as beautiful as she is strong. She has an eyepatch on her right eye while her left eye color is purple/red. Her clothing consists of armor and while that may not be hot to some, Beatrix finds a way to pull it off well.

12. Serrah Farron

 Cosplay by Indie-vampire

 by MaybeTomorrow07

 Cosplay by SoraPaopu

 Cosplay by GarnetTilAlexandros

Serrah comes from Final Fantasy 13 and is the sister of protagonist Lightning as well as the fiancee of Snow. Serah has pink hair just like her sister. Her hair is tied in a ponytail at her left side just like how Lightning tends to keep her hair over her left shoulder. She changes clothing from Final Fantasy 13 to Final Fantasy 13-2. Her white top and skirt are replaced by a revealing dress with different sections.

11. Oerba Yun Fang

 Cosplay by badewanne13

 by Hiddenus

 By Lonewolf117

 Cosplay by LoneWolf117

Yun Fang also comes from Final Fantasy 13. She has tanned skin as well as dark wavy hair with a single braid behind her ear.  She has green eyes and a few scars on her body, mainly her right arm and shoulder. She wears clothes that resemble a traditional sari as well as tribal accessories. She also wears quite revealing clothes with a black bra slightly covered by the clothes and also has leather boots.

10. Rikku

 Cosplay by GeniMonster

 by Calssara

 by beethy

 by RyuuLavitz

 Cosplay by RyuuLavitz

 by AurumCosplay

 Cosplay by Narga-Lifestream

 by beethy

 Cosplay by Official-AmyFantasy

Rikku is introduced in Final Fantasy 10 and is one of the main protagonists in Final Fantasy 10-2. She has long hair with some braided as well as colorful beads on her head with a bandanna holding them. Riku has a multitude of different and unique outfits which help set her apart from her allies. Her usual clothes consist of mini-skirt with a visible yellow g-string bikini as well as a red scarf around her neck.

9. Edea

 Cosplay by tuliominaki

 by bellatrixaiden


Edea differs from others on this list as she is the main villain of Final Fantasy 8. Edea’s beauty shocks even that of her enemies. Her hair is long and black and her eyes are green, though they turn yellow when under the influence of Ultimecia. She usually wears a long black dress, but under the influence, she wears a purple dress which is skin tight and has feathers around the collar. Her clothing may be simple but her plump body and highlighted features help make her standout.

8. Ashelia

 by tsuaii

Ashelia is quite different than any other girl as she is a princess of Dalmasca in Final Fantasy 12. Ashe has a very petite and slender look. She has short blond hair which goes just above her shoulders and her eyes tend to differ depend on where she is depicted, but it tends to be blue. She wears a small white top with a pink miniskirt with a blue belt over it. For a princess, she dresses in very little clothing but no one can complain as she looks great.

7. Lightning

 By lightangelfaye

Lightning is the main protagonist of both Final Fantasy 13 and its sequel. She is most notable by her silky pink hair and blue eyes. Her attire is that of a Guardian Corps. She wears a white jacket which is tied by a belt just below her chest. She has a navel piercing though it isn’t very notable. She’s strong, cool, and incredibly hot. Lightning is as good as they get.  

6.  Aranea Highwind

Highwind is a dragoon, a classic class in Final Fantasy, and is a captain of Niflheim Empire’s Third Army Unit. Her attire consists of skin tight black armor and a black cape. Her hair goes down to her shoulder and is silver. She’s attractive as she is hot, she’s definitely one of the hottest girls in any recent Final Fantasy games.

5. Yuna

 by MissAlyvia

 by MadeleineInk

 By ShinraWallpapers

Yuna is introduced in Final Fantasy 10 and the protagonist of Final Fantasy X-2. Her life changes when she meets Tidus, the protagonist of Final Fantasy X, as she learns there’s more to life than just being a sacrifice. Her outfit in the original differs from that of the sequel as the clothing in the sequel is more revealing. She goes from wearing a kimono style dress to a more revealing shorts with a top. Whether it’s the original or X-2, she pulls off both looks like only she can.

4. Fran

 by LittleBlondeGoth


 by jameswolf

 by wbmstr

By Midorisa

Fran is a viera which is a race in Final Fantasy 12 and is noticeable by her ears resembling that of a bunny and her revealing clothes. She’s the only half human/half bunny on this list but that doesn’t make her any less attractive. Her armor is like that of a lingerie and reveals her stunning body. It’s hard not to be jealous of Balthier who is surrounded by her all the time.

3. Aerith

 By artgerm

 by Adella

 Cosplay by aidaotaku

 Cosplay by Adella

She’s responsible for one of the saddest video game death of all time, and is a part of perhaps the most popular of all Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy 7. She wears a pink dress that goes down to her shin and has a red jacket on top of that. She has long brown hair held in the back with a pin ribbon with bangs sticking out above her green eyes. As far as beauty goes, Aerith is about second to none. Her green eyes are captivating and she’s got an elegance about her not many can imitate.

2. Cindy

 Cosplay by ByndoGehk

 Cosplay by Nlghtmal2e

 Cosplay by Nlghtmal2e

Cosplay by ByndoGehk

 Cosplay by adami-langley

 Cosplay by adami-langley

The recent Final Fantasy 15 introduced us to one of the hottest woman Final Fantasy has ever seen. She has short curly blonde hair with a red hat. She has a short yellow jacket just barely below her chest and an bikini top beneath that.  Cindy has the plump body and blonde hair which makes her a bikini model who has captured the heart of Final Fantasy fans all over the world.

1. Tifa

 By Artgem

 Cosplay by Bexxin



 By Pechan

 Cosplay by adami-langley

Tifa is not only popular but she is extremely hot. One look at her and it would be hard not to tell why. Tifa has long black hair which goes down to her waist.  She wears a tank top with a black mini skirt. Tifa is extremely gorgeous and has a voluptuous body to top that. It’s safe to say that many fans are extremely jealous of Cloud.




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