Top 10 Best FF14 Mounts That Look Freakin' Awesome!

Best FF14 Mounts
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Top 10 Best FF14 Mounts That Look Freakin' Awesome!

Final Fantasy 14 is arguably the best MMORPG in the world right now. From its engaging content to its incredibly well-designed visuals, FF14 has pretty much everything you can ask for in an MMORPG.

On that note, we are going to explore some of the best looking mounts this game has to offer.

10. Ixion

I know every Final Fantasy X fan (including myself) squealed at the release of this mount. I mean, come on, can you blame us? 

Ixion is an iconic boss in the Final Fantasy world and bringing it in as a mount naturally raised a lot of excitement among the community. The bolts of lighting around its body, it's massive golden horn, everything about this mount does the original Ixion justice. 

Just like in previous Final Fantasy games, we get to tame this beast and use it at will.

Unfortunately, this mount doesn't come easy. To obtain him you have to defeat the giant Ixion fate boss, acquire 12 Ixion horns, and trade the horns into Eschina located in Rhalgar's Reach.

Check out Ixion in action!


9. War Panther

There are a few different war-like mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. However, War panther takes the cake. 

In terms of looks, War Panther is high on the scale. It's sleek, black skin with red hues blended into its fine details is something to be desired. It's the perfect mount for that badass edgy look. It looks like something an evil war-lord would use, or better yet, a dark knight. 

To obtain this mount you must complete 200 high-level duties as a dark knight. It's a pretty appropriate requirement if I do say so myself.

Check out War Panther in action!


8. Magitek Death Claw

Are you riding the mount or is the mount riding you? As one of the more unique-looking mounts in this game, the Magitek Death Claw deserves a spot on this list. 

So, I have to admit that the way your character rides this mount is a little weird. However, the mount itself looks pretty wild. It has the perfect rebel of the empire feel to it. It's as if you cut off Zenos' hand and now use it as a way of transportation. 

This mount is much easier to obtain than most. All you have to do is exchange achievement tokens and turn it into Jonathas in Gridania.

Check out Magitek Death Claw in action!


7. Indigo Whale

Who needs to buy a house when you have a giant whale? The Indigo Whale has a very different aesthetic from the previous mounts I've mentioned. However, that doesn't change the fact that it looks fantastic.  

The first word that pops in my head when I see this mount is cozy. That's probably because the mount has furniture attached to its back, it has several carpets, blankets, soft lights, and even a table with drinks on it! Not to mention its a two-seater so that you can share this big comfy space with your friends. The whale that's holding all these beautiful items also adds a calming presence that pulls the entire mount together.  

And of course, the only way to obtain this mount is by purchasing it off the MogStation website for 29.99 USD. Although, it's an account-wide mount, so it's totally worth it.

Check out the Indigo Whale in action!


6. Demi-Ozma

The Demi-Ozma is arguably one of the rarest mounts in the game. And it holds one special quality that no other mount possesses.  

What made the Demi-Ozma so eye-catching is that it can change its appearance. It starts by looking like a basic orb, nothing special really, but once it changes shape that's when its beauty shows. 

When the Demi-Ozma shape-shifts (either into a cube or triangle), a translucent-like image appears inside the mount. The picture shows a lovely scenery and sometimes a castle in the background.

To obtain this mount you must clear a brutally difficult dungeon called The Baldesion Arsenal.

Check out the Demi-Ozma in action!


5. Magicked Bed

Now, I know what your thinking; how is this awesome? I can't think of a single argument that would say a flying bed isn't impressive. 

I know everyone at some point has dreamed of using a mobile bed to get around, especially when your so comfortable and don't want to get up. The design of the Magicked Bed is simple and homely. The most appealing thing about it is how entertaining it is. 

Imagine minding your own business, questing, then suddenly a flying bed zooms past you. I’m sure you would do a double-take to try to understand what you just saw.  I think that's pretty awesome. 

This mount is available through crafting only. Make sure to gather your materials and start leveling your carpenter!

Check out the Magicked Bed in action!


4. Lunar Kumay

There are a total of 7 Kumay mounts in the game. However, Lunar Kumay is by far the best-looking one. If you ran into a pack of Kumay, Lunar Kumay would definitely be the alpha. 

The black and gold colors of this Kumay's fur compliments the celestial esthetic. And something about it being a wolf and coinciding with the moon compliments it. Finally, the glowing, purple flames add a nice touch to it, giving it that nightly feel. Truly a well-designed mount. 

To obtain this mount, you must complete The Minstrel's Ballad: Tsukuyomi's Pain fight on the extreme mode. However, the mount doesn't have a 100% drop rate, so you better get to farming.

Check out Lunar Kumay in action!


3. Rathalos

Final Fantasy has a reputation for doing collaborative events. Although, when they decided to add in Rathalos from Monster Hunter World, it took the community by surprise. 

This mount caused a huge uproar when it was released back in the 4.36 patch and for a good reason. Rathalos looks stunning; the scales have so much texture and you can see fine details added into them. His movements, roars, and looks are identical to that of the original Rathalos. But he still looks like he could fit into the world of Final Fantasy. 

You need a minimum of 50 Rathalos Scales which you obtain from the Great Hunt extreme trial. If the RNG gods bless you, you can also get it as a drop from the fight as well.

Check out Rathalos in action!


2. Kamuy of the Nine Tails

Kamuy of the Nine Tails is one of the more popular mounts this game has to offer. Who wouldn't want a giant fox-like demon as your mount?

Kamuy of the Nine Tails is the last of the Kamuy mounts you can acquire. It's much larger, more beast-like, and a lot more badass than the rest. It has crimson flames that trickle off its body as your flying through the sky. It's red to white fur is glowing, but not blinding. This kitsune, god-like mount is incredibly kickass. 

As you've probably already guessed, to obtain this mount you need to acquire the original 7 kamuy mounts. Then it unlocks a quest to attain the Kamuy of the Nine Tails.

Check out Kamuy of the Nine Tails in action!


1. Fae Gwiber

Fae Gwiber is a mount introduced in Final Fantasy 14newest expansion; Shadowbringers. It's going to be apart of the newest collection of mounts followed by the extreme trials. 

Fae Gwiber is breathtaking. It's purple, blue, and pink color blend has yet to be seen in any other FF14 mount. A sparkling aura follows the beautiful colors as you fly it through the sky. The dragon itself is small and adorable. If you like that majestic, celestial, type of look this mount is something you'd want to get. 

To obtain this mount you must complete “The Dancing Plague” extreme trial. However, it is an RNG drop. Yoshi P never fails to make the best mounts the hardest to get.

Check out Fae Gwiber in action!


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