[Top 7] FF14 Best DPS Classes (Latest Patch)

FF14 Best DPS
The Black Mage class showcased in a trailer

Throughout the various patches implemented in Final Fantasy 14, all DPS (or Damage-Per-Second) classes have seen reworks of their skills and actions, some for the better but some for the worse. While all the current DPS classes are excellent options and have their own novelties that make them a joy to play, some classes may be better suited for certain duties, like raids. Overall, this list highlights the skills of some of the highest ranking DPS classes in the game when it comes to mechanics, popularity, and raid utility, so you’ll have a heads up the next time you pick up a new DPS class.

7) Bard

A Bard aims their shot

One of the original DPS classes and a long-time fan favorite, Bard is a physical ranged DPS that deal decent damage to enemies though both single-target attacks and AOE’s as well has a few handy buffs for the team. Originally, Bard had been a heavy support based DPS, but with the addition of Dancer in Shadowbringers, Bard saw a few of its support skills being replaced so it could deal higher amounts of damage. Overall, Bard is quite a fun class and still brings a couple of advantages to a raid team with its team buffs in direct hit, critical hit, and damage reduction.

Why Bard is one of the best DPS:

  • Fairly easy to learn mechanics and overall an enjoyable class
  • Battle Voice boosts team member’s direct hit rate by 20% while Troubadour reduces damage taken by 10% for the player and nearby team members.
  • Nature’s Minne can also boost healing actions on the player or another team member by 20%
  • Can deal a decent amount of damage

DPS Rating:  80/100

6) Ninja

A Ninja poised to attack

Ninja can be a tricky class (ha, tricky, because of Trick Attack? Please laugh) to rank because while it is likely the best melee DPS for Shadowbringers raid content and often in high demand, it is a fairly difficult class to master. Ninja relies on stealth and mudra combinations to unleash a variety of skills. Mechanics-wise, it can be somewhat difficult and frustrating at times, but don’t let that turn you off from picking up the job, after-all it wouldn’t be on this list if it wasn’t a great DPS class. Ninja can deal crazy amounts of damage and has the ability to boost the team’s damage output as well, making it a significant part of any raid team.

Why Ninja is one of the best DPS:

  • While difficult to master, Ninja is an extremely rewarding class
  • Especially good for raid content
  • Can deal a high amount of damage
  • Trick Attack increases the target’s damage by 5% allowing team members to boost their damage output

DPS Rating: 83/100

5) Summoner

A Summoner casting a spell

As a magic ranged DPS, Summoner employs battle pets and an arsenal of DoT skills to tear through an enemy’s HP. Shadowbringers brought changes to the class, making the clunky battle pet mechanics much easier to manage while also keeping its high damage output. Overall, Summoner is known to be a complicated class, but when mastered, it is one of the best DPS classes in the game.

Why Summoner is one of the best DPS:

  • Can deal high amounts of damage
  • Skills like Everlasting Flight, which gradually restores the team’s HP, make it a good option in raids
  • The battle pets are just absolutely adorable and it’s a fun class overall

DPS Rating: 86/100

4) Dancer

A Dancer in The Azim Steppe

Dancer is a physical ranged DPS class like Bard, but unlike Bard, it plays a much heavier support role on the team. Dancer uses a variety of dance related actions and step bonuses to deal damage while also providing some pretty hefty buffs to the team and its dance partner. Buffs make up for Dancer’s low damage output, and overall, it’s fun class to play.

Why Dancer is one of the best DPS:

  • Closed Position allows one team member to be a dance partner and share in the dancer’s personal buffs, boosting direct hit and critical hit rates
  • Curing Waltz can restore HP for the whole team while Shield Samba reduces the damage the team takes by 10%
  • Super fun class to play and it has beautiful animations

DPS Rating 89/100

3) Dragoon

A Dragoon readies for battle

Dragoon is a melee DPS and is still going strong after three major expansions. The class employs jump attacks, and while its damage output is slighter lower than some other DPS classes, Dragoon has some hefty party buffs that make it a great team player. The one downside to Dragoon are its jump animations, which can be tricky to time so you don’t jump directly into the middle of an AOE. Otherwise, Dragoon’s mechanics are easy to learn and make it a fun class to play.

Why Dragoon is one the best DPS:

  • Fair amount of damage output
  • Some of the easiest mechanics in the game to learn
  • Battle Litany boosts critical hit rate for nearby members and self while Dragon’s Sight buffs damage dealt by 10% for self and 5% for one party member

DPS Rating: 90/100

2) Black Mage

A Black Mage in Limsa Lominsa

Black Mage has some of the highest damage output of any DPS class in the game, landing it at a top spot of this list. Unfortunately, Black Mage isn’t much a team player, lacking any useful party buffs and long spell casting times require a Black Mage to stay in one spot longer than most magic classes. However, if you’re familiar with a boss’s attacks and can plan ahead, Black Mage is a crucial class because of the raw damage it can deal.

Why Black Mage is one of the best DPS:

  • Can deal some of the highest amounts of damage of any DPS class
  • Triplecast and Aetherial Manipulation allow for faster movement to counteract long spell casting times
  • Leylines reduces spellcast and recast times

DPS Rating: 92/100

1) Machinist

A Machinist taking aim

With a major rework of the class during Shadowbringers, Machinist has become one of the best DPS classes to date. Its complicated rotation was simplified, it has the highest damage output of the three physical ranged DPS classes while also remaining an excellent support class, and overall, is just super fun to play.

Why Machinist is one of the best DPS:

  • Highest damage output of the physical ranged DPS
  • Is a team player with skills like Tactician, which reduces party damage
  • Includes fun and flashy skills like Flamethrower, Bioblaster, and Drill
  • Allows you to summon a giant robot to fight by your side, and honestly, who doesn’t want a giant robot?

DPS Rating: 95/100

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