[Top 10] FF14 Best Beast Tribe Story!

 [Top 10] FF14 Best Beast Tribe Story!
Moogle's Beast Tribe Quest? Yes please!

Are you ready for the coming Endwalker Beast Tribe Quests? Or have you not done any yet?

I heard that there are already two confirmed Beast Tribes prepared for Endwalker, but on which patch they are coming is still a mystery. If you haven't done any Beast Tribe Quests yet, you do not have to worry; they aren't really connected to main lore but only supplementary. Their quests are not mandatory, and regardless, they are still fun to do! You can get extra sight of the world and make it more wholesome. Also, some unique untradeable collections!

Do you enjoy good stories as much as I do? If yes, then you have come to the right place! I'm here to let you know which of the Beast Tribe Quests have the most fantastic lore!

10. Ixal Beast Tribe Quest


A crafting Beast Tribe. As one of the very first Beast Tribe Quest, Ixal doesn't offer great rewards, their story may not be as good as others, but there are still wholesome parts in doing their quests. The downside would be the lack of rewards and the tedious quests. You are required to teleport to different places, and you are required to wear special gloves to craft the necessary items.

Why Ixali Beast Tribe Quests are great:

  • They have a pretty wholesome story that ages well.
  • Offers mount and minion.
  • Furnishing and dyes are limited to them.

9. Vanu Vanu Beast Tribe Quests

Vanu Vanu is the Dark horse of Heavensward. They offer rewards such as minion and mount, but nothing is unique about them. Many may have forgotten them after Heavensward. But they do have a great story to offer. Unfortunately, after many considerations like where their quests take and the rewards, some people may find the quests a bit tedious and can be frustrating to navigate/find the correct place to go in Sea of Clouds.

Why Vanu Vanu Beast Tribe Quests are great:

  • They do have a story to tell, quite the lore!
  • A funny dance emote.
  • Also, have a mount and two minions.

8. Vath Beast Tribe Quests

Vath Beast Tribe can be pretty amusing and exciting to do; after all, they play a significant role in Heavensward. Some said their story is odd; some said their story is excellent. I found their story interesting indeed. Like Vanu Vanu, their rewards are somewhat lacking, but at least their map is easier to navigate.

Why Vath Beast Tribe Quests are great:

  • Pretty cool story, where you can become a mentor without completing all the guildhest, trials, and raids.
  • They can give you two minions and a mount.

7. Ananta Beast Tribe Quests

Unfortunately, the Ananta story is not as appealing as what they look like on Stromblood. However, they are still worth doing. Know why? They give two mounts, unlike any other beast tribes! Though their story can do better, it is still a good one and worth considering. You will need to do several quests before finally unlocking their Beast Tribe.

Why Ananta Beast Tribe Quests are great:

  • They have mounts! 2 in fact!
  • They also have two minions, and an emote.
  • An orchestrion roll and an interior.
  • A glamour loved by most, False Nail. 
  • Quite a well-written story!

6. Kojin Beast Tribe Quests

The Kojin is well known for its endeavor in Stromblood. Befriending this Beast Tribe means riches; how could you not? They are the REAL treasure hunters. They offer a great story as well as great rewards.

Why Kojin Beast Tribe Quests are great:

  • The story revolves around treasure hunting.
  • They will give you three minions and a mount, which is so cool; everyone loves it.
  • They also have an emote as well as an orchestrion.


5. Pixie Beast Tribe Quests

The Pixie would reveal to you some story about the boss you fight in Shadowbringer, their King, yep, you guessed it if you finished Endwalker. Their story is great if you wish to know more about them and their King.

Why Pixie Beast Tribe Quests are great:

  • An excellent supplementary story that is related to your Shadowbringer MSQ.
  • A minion and a cute porxie as a mount? Who doesn't want it?
  • They have an orchestrion and some cute furniture!

4. Qitari Beast Tribe Quests

Qitari Beast Tribe has an exciting story; not only interesting, but your decision will also actually influence this Beast Tribe unlike any other. They are a Gathering Beast Tribe; you are required to have a Disciple of Hand. This Beast Tribe has a funny beginning and is enjoyable to do!

Why Qitari Beast Tribe Quests are great:

  • They have a well and exciting story as well as characters.
  • They offer two cute minions, the screaming worm of Ronka, I mean serpent, great worm serpent of Ronka.
  • An excellent worm serpent of Ronka mount.
  • An orchestrion.

3. Dwarf Beast Tribe Quests

Dwarf Beast Tribe is the Lalafell Beast Tribe Quests. They focus on crafting and crafting only. They have quite the solid lore to offer since their story is pretty much explained in Shadowbringer. You can get the tank mount, a dwarf minion, orchestrion roll, and a dancing emote from these quests.

Why Dwarf Beast Tribe Quests are great:

  • An awesome solid story that warms your heart.
  • We want a tank.
  • We really want the tank.
  • We want the emote.

2. Moogle Beast Tribe Quests

Another Crafting Beast Tribe. They are the Moogle, a long mascot of the Final Fantasy franchise. They are known for their mischievousness and exciting way of speech. Their quests are lighthearted and appealing. Unlike other beast tribes, they offer their cuteness as payment, I mean, they also have two minions and a mount loved by most.

Why Moogle Beast Tribe Quests are great:

  • Who doesn't like a funny yet mischievous story?
  • You can get two minions and a mount from them.
  • The infamous mog slippers and mogsofa are also obtainable from this tribe.

1. Namazu Beast Tribe Quests

A Crafting and Gathering Beast Tribe, the one and only so far. Most people speak highly of the Namazu Beast Tribe Quests. They are hilarious talking catfish with lighthearted and funny questline. Like the story, their mount is hilarious and remarkable that the developer decided to make the Crazy Rich version of it.

Why Namazu Beast Tribe Quests are great:

  • Funny lore and lighthearted, you can't go wrong with them.
  • Their mount is excellent!
  • Funny emote, it offers a minion too.

Now that you know this, which ones will you do first? Do you agree that these are the ten best Beast Tribe stories? Or will you rank them differently?

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