[Top 5] FF14 Best Triple Triad Decks That Are Excellent

[Top 5] FF14 Best Triple Triad Decks That Are Excellent
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Have you ever heard of the Triple Triad?

Triple Triad was first introduced in Final Fantasy VIII and is part of the mini-game you can play in Final Fantasy XIV. There are currently more than 300 cards available to collect for the Triple Triad. In Final Fantasy XIV, you can challenge your friend and NPCs with several available modes; we call it “Rule.” Challenging the NPCs could give you a chance to get some new cards the NPC offers. They usually have a set rule and several deck variations. There are limited areas around the city for challenging friends where you can challenge the Triple Triad with your friends; they usually come with “Regional Rule.” Now I will give you an ultimate deck for several Rules that exist in Final Fantasy XIV!

5. Ascension

Ascension affects cards that are grouped into a specific type, such as “Primal,” “Beastman,” “Scion,” or “Imperial”. Every time the card of the same group is played, all cards from the same group will get one point increase. If it exceeds the number 11, it will be considered an “A.” To efficiently win matches with this rule, you will need to use all cards of the same group. The one I’m going to give you is the Scion one! I recommend either Primal, Scion, or Imperial.

The deck consists of:

  • Stromblood Alphinaud and Alisae
  • Shadowbringer Thancred
  • Thancred
  • Y’shtola
  • Urianger

4. Descension

Descension is the exact opposite of Ascension. If any of the group cards are played, all the cards of the same group will get a penalty. So, be sure to avoid any card that has an affiliation!


The deck consists of:

  • The Griffin
  • Hilda
  • Lucia Goe Junius
  • Cid
  • Warrior of Light

3. Reverse

The reverse is a unique Rule where all your card values are the opposite, and 1 is the strongest number. Use all of the weakest cards with a lot of “1” you can find, and you will ace all fights in this mode!


The deck consists of:

  • Karakuri Hanya
  • Great Azuro
  • Deepeye
  • Moogle
  • Amalj’aa

2. Fallen Ace

Fallen Ace is as written, and your Ace card can be defeated with the lowest value (1). So the way to win matches that use this kind of rule is to avoid using any card with any Aces and have the “1” value to counter the enemy Ace! So I would recommend this deck to you!


The deck consists of:

  • Ardbert
  • Ran’jit
  • Magus Sisters
  • The Griffin
  • Asahi Sas Brutus

1. General

General Deck, this deck is generally good for any fight with any rule! There are several other Rules that I didn’t mention here, like All Opens, 3 Opens, Same, Plus, and many more. These cards here have the most excellent value covering all sides of gameplay! I highly favor this deck! Since we can only have up to 5 pre-made decks, I suggest you have a deck that can do all kinds of stuff.


The deck consists of:

  • Ysayle
  • Diablo Armament
  • Therion
  • Estinien
  • Lucia Goe Junius

Now, your quest is to collect these cards to ace every fight with every NPCs, and every achievement starts with a small step! You can get cards from dungeons, trials, raids, and Gold Saucer. For starters, you can try your luck with a Gold Saucer gacha pack! Good luck, good fight!

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