FF14 How To Dive

FF14 How To Dive
Whether you can't or can swim, your WoL can always Dive!

Did you know that you can ‘dive’ in the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV online that has a free trial up to level 60 including the Heavensward expansion with no restriction on playtime?

Do you like to watch the beauty of the ocean, and like to imagine how it would look like? What if I say you can now enjoy them digitally from Final Fantasy XIV? If you haven’t known yet, well yes you can! You can dive into the oceans of Final Fantasy XIV. Unfortunately, this feature was first introduced in Stromblood, fortunately, this feature is introduced in Stromblood! This feature is applicable in the Stromblood and Shadowbringers maps. How do you dive now? Where here is how!

How To Dive:

  • Through the Main Scenario Quest, you will encounter a quest called “In Soroban We Trust”, it is quite early after you entered the Stromblood expansion.
  • Do the quest and you will unlock the diving ability, as well as *spoiler*.
  • Now that you have unlocked diving, to dive you simply need to press ctrl+spacebar (default key) while swimming.
  • If you were flying, you can simply fly straight down to the water to dive.

A guide to dive.

Now that you can dive, what do you think of the underwater view? Awesome indeed!

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