FF14 Endwalker Best Healer Revealed (Ranked Good To Best)

An all Healer run of Ridoriana Lighthouse.

As in all MMORPGs, healers in Final Fantasy XIV are as important to party compositions as thumbs are to hands. In Final Fantasy XIV, the healer roles fall into two distinct categories. Shield healers, focus on healing and mitigating damage through the use of shields and buffing abilities, and pure healers heal through raw HP regeneration. Yet the question of which is best has yet to be answered. All healer scores were rounded down to the nearest number, to better fit into our ranking.  


4) White Mage

A White Mage in Coerthas

In-game lore describes the White Mage’s job as a healer without a peer. A job that the Padjali race in-game has brought back to the forefront after they previously caused what was known as the Sixth Umbral Calamity. White mages in-game are capable of some of the best spot and regen heals in the entire game, and are often a requirement if you’d like to pass certain heal checks and clear a boss before enrage.

The lily system is by far one of the most interesting mechanics I’ve played not only in an MMO, but in a video game in general, and no the Warhammer "Blood for the Blood Lilly!" memes are not the cause of this joy, only a rewarding side effect.

What White Mage excels at

  • Incredible burst healing that restores massive amounts of HP in a matter of seconds.
  • Regen heals that tick often enough that DPS and tanks feel like they’re not being hit at all.
  • White mage has one of the easiest rotations in the game.

Choose White Mage if

  • You’re great at managing MP and can handle panicky, backbreaking boss moves that hit hard.
  • You prefer a one-button rotation when it comes to dealing with damage.
  • You like the nun or priestess aesthetic and would like to build your glams around that.
  • around that.

Healer Score 96/100











3) Astrologian

An Astrologian in LVL 80 gear.

The fortune teller of Ishgard, Astrologian, is Final Fantasy XIV’s second pure healer.  Astrologians function using an RNG card-based system. While they don’t deal as much raw healing as a White Mage, their toolkit allows buffs to other party members, which makes them avoid healing altogether.

Astrologians alternate between being the best choice of healer and the last choice quite often. This is due to their RNG nature, which forces Square Enix to constantly tune them for Astrologians to keep up with each patch.

What Astrologian excels at

  • The Astrologian's draw ability allows them to buff ranged, melee and tanks differently, depending on the cards they draw. 
  • Earthly Star is a welcomed boost to DPS that only Astrologian brings to the fight. 
  • When it comes to dps, damage abilities like malefic or combust outperform the majority of healers.

Choose Astrologian if

  • You like adding the utility of buffing your party members to your arsenal.
  • You like having a satisfying damage rotation as a healer.
  •  You don’t mind a bit of RNG when it comes to your abilities

Healer Score 98/100












2) Scholar


A scholar and their Celene.

The healer half of the DPS job Summoner. The scholar is the original shield healer. Rather than the raw healing of White Mage or Astrologian, Scholar focuses more on mitigating damage by shielding the party from the boss’s hard-hitting moves.

Scholar is the swiss army knife of healers. Together with their pet, scholars have something in their arsenal to deal with a plethora of scary mechanics.

What Scholar excels at

  • Easing the load on pure healers like Astrologian or White Mage through a series of shields and the ability Sacred Soil. 
  • At level 90 your pet learns the ability to become an angel, which creates a magic barrier in the form of consolation. 
  • The Area of Effect (AOE) heals in the form of Succor, overhealing party members to prepare them for hard-hitting attacks.

Choose Scholar if

  • · You like healing with a pet.
  •  You have anxiety and would rather overheal your party members for a raid mechanic than scurry to heal them from low HP.
  • You started as a Summoner and would like to get into healing, but don’t have the time to level another Job. 

Healer Score 99/100



1) Sage

A Sage unsheathes their Nouliths.

If Gunbreaker is the gun-tank and Machinist is the gun-DPS then Sage is without a doubt the Gun-Healer.  Sage, the product of Sharlayan ingenuity, fights with the weapon "Nouliths.".These devices act as both a laser beam emitter and a device used to administer healing.

Sage serves as a bridge between White Mage and Scholar.Their main healing kit focuses on shielding the party from damage, but they also have an equal number of OGCD abilities that allow them to provide plenty of raw healing in a pinch.

What Sage excels at

  • From Haima to PanHaima to Eukrasian Diagnosis, Sage has a shield for every situation.
  •  OGCD heals and shields that both prep the party for massive damage and restore them to full health once the mechanic hits.
  • Dosis, Phlegma, and Pneuma is the most streamlined healer damage rotation of all four Jobs.

Choose Sage if

  • You want a healer who feels as much like science fiction as it does fantasy.
  • You prefer a White Mage's raw healing but the security of a scholar's shields.
  • You like interesting movement abilities and an intuitive damage rotation.

Healer Score 100/100

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