FF14 How To Enter Palace of The Death

FF14 How To Enter Palace of The Death
A palace the dead build is kinda scary, no?

Have some free time before the release on Endwalker? May I suggest trying Deep Dungeon?

Have you heard of Deep Dungeon? The deep dungeon is an ever-changing dungeon, where the map is ever-changing, with the ever-same objective. Your objective is not to clear the floor but proceed to the next one and get to the checkpoint within the time limit. In addition to that, you will begin from level one, no surprise. There are items you can get which are mostly buffs, there are traps inside too so be careful! Every 10 floors there will be a boss waiting for you, and only after defeating the boss, you can save your progress. If you ever KO or wipe, you will have to return to square one, which is the first floor and level one. It may sound cruel, but the drops from this deep dungeon are great and it’s not that hard to progress. Inside, you may discover hidden treasure called “Accursed Hoards”, upon exiting the dungeon this item will translate into a trimmed sack item. You can take it to Expedition Bishop at Quarry Mill to get it identified, and get your items! As you get deeper inside the dungeon, the harder it will be, but the rarer the items you can get! So how do you unlock? Here is how!

The House that Death Built:

  • The quest “The House That Death Built” will be able to take from Nojiro Marujiro in New Gridania once you have cleared the Main Scenario Quest “Into a Copper Hell” and have any Disciple of War or Magic with a minimum level of 17.
  • After taking the quest from Nojiro Marujiro, you will be asked to talk to the Wood Wailer expeditionary at Issom-Har in the South Shroud.
  • Then to complete the quest, talk to Wood Wailer expeditionary captain at Quarrymill.
  • You have unlocked the Palace of the Death!

How to enter the Palace of the Death:

  • Speak to the Wood Wailer expeditionary captain in Quarrymill.
  • When entering as a party, only the party leader can start the instance.
  • You can choose to enter as Fixed Party or Matched Party.
  • The Fixed Party is recommended when you are playing with your friends, and Matched Party is just like a duty finder.
  • You will be able to resume both, but for the Fixed Party, you can only roll in with the same members, meanwhile, the Matched Party will roll you in with people (maybe different) that want to go into the same floor.

It is advised to enter the dungeon in a light party (4 people), although there is no restriction on Job/Class it is better if it is composed of a tank, a healer, and 2 DPS. However, if you like arduous adventures, you can also challenge this dungeon solo, and try gaining the title “Necromancer” upon reaching the deepest floor alone. That is it about the Palace of the Death! I wish you good luck and have fun! You will need a lot of luck if you are aiming for that Necromancer title!

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