[Top 5] FF14 Best Trust Party

FF14 Best Trust Party
Reliving the Final Days we MUST!

Upon reaching Shadowbringers, I trust you have heard of the Trust System?

The Trust System was first introduced in Shadowbringers, the system will allow you to challenge dungeons from the Main Scenario Quests with a party of allied NPC. The party’s composition remains the same: a tank, a healer, and 2 DPS. When doing the Main Scenario Quests, the availability for each dungeon is different depending on who was present during the story, but later, you can redo all dungeons regardless of the previous availability and level the NPC to 80. Upon reaching level 80, you can glamour the NPC into one of their past appearances! Little did people know that you will get the characters’ extra lines of the story when you choose to enter a dungeon with Trust System. Unfortunately, since Lyna is only available on Holminster Switch, her conversation with Crystal Exarch is only available during the MSQ. The downside of using the Trust System lies in the inability to have other players in the party with you, yes, you will have to be a solo player, and when you die, it’s a wipe.

With Final Fantasy XIV being the hot topic for a while now, a lot of new players finally give FFXIV a try the game truly deserves. Since the new expansion, Endwalker, will be releasing this Fall (2021), people are racing to finish the MSQ, to catch up. On Shadowbringers, they will stumble upon the Trust System, and may not know much about it, some either choose to ignore it and others choose to try the new system without being fully aware that each NPC has their unique behaviour. I’m here to help you with that! Here are the best 5 allies to pick on a Trust Party and why!

5. Alphinaud (Healer)

The Academician Alphinaud by your side!

Alphinaud is neither a Scholar nor an Arcanist, he is an Academician that uses a unique Moonstone Carbuncle with a Scholar set of skills. The Moonstone Carbuncle deals damage instead of healing and occasionally provides Damage Up Buffs. Alphinaud is a good healer if you are running as a DPS or Tank. However, he will prioritize healing Alisaie over you when she is in the party.

4. Alisaie (Ranged Magical DPS)

You can count on your number one fan, Alisaie!

Alisaie rolls as Red Mage, who loves to use Limit Break against the bosses as soon as it becomes available. She is good to allies, especially when playing as a tank and wanting to speed up the fight. She will use Vercure to heal when an ally takes heavy damage, or Vercure III if the healer is KO’d for some reason, and Verraise to raise a party member.

3. Minfilia/Ryne (Melee Physical DPS)

Learning how to stand up for herself, Ryne!

Ryne is an Oracle of Light, what is an Oracle of Light you ask? Well apparently, it is a Rogue by any other name. Other than normal Rogue’s skills, she can cast Banish, a replacement of Suiton, which allows her to use Trick Attack (Debuff Vulnerability Up) without Hide. In addition, Ryne can use Phoenix Down to revive a party member. Unlike Alisaie who likes to go “boom boom” with Limit Break, Ryne is more considerate: she will never use the Limit Break if you are playing as DPS.

2. Urianger (Healer)

His cards at thy service.

The Astrologian, Urianger is an exceptional healer. Other than normal abilities, Urianger can cast Death of the Seventh Dawn, an ability that instantly kills the enemy. The bosses are indeed immune to the skill, but it does not stop him from occasionally casting it on them. He is always on Diurnal Stance, which gives regen instead of shield. He will prioritize the card play on you if you are a DPS.

1. Crystal Exarch (All-Rounder)

Your ever mysterious partner in crime, well at least until the end of Shadowbringers.

He can either be a Paladin, Black Mage, or White Mage depending on the role needed. Nothing special about Crystal Exarch, it’s just he can fill the void in the empty position you need. An ally in need is an ally indeed.

As for the mechanics you need not to worry, for all the NPCs are aware of the battle mechanics, and won’t make silly human mistakes. However, there are indeed some rumours where certain NPC may fail in certain mechanics in resemblance to their nature, but I personally have yet to encounter these mechanics. Just follow the NPC’s movement most of the time and you will be safe from your doom. I’m, however, not a fan when an NPC fills the tank role, just like the squadron, you are the one to lead the team, the tank will stay behind you and take over the mobs after you attack them, which is the only downside to that. Now that I have explained to you your trusted allies, is your favourite character on the list? If yes, which one? If not, who is your favourite character?

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