[Top 5] FF14 Endwalker Best Starting Classes That Are Fun To Play

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The Endwalker release was so successful that queue time can be awfully long for the first few weeks of the game.

The Endwalker addition for Final Fantasy XIV concludes the Hydaelyn-Zodiark narrative, which began with the story of A Realm Reborn, and introduces two new fight jobs.

While long-term fans have been anticipating and looking forward to the story's conclusion, there has also been a massive influx of new players into the enormous region of Eorzea.

This article seeks to help new players make the most of their time in FFXIV by providing some of the greatest starting classes that are also enjoyable to play. While not all of these classes are available when players begin the game, they are nonetheless enjoyable and fantastic to play with.

This article will introduce some of the several types of occupations that players can choose, yet with FFXIV's job system, players can also try playing all of them because switching jobs is as simple as changing the weapon they are equipped with.


5. Black Mage

A Black Mage who wields powerful spells capable of flattening the terrain.

The first job on this list is a Black Mage, which is ideal for gamers that enjoy playing as a Mage or a Caster, wielding powerful spells and casting their ultimate assaults. In Ul'dah, they begin as a Thaumaturge before progressing to Black Mage at level 30.

What Black Mage Excels In:

  • big damage, as Black Mage’s spells deal a lot of damage to the enemies.
  • For example, Xenoglossy is a powerful instant spell that deals 760 damage potency to the enemy.
  • Flashy spells with a lot of visual effects that will satisfy those who are looking for a flashier gameplay.
  • There’s some variations to gameplay, like a speed build or a critical build.
  • These variations to a Black Mage’s gameplay is perfect for players who want a battle job that does not stick to only one consistent rotation that can deal the most optimal damage.
  • powerful AoE attacks, which are very good for people who like to go for content that has to deal with a large hoard of enemies, like Dungeons, Eureka, or Bozja.
  • They also can run away from AoEs easily with Aetherial Manipulation and Between the Lines, which allows them to teleport to a party member and back to their Leylines.

Pick Black Mage if:

  • You want to play a Caster that can deal a lot of damage.
  • You want to play a caster that has a variety of different rotations and different builds that a player can go for instead of only one meta build.
  • You want to play a mage who can deal with a lot of flashy skills that have a lot of visual effects, especially spells surrounding fire, ice, and thunder elements.

Black Mage details.


4. Bard

The Supportive Archer who is always there to shoot their enemies and back up their allies with their songs.

Bard is another fighting job that may be selected from the start of the game, with the player beginning as an Archer in Gridania and progressing to a Bard, the vocalist with the Bow, at level 30.

What Bard Excels In:

  • They have a lot of buffs, both for personal boost and also party boost, which makes them very useful in party utility for both buffing their party members and dealing damage.
  • Their songs, which are Mage’s Ballad, Army’s Paeon, and Wanderer’s Minuet will buff the party with different statuses. If a bard plays the job right, there will always be an active song playing throughout the whole fight.
  • They also have other buffs that can help with the party, such as Battle Voice and Radiant Finale for more damage output, Nature’s Mine for healing purposes, and The Warden’s Paean to clean off debuffs from their allies.
  • Powerful Damage Over Time (DoTs) that also lasts a long time (45 seconds). Caustic Bite and Stormbite deal DoT to the enemies and can also buff the Bard’s other skills and procs.
  • There is a lot of variety to the skills, with many abilities to deal with. This makes a Bard’s gameplay quite a busy one, which allows the players to be able to have some variety in their gameplay every time.

Pick Bard if:

  • You want to play a ranged physical DPS that can shoot down the enemy from afar without the need to get close, but also does not need to cast any spells.
  • You want to play as a character with a bow as their main equipment and can also sing songs for their party members to boost their attack and stats.
  • You want a battle job that feels busy and has a lot of variety to how one can play the battle job, and makes the gameplay really fun and not boring.

Bard details.


3. Warrior

The Warrior is the Tank that charges forward to clear a safe path to tread for their allies.

Warrior, like Bard and Black Mage, is a fighting job that players can take from the start of the game, beginning as a Marauder in Limsa Lominsa before becoming a Warrior at level 30.

What Warrior Excels In: 

  • A strong Tank that can live through a lot of rough and complicated situations in the battlefield, as they have many defensive skills and some abilities that can help them heal themselves back up to full.
  • Their healing skills can even allow a Warrior to live even when the healer has died, and can allow a Warrior to be able to clear a lot of content single-handedly.
  • Bloodwhetting will restore the Warrior’s HP with every skill delivered by the Warrior with a whopping 400 cure potency, allowing them to be able to go back to full health even after almost dying.
  • Bloodwhetting also has a very short cooldown of 25 seconds, allowing them to pop them back on every time they are low on health.
  • Their invulnerability skill, Holmgang, has the shortest cooldown as compared to the other Tanks, which makes the Warrior be able to take more Tank Busters without dying, which can be very crucial in high-end raids, such as Savage and Ultimate raids.

Pick Warrior if:

  • You want to play a strong Tank battle job that can survive through a lot of rough conditions thanks to their healing and mitigation.
  • You want to play a Tank that is pretty simple to understand with less weaving to deal with, which is very suitable for players with bad connections or who do not want to deal with too many combos or skills.
  • You want to play a Tank that makes playing combos seem rewarding when dealing their biggest attacks after building up their gauge. 

Warrior details


2. Sage

Sage is the new Shield Healer who can also deal a lot of damage to the enemies.

Sage is the game's newest fight job, added with the Endwalker expansion, and the game's newest healer since the release of the Astrologian battle profession in the Heavensward expansion. Players will begin this job at level 70, hence they must first have a level 70 battle job before unlocking this job.

What Sage Excels In:

  • As the newest job on the block, Sage is insanely OP with high damage even as a Healer. In fact, if played optimally with good gear, some Sage can even beat the DPS of Tanks.
  • Strong shields that can help protect their allies from being killed. Best yet, a lot of these skills can be instantly cast, which is perfect for emergency situations or being used while moving and weaved between casts. Holos, Kerachole, and Panhaima are some examples.
  • Strong party healing spells which can help heal up the party. Similar to the party shields, a lot of them can also be instantly casted, like Physis, Pepsis, and Ixochole.
  • Strong single-target heals on top of amazing party shields. They can cast Kardia on a single party member and heal them up when dealing damage to the enemies, and using Soteria will boost the healing potency granted by Kardia for four times.
  • Sage also has strong single-target healing and shields like Haima, Taurochole, and Krasis.
  • Strong AoE spells that can also deal a lot of damage to single-target enemies. Best yet, they can also be instantly casted, which makes it easy to use when moving from place to place. Some examples of this are Phlegma and Toxikon, with Dyskrasia being their main AoE damage spell without a cooldown.

Pick Sage if:

  • You want to play as a Shield Healer that can protect your teammates from danger by shielding them from incoming damage. 
  • You want to be a Healer with a lot of instant healing skills, allowing you to be able to heal or shield instantly in dangerous situations.
  • You want to be a Healer that is very mobile, as Sages has a lot of instant heals and spells, this allows Sages to be able to move easily in the field
  • You want to play a Healer that can also deal a lot of damage to the enemies and contributing quite high on the DPS check.

Sage details:


1. Reaper

The Reaper of Souls who use the power of darkness and death to turn the tide of the battle.

Reaper, like the Sage, is the newest Melee Battle Job added in the Endwalker expansion. Like Sage, players will begin this fight job at level 70, which means they must first have a level 70 combat job before unlocking this profession.

What Reaper Excels In:

  • High single-target and AoE damage. Reaper is a very versatile job that has strong combos for both single-target and AoE situations, which makes them a perfect job to play for both dungeons or even raids with only one boss.
  • Can easily run away from danger with Hell’s Ingress and Hell’s Egress, which will allow them to dash forward or backward for a whopping 15 yalms, allowing them to be able to run away from danger quickly. Be careful not to fall off the edge using this!
  • Regress, a skill they will also get later on, will also allow them to return back to their original position before they use either Hell’s Ingress or Egress, allowing a Reaper to flee from danger and instantly teleporting back to the enemy side in no time.
  • Reapers also provide utility to the party on top of dealing high damage. Arcane’s Crest will provide a small regen on the whole party if the shield it grants to the reaper got broken, and Arcane Circle will buff the damage of the whole party and lets the Reaper use a special skill, Plentiful Harvest.
  • Cool visual effects that can be seen from doing a lot of their skills, which is perfect for players who desire a darker-looking Melee Battle Job.

Pick Reaper if:

  • You desire to play a Melee Battle Job that has a Scythe as its main weapon.
  • You want to play a battle job that has cool visual effects and is pretty simple to play or learn.
  • You want to play a DPS that can deal a lot of damage to the enemies, can run away from danger easily, and provide party utility.

Reaper details.

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