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FF14 Best Villains
Emet-Selch is without a doubt one of, if not the finest, villains in Final Fantasy XIV.

Due to the fact that Final Fantasy XIV has been through multiple expansions, it surely has a large number of formidable villains who enjoy getting under our skin. Some of the causes may include being a jerk, being disrespectful, killing or injuring our friends in the game, and a variety of other factors. This article will cover ten of the most heinous villains that players like beating to death on a consistent basis.

The following article will include MAJOR SPOILERS due to the nature of the topic. These spoilers will include information about the villains' backstories as well as the reasons why many players despise them.


10. Nabriales

One of the many Ascians that players need to face.

As one of the many Ascians that a player may encounter in Final Fantasy XIV, Nabriales is a difficult adversary to defeat. Ascians might be considered the primary antagonists and adversaries of the player in the game, representing the dark side that the Warrior of Light must overcome in order to preserve Eorzea, and perhaps even the entire universe.

Nabriales is a character introduced in A Realm Reborn. He is the Ascian who has abducted Minfilia and is responsible for the death of one of the Warrior of Light's comrades, Moenbryda, as well as the death of the Warrior of Light himself. Because of these two factors, gamers like beating him up repeatedly when they encounter Nabriales in the trial The Chrysalis, which can be accessible either through the standard or Duty Roulette: Trial modes respectively.


9. Innocence

Innocence descending the stairs of the heavens like a god.

Innocence is the Lightwarden of Kholusia, as well as the former leader of the people of Eulmore, the city of pleasure and prosperity. She is also the daughter of the Lightwarden of Kholusia. It is Innocence who is the final trial monster that the Warrior of Light must slay in The First, and he is also the last Lightwarden to be defeated by the Warrior of Light.

The main reason why players enjoy defeating Innocence during the trial is due to his demeanor on the courtroom floor. Although he is only responsible for putting the people of Eulmore to death and turning them into his slaves, he regards himself as a god and a savior to them. Not only that, but he also injured Kai-Shirr, who went on to become a close friend of Warrior of Light's.


8. Gilgamesh

One of the bosses in the Manderville storyline, Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh is another boss that gamers enjoy defeating, and he appears in both trials where players can engage in combat with him. This particular villain can be encountered as part of the optional side mission in the Manderville plot. This questline is well-known for its anime-style narration, as well as for the abundance of slapstick humor in the dialogue.

Gilgamesh is a fantastic villain whom players enjoy defeating since he is amusing, shameless, and loves to fool people. He even attempts to trick the Warrior of Light, but is unsuccessful. Not to add that his voice actor has a distinct voice that is a perfect match for his character's personality.


7. Nidhogg

The final boss in the Heavensward expansion, Nidhogg.

Fighting Nidhogg is the final challenge that the Warrior of Light must overcome in the Heavensward expansion, and killing him will bring the Dragonsong War, which has been raging between the dragons and humans for centuries, to a close.

When it comes to villains, Nidhogg is one of the most difficult to defeat because he is the most stubborn dragon of all dragons, and he is also the one who was responsible for almost driving Estinien to his death. The gamers, on the other hand, are well aware that Nidhogg's fury and madness are a direct result of the humans' mistakes, which they acknowledge.


6. Thordan

The Archbishop Thordan and his Knights of the Round.

Thordan is the Archbishop of Ishgard, and he is the person who wields the most absolute and highest authority in the realm of Ishgard. Because of Thordan's behaviors, which are extremely hypocritical, the players have an inborn animosity toward him. He desires to ascend to the status of a god in order to wield unlimited and absolute power, and he claims that the reason for his desire to do so is to protect the people.

However, he never revealed the true nature of the Dragonsong War to his own people, leaving them to believe for millennia that the dragons were to blame and resulting in the loss of many human lives in the midst of the conflict. This is one of the reasons why gamers like putting Thordan to death during his trial.


5. The Griffin

The real face of The Griffin.

The Griffin is one of the few villains in Final Fantasy XIV who has the ability to incite the hatred of a large number of people. As an Ala Mhigan, he justifies all of his wrongdoings and violent activities in the name of Ala Mhigo, even at the expense of the lives of his own people.

As well as being the cause of the chaos that occurred at the conclusion of A Realm Reborn, where the Warrior of Light is falsely accused of the murder of Nanamo, the Sultana of Ul'dah, the Warrior of Light is forced to flee and seek refuge in Ishgard, he is also the person responsible for crippling one of Raubahn's arms.

Not to add the fact that he betrayed Alphinaud, which left a lasting scar on the little kid, and it is for these reasons that the players enjoy continually bashing The Griffin into submission.


4. Lahabrea

The second Ascian on this list, Lahabrea.

Lahabrea is one of the first Ascians that the Warrior of Light sees throughout their trip across Eorzea. She is a member of the Order of the Light. Lahabrea is responsible for a great deal of the mayhem that has occurred throughout the player's trip through the game. They have taken Thancred's body, which has led the players to believe that the guy has betrayed his allegiance to the Scions and turned against them.

He is also the major villain responsible for all of the destruction that ensued during the fight between the Warrior of Light and Gaius, which culminated with him awakening Ultima and destroying the Castrum as a whole. He also happens to be one of the true faces behind the tragedy that occurred five years prior to the game's start, which resulted in the resurrection of Bahamut and the death of Louisoix. He is also one of the genuine faces behind Louisoix's death.

Lahabrea is also constantly present at The Praetorium, which means that any player who has a propensity of playing Daily Roulette: Main Scenario will almost certainly run into him at some point. As a result of these factors, Lahabrea has earned the reputation of being a villain who gamers like defeating.


3. Zenos

Zenos, the grandson of Varis, the previous Emperor of the Empire.

Zenos is widely regarded as one of Final Fantasy XIV's most attractive antagonists, and this is certainly true. With his long, smooth hair and large buttocks, he has caught the hearts of many, but he has also sparked a great deal of animosity toward him.

Zenos is the only character in the entire game who is willing to cause havoc, kill people, and ruin countries in order to face the Warrior of Light in a duel, his bloodlust for a good fight seemingly unquenchable.

Not to mention the fact that the person whom the player believed to be long dead at the conclusion of the Stormblood expansion has unexpectedly made a second appearance in Shadowbringers and has emerged as one of the main antagonists in Endwalker, the next expansion, which is currently in development.

Additionally, Zenos is a ruthless killer, who has no qualms about murdering anyone, including his own grandfather, Varis. For this reason, players could not wait to fight Zenos, who became the Reaper, in Endwalker.


2. Titan

Titan, the boss that every player hates and loves to beat.

In this essay Titan is the only primal that has been mentioned, and with good reason as well. Players have encountered Titan several times throughout the course of the game, as if they must deal with this particular large guy on a regular basis, again and time again. There are three types of Titan trials in A Realm Reborn: normal, hard, and severe. Normal Titan trials are the most common.

For many players, Titan's landslides in these trials have become a terrible flashback due to the fact that any player who is hit by Titan's landslides assault would fall off the stage and become incapable of being raised back to life, resulting in the party being wiped out.

Players will also have to face Titan once again in the Unreal trial version of the fight, which took place during the Shadowbringers expansion's Titan combat. This particular combat causes the player to revisit the nightmare that was the fight with the primal earlier in the game.

As a side note, his appearance in the Eden Raid of Shadowbringers was a triumphant one, with him even transfiguring into a gorgeous automobile. He also appeared in The Weapon's Refrain, a three-part Ultimate raid that proved to be a huge source of frustration for many players due to the landslides attack as well as the prisons.

As a result, Titan is frequently despised by players, who take great pleasure in seeing him battered to death.


1. Asahi

Asahi, the number one loathed villain in all of FFXIV.

With Asahi, the villain who has unquestionably earned the number one slot in this article, we have a villain who many gamers despise to the depths of their souls. While playing through the Stormblood expansion, Asahi makes an impression on the player by portraying himself as a compassionate and understanding gentleman who want to mend the connection between Doma and the Empire.

Later on, though, he was proved to be a blatant hypocrite when he revealed his true colors as Zenos's ardent admirer and supporter. Asahi despised the Warrior of Light for having defeated Zenos, and he wanted to exact vengeance on him on his master's behalf.

In order to save his sister, Yotsuyu, who was suffering from Amnesia after being buried close to death, he set up a trap for her, which was eventually rescued by Gosetsu, who now treats his former adversary as if he were his own child. Using force, he restored Yotsuyu's memories, allowed him to kill his own parents, and transformed Yotsuyu into a primal, an entity that can only be defeated via death.

It is also revealed later that Asahi enjoys torturing Yotsuyu and gaining all of their parents' attention, but that he was also the one who was willing to send them to their deaths in Yotsuyu's hands, despite having no filial relationship with them at the time of their deaths.

Because of his harshness and hypocritical actions, players frequently despise him to the core of their being. Asahi's corpse was revealed to be Fandaniel's at the conclusion of Shadowbringers, and players couldn't wait to bash that smug face into submission in the next Endwalker expansion.

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