[Top 5] FF14 Best Baits for Ocean Fishing

[Top 5] FF14 Best Baits for Ocean Fishing
Join for the mount, stay for the fun!

Do you enjoy fishing?

Well, do you know in Final Fantasy XIV, there is ocean fishing happening every 2 hours? You only need to have a Fisher to participate, and even a level one will do! Head to Dryskthota (3.2, 12.8) to check when the Ocean Fishing recruitment starts and the schedule for the next two days. Ocean fishing initiates every 2 hours, and the points are not accumulative. To get the mount/title, you will need that number of points. Now, bait is also a factor in this mini-game. There are only three baits that are commonly used in ocean fishing, but the additional two are used to catch a Blue Fish. What’s a Blue Fish? Blue fish will give you an Intuition buff and can be caught in the Spectral Current area of the map. Intuition buff will allow you to obtain a rare fish for the 60s in normal area and 20s in spectral current.

Now, what are the baits that are good for ocean fishing? Here they are!

5. Glowworm

Does it really glow?

Glowworm is used to catch Blue Fish in the Galadion Bay Area. This bait is used at night, but do note that you can only probably cast up to 2-3 times in Spectral Current. And if you are after the points, I would suggest that you to fish using the favored bait of the area instead. This bait will limit your option of catching better fish, and some fish are worth lower points.

4. Shrimp Cage Feeder

Doesn't look like a shrimp.

Like Glowworm, Shrimp Cage Feeder is used to catch Blue Fish in the Southern Strait area. Shrimp Cage Feeder is also a bait recommended for nighttime in Spectral Current. The same rule applies to this bait; depending on your objective, you should refrain from using this bait if you are after the points.

3. Krill

I'm sure I didn't messed up the icons.

Krill is a bait favorable in these places: Bloodbrine Sea and Southern Merlthor. You may even get a better catch on the certain spectral current depending on day or night! Remember, it is essential to know the route where the ship is traveling and prepare the bait accordingly!

2. Ragworm

Looks ticklish...

Ragworm is a bait favorable in The Ciedalaes and Nothern Merlthor. It is always unwise to only bring one bait with you; prepare multiple baits according to the route where the ship is sailing!

1. Plump Worm

It does look plum.

Plump Worm is good bait in Galadion Bay, Rhotano Sea, and Rothlyt Sound. Once you get the hang of Ocean Fishing, you can naturally switch between bait and know which bait to use at which time or in what area.

Ocean fishing is mostly about having a lot of GP, good bait, and great luck. So good luck in getting those points for minions, mount, or title! You should know which bait to use in which condition and area; this is also as important as knowing the Ocean Route.

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