[Top 5] LOTRO Best PvP Classes

LOTRO Best PvP Class
PvP takes a lot of skill.

PvP in LOTRO is a challenging and equally exhilarating endeavor. Some classes will make the experience even more of a thrill. Want to find out which?

Good vs Evil

Good day to you, fellow Middle-Earthers. Here, we'll be talking about LOTRO's PvP aspect, or PvMP (Player vs Monster Player), as it is called in LOTRO.

In PvMP, players enter an isolated map (Etenmoors or Osgiliath, which was added later) with their character, or they can create their Monster Player characters that exist only inside the PvMP maps and fight on the side of the Dark Lord Sauron. So, in that case, you get to run with an Orc, an Uruk-hai, a Warg, or a Spider, wreaking all kinds of havoc.

PvMP is a sort of a 'capture the flag' kind of thing, where players are trying to capture the established strongholds and fortifications on the map, either for the side of the Free Peoples (which are in short called 'freeps') or the side of Evil (which, as you might have guessed it, are called 'creeps'). Capturing them gives you certain buffs and advantages. But mostly, glory for the Valar, or the Dark Lord. And you don't want to miss out on that.

But, while you're trying to storm that castle, you are almost certain to cross swords and test your skills against other live players of the enemy faction.

That being said, if you wish to know which classes can help you get the best kill/death ratio, I have a list for you.

Each spot will cover one class of the freeps and one class of the creeps. You pick whichever you like.

5. Champion/Reaver

Full-metal Champion

The Champion is a warrior-type class with lots of explosiveness to them. Champions deal awesome amounts of damage, which cover a greater area of effect. They are also anything but squishy and, in turn, provide you with a stable PvP experience. 

They are easy to play, have a rather simple combat mechanic, so you won't be mulling over how to deal that fatal blow to your opponents.

They have a lot to offer as an ally, and you may comfortably hide behind them should things get messy.  And if your creep ever meets them out there in the field, you better not underestimate them as an adversary.

Why the Champion is great for PvMP:

- High damage with an area of effect;

- High sustain and low death rate;

- Stable and smooth PvP rank progression.

Pick the Champion if you:

- enjoy melee combat;

- prefer a direct PvP experience;

- want a shot at getting the most kills in a group.

Reaver in the full moon

The Reaver is the only free-to-play class if you want to play as a creep (PvMP is a VIP luxury, I'm afraid). You could say that there are certain analogies between the Reaver and the Champion, though I find the Reaver experience a bit more challenging. 

The Reaver is all about high amounts of explosive damage that they can deal by rushing into the enemy lines, delivering a bunch of damaging abilities, and running back. This isn't easy since freeps are pretty stacked with both damage and sustain, so it's all about good timing and patience. 

The Reaver is not easy to solo at the beginning, so you might want to do those tedious quests around Gramsfoot (the beginner area) before you try roaming the map on your own. 

Creeps are generally weaker than freeps and rely on their numbers, Reavers, in particular, so you should always try your best to find a group and stick together before those elvish arrows make you one sorry orc.

Why the Reaver is great for PvMP:

- Simple and easy to learn;

- Free 'creep' experience without going VIP;

- Good melee class with high damage.

Pick the Reaver if:

- you enjoy melee combat;

- you want to try out PvMP for free;

- you like a classic orc appearance.

4. Runekeeper/Warleader

Rune-keepers can be pretty scary when they go full-on thunder...

Runekeepers are so much fun! You will never see so much burst DPS combined with such astonishing healing potential. 

You could say that they are a mage class, but they offer that sprinkle of originality that makes them one of the most enjoyable classes to play in any MMO. They wear runestones as weapons that help them create their rune magic. They deal high single-target damage, or they place stones that buff/heal in a designated area, which makes them lethal in combat and invaluable in a raiding group.

They do wear light armor and are one of the most squishy classes in LOTRO, so you might want to get a little tactical when you're fighting hordes of orcs and Uruk-hai, but then again, being careful and observant is what PvP is all about.

Why Runekeeper is great for PvMP:

- Fun combat gameplay;

- Great ability animations;

- High damage in combat;

- Useful in a group.

Pick a Runekeeper if:

- you like mage-like classes;

- you want a versatile approach to gameplay.

Bro... Bro... I know, bro.

Warleader is a challenging, but highly rewarding class. 

You can compare them to Captains since Warleaders are all about buffing, healing, and improving their teammates' performance. Their damage-dealing capacity is anything but low, though. 

What's challenging about Warleaders is that in combat, as a Warleader, you're going to be the priority target. Enemies are going to aim their bows, point their spears, and rush their swords all towards you. Why? 

It's simple. First and foremost, you heal your teammates (the names of the Warleader's healing abilities always crack me up - 'Crack the Whip', 'Quit Whining and Fight', and 'Snap Out of It' - orcs are awesome). Secondly, you buff them with your banners (you place them in the ground, and they provide buffs and bonuses). And finally, Warleaders can revive their allies (similarly to Lore-masters, Minstrels, or other healer classes on the freep side), which in PvP becomes a thorn in your opponents' eye.

So, as impactful as the Warleader is, you may want to practice your skills before you engage in open battle.

Why Warleader is great for PvMP:

- Critical to the victory in big battles;

- Multiple roles and engaging gameplay;

- Menacingly cool appearance.

Pick a Warleader if:

- you like the support role in group-play, but are no stranger to taking the responsibility of engaging enemies;

- you like high stakes, all-in approach to any competitive situation;

- you like learning new combat mechanics and tricks when playing MMOs.

3. Minstrel/Weaver

Minstrels could star in some really pretty music videos, am I right?

Minstrels are by far the most original class I've seen in any MMO. Minstrels are a creation inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's depiction of music as a magical force of nature. In Middle-Earth lore, music is a force that catalyzed the creation of the world itself. Many legendary characters in The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion used music and song to perform great, even unnatural deeds. So, music and song are like natural elements in Tolkien's legendarium.

That being said, Minstrels are characters that use music to inflict harm on their foes and inspire their fellows. And they are beyond fun! Their abilities are instant cast and deal formidable damage, their healing is second to none, and their abilities (cast by their instruments) provide a unique combination of damaging and debuffing enemies, while simultaneously buffing or healing allies. Also, they get to look like medieval bards, which is quite charming.

As a Minstrel in PvMP, your role will be more of a group helper, but in my experience as a creep, my butt has been kicked by a Minstrel in one on one combat more than once, so never count a Mini out.

Why Minstrels are great for PvMP:

- Great support, the best heal, decent damage;

- Unique play-style;

- Always welcome in any group.

Pick the Minstrel if:

- you like mage-like classes, but dislike channeling your abilities;

- you are keen on healing and supporting allies more than engaging in direct combat;

- you want a fresh approach to a class both gameplay and lore-wise.

Itsy Bitsy Spider...

Weavers are a fun and cool-looking class. How could they not be? You get to run around with your very own spider!

Spiders are also quite important in Middle-Earth lore and are one of the most distinctive symbols of evil. That being said, if you really want to go full-creep, the web-shooting, crawling menace that is the Weaver is what you are looking for.

Apart from that, Weavers are quite versatile and original. You get to bury yourself in the ground, becoming invisible, which gives you a great prospect of a good ambush, which in PvP circumstances can be a game-changer. Also, Weavers are great at debuffing enemies, their damage is high, and they are irreplaceable as crowd-control tools.

Why Weavers are great for PvMP:

- Tactical, versatile, and fun!

- Very useful in a group;

- Unique and effective as damage dealers and supports;

- Amazing crowd-control.

Pick a Weaver if:

- you want to get tactical;

- you want to learn PvMP and study enemy classes with all their vulnerabilities;

- you want to have six legs for once.

2. Hunter/Stalker

Let's hunt some Orc!

Hunter is an obvious choice. If you want to master the art of warfare, listen to good old Obi-Wan Kenobi. Find the high ground. Once you do that, get a good overview of your surroundings, find your targets, and rain hell upon them from outside their reach. In short, get a hunter. You cannot go wrong with that.

High single-target plus long-range damage, great utility when defending fortresses, and a great capacity to escape near-death situations - all of that makes the Hunter a staple PvMP choice. It's a no-brainer.

Why Hunters are great for PvMP:

- Great damage-dealers;

- Far from danger while effectively getting kills and rank;

- Ranged combat provides a fun, entertaining, and highly satisfactory experience in PvP (however sadistic that may sound).

Pick a Hunter if:

- you don't want too much trouble in battle;

- you want to get kills and accolades;

- you are smart (that was a joke, but it's kind of true).

You can change your appearance trait to affect how your Warg looks.

Stalkers belong to the race of Wargs - great wolf-like creatures that have been serving the Dark Lord Sauron for ages. They are not senseless dogs, far from it. These creatures are intelligent and even bear the ability to speak. The only way an Orc could ride a Warg as a mount would be if the Warg allowed it. So, these creatures are quite respected. And menacing.

The same menacing sensation can be found among the freep population, who above all others, hate Stalkers. 

These puppies love going stealth, jumping out of their invisible state to deal crippling damage, cause bleed or slow conditions, and cause utter dismay within the freep lines. I mean, the hate is real! And rightfully so. 

Running a Stalker takes a lot of skill though. First and foremost, they are quite squishy, so move about with caution. Secondly, you have to be observant of the group's movement, which immunities and mitigations the enemy players have on them at the moment (so you don't waste your debuffing), as well as managing your timing. Without timing, an ambush becomes a joke. Right?

Why Stalkers are great for PvMP:

- Rogue class that has a great impact on big encounters;

- Stealth and high mobility;

- Great damage and debuffs.

Pick a Stalker if:

- you enjoy stealth-based classes;

- you prefer the tactical approach, picking targets, and moving within the enemy lines;

- you are prepared to learn and practice your skills.

1. Warden/Blackarrow

There are no battle-oriented aspects of LOTRO where Wardens don't shine.

Warden is a PvP powerhouse. Let me correct that. Warden is a powerhouse.

The adaptability, the utility within the group, the sheer power. You can do no wrong with the Warden.

In PvMP, Wardens can pull a lot by themselves, protect the tactical classes, deal killing blows, and truly lead any skirmish, whether it was offensive or defensive. 

They are feared by creeps and respected by their allies. With the Warden, your progression in acquiring PvMP rank and accolades will be smooth and painless.

Why Wardens are great for PvMP:

- High damage, high sustain;

- Great kill/death ratio;

- Versatile and original.

Pick a Warden if:

- you want to engage the enemy players;

- you like both melee and ranged combat;

- you like the leader/carry role over supporting but are no stranger to protecting and supporting others.

The most handsome of all the Orcs...

Blackarrows are the evil counterpart of the Hunter. They bring the same advantages to their respective side on the battlefield, but there's something about playing a bulky, growling Uruk-hai that bears the White Hand of Saruman that gives the experience of playing this class an extra point.

They are damage dealers that utilize everything that other creep classes do on the battlefield, by waiting for Weavers and Stalkers to perform their jump attacks, cripple, bleed and slow their enemies, while Reavers charge back and forth, causing confusion in the freep lines. While all of that rumbling is going on down there, the Blackarrow is sharpshooting from afar, getting constant kills, rank, and infamy.

There isn't a lot more you can ask of a PvP experience in my opinion.

Why Blackarrows are great for PvMP:

- They work perfectly with others and deliver great results;

- Simple enough, but highly entertaining;

- Great shot at being the one with the most kills.

Pick a Blackarrow if:

- you like ranged classes;

- you want to be a leader on the scoreboard;

- you like Uruk-hai orcs from the LOTR movies/books.


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