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Lord of the Rings Online may be over 10 years old, but with the new Minas Morgul expansion, it might be time for a new character.  Playing a class with a strong Area of Attack (AoE) damage can be an efficient way to eliminate groups of enemies in LOTRO, both in questing and fellowship play.

Below are the top 5 classes that offer superior AoE damage when you need it the most.

5. Rune-Keeper

Enemies will be swallowed by flames

As the one true magic class, the Rune-Keeper (unlockable class) is excellent at DPS on the move. Their AoE might be more limited, but it is powerful. The red trait line gives skills like Scathing Mockery (5 max targets), Essence of Flame (3 max targets), Combustion (target + all enemies 5 meters around the target) and Volcanic Runestone (ground attack on nearby enemies.)

  • Strong AoE fire attacks with the red trait line
  • Cause damage in different ways (ground, target, surrounding target)
  • Break groups of enemies up with AoE skills

How to build: Here

4. Minstrel

The power of song will blast your foes away

Using instruments, the Minstrel can beat your goes down with song, create a diversion for your friends and heal everyone in your fellowship. While known for its incredible healing capabilities, the minstrel has some strong AoE damage as well.  Using the red trait line, you have a few AoE skills: Call of the Second Age (5 max targets), Cry of the Wizards (8 max targets), Cry of the Valar (3 max targets) and Cry of Oromë (3 max targets at the lowest rank.) 

  • Use AoE to heal your fellowship and take down your enemies
  • 4 strong AoE skills in the red line
  • AoE is great for questing and solo PVP

How to build: Here

3. Guardian

A Tank Guardian can take on many enemies

First and foremost, Guardians are known as tanks. They will be the ones at the front lines, taking all the damage while classes like Lore-Masters and Hunters attack from afar. Favoring the yellow trait line, they have many AoE skills like Sweeping Cut (5 max targets), Whirling Retaliation (5 max targets), Cataclysmic Shout (5 max targets) and Vexing Blow (5 max targets.)

  • Tank your way through the front lines
  • AoE skills keep the enemies on you 
  • One of the classes with the highest Morale

How to build: Here

2. Warden

Many Warden Gambits can damage multiple enemies

Wardens are considered one of the most complicated classes to master through their use of Gambits, a sequence of basic attacks that allows for much more powerful attacks. Skills like Goad (5 max targets surrounding Warden), Fierce Resolve (10 max targets surrounding Warden) and War-Cry (10 max targets surrounding Warden) are AoE skills that can be accessed before level 25. After level 25, Resolution (10 max targets surrounding Warden), Exultation of Battle (10 max targets 6 meters from Warden) and Resounding Challenge (6 max targets 10 meters from Warden) are also fantastic AoE skills. 

  • Many combinations for strong AoE damage
  • Versatile self-healing powers through AoE skills
  • Complicated, but powerful 

How to build: Here

1. Champion

The true master of AoE damage

More than any other class, the Champion was designed to have a  strong AoE skill set. This heavy-armor class builds Fervour, which is then used to blast enemies with AoE skills and can take on multiple enemies at once with little issue. The yellow trait line gives Blade Storm (5 max targets), Fury of Blades (5 meters in front of Champion), Rend (5 max targets), Raging Blade (8 max targets) and Born for Combat (5 max targets) with other AoE skills available as you level. 

  • Designed to take on multiple enemies at once
  • First AoE skills at level 1
  • Provides consistent AoE damage 

How to build: Here

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