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best music in LOTRO
A good tune makes everything more meaningful...

Music is a huge aspect of LOTRO's beauty... Some of these melodies will stick with you for life!


Good day to you, fellow Middle-Earthers! Today, we'll be taking you through the musical beauty of LOTRO. Each area of LOTRO's vast world has its' soundtrack and some of them are truly a masterpiece.

We'll go through the most unique and memorable tunes that managed to encapsulate the spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien's stories and make a unique impression on the gamer who'll forever get the goosebumps of nostalgia the moment they hear one of them.

Many amazing musical pieces may be unjustly skipped, as LOTRO is rich with an abundance of amazing musical themes.

We hope you agree on some of these, but we certainly encourage you to listen to the complete works of LOTRO's super talented composers.

10) Thorin's Hall Theme 

Thorin's Hall Theme

This soundtrack is the first thing I fell in love with, when I played LOTRO for the first time, all those years ago.

Dwarves were always the great mystery of the LOTRO lore, and this was the first time that we were able to peek into their exotic culture.

This music contributed to the warmth and charm of the original LOTRO Dwarf residence.

We got to fully experience the generosity of the Dwarves, their hospitality, and their love of good company.

Coming into the warm and safe Thorin's Hall, after traveling all those miles through the snow and danger of the Blue Mountains truly feels like coming home.

9) The Tom Bombadil Theme 

Merry Tom...

After so much danger of roaming the Old Forest, defeating endless waves of roots, angry Huorns, wolves, and whatnot, this merry melody feels like a fresh bath after crossing the desert.

The contrast of this soundtrack to the gloomy tones of the Old Forest and the eerie cracks of pissed-off trees is what makes it so happy and full of hope!

It also encapsulates the nature of good old Tom and his wife Goldberry, the wisdom of their simplicity, and the safety of their home.

8) Evendim Soundtrack 

The Fair Evendim...

Like the area itself, this melody is one of the most beautiful, relaxing soundtracks of the whole game.

Evendim is all about the ancient ways of the Dunedain, their history and legacy, their struggle to keep their identity despite their struggle.

The music conveys this story gloriously, following the tones and the landscape of Evendim lake perfectly.

Players will dearly remember the Tinnudir theme. It's original, memorable, and enchanting.

7) The Lothlorien Theme - Falls of Nimrodel 

The theme of the Elves...

You've just passed through Moria. The dark revelations you got there still weigh heavy on you. Its' shadow goes deep and hopes for reclaiming the lost kingdom are dwindling. You've encountered endless enemies and still, that wasn't even a fragment of the dark forces that now rule Moria. And the darkness of the ancient mines has crept into your very eyes so that all light has become but a distant memory.

And then you see light. It's the only light that can oppose such darkness. The light of Lothlorien.

The composers have created two opposites, they have told this story through music so that the players can experience the calmness and the healing nature of the Golden Wood after spending so much time in the mazes beneath the ground.

All of the Mines of Moria soundtracks prove just how much difference a good soundtrack can make, and this one is no exception.

6) The Shire Soundtrack 

Happy Hobbits...

There's nothing like the Shire's green hills, the slow movement of the Hobbit windmills, and a nice stroll to the Green Dragon.

Ever since we first read/watched The Lord of the Rings, we've wanted to experience the simple Hobbit life. The everyday pleasures of being a Hobbit, the calmness of repetition, good food, and happy thoughts!

LOTRO gave us the Shire experience like no game before or since, and this complete soundtrack is a major part of that success.

5) Grey Havens 

Elven Ships...

Another Elven masterpiece from the Mines of Moria music bundle.

Like the race it depicts, this melody feels ancient and wise, with a sorrowful calmness to it.

It contributes to the surroundings and immerses the player in the Elf lore and Middle-earth's spirit.

I feel really bad for segregating anything from the Mines of Moria bundle as all of it is breathtaking, but these were some of the most memorable ones. I sincerely recommend listening to the whole thing, or just playing the expansion!

4) Lament for Oakenshield 

Tribute to Thorin...

One of the original epic soundtracks of the rich LOTRO musical variety.

The deep voices convey the prideful sorrow of the Dwarves who lament their beloved leader and celebrate his heroic death. It's one of the first clues to how original and creative LOTRO developers are when you first start playing it.

It's also quite memorable, with a melody that really sticks to your ears and is one of the trademarks of the game.

3) Rohan - Roaming Free Theme 

Forth Eorlingas!

Mines of Moria was an amazing soundtrack. The only one that's superior to it was Riders of Rohan. I cannot put the entire soundtrack compilation at a single spot, because each epic theme deserves undivided attention.

The first one is the Roaming Free theme - an open field, your horse galloping across the Rohan landscape...complete freedom!

And then the choir kicks in, followed by the violin, the strings, and the steady pace of the drum that indicates Rohan's still hidden inner strength.

You'll ride, you'll listen, and you'll know... Hope for Rohan and the world of men is not lost yet!

2) LOTRO Legacy 

LOTRO Main Theme

This was the first time I truly felt like LOTRO has a pivotal musical theme. And this one is, in my opinion, just as good as the famous movie score.

The author is Chance Thomas, a composer who's been involved in the making of LOTRO's music since the beginning, and whose music had already embellished another LOTR masterpiece game (The War of The Ring) and he shines once more!

The melody encapsulates the epicness, the sacrifice, the friendship...everything Lord of the Rings is all about.

1) Theme for Rohan 

The Song of the Horselords...

Chance Thomas' ultimate masterpiece.

I bet you whatever you want, there won't be a dry eye in a room if you play this theme to other LOTR fans. No chance.

The violin is so moving and gentle. It's followed by a wave of warm melodies of the wind instruments, before finishing with a combination of the orchestral arrangement and the bagpipes.

It's sad, it's angry, it's hopeful, it's noble.

It's goosebumps!


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