LOTRO Best Healers - Which Healer Class Outperforms?

LOTRO Best Healers
Be ready to heal your Fellowship

Which LOTRO classes offer the best healers?

If there were no healers in your Fellowship, there’s a good chance you’ll die. Repeatedly. Healers are the glue of a fellowship. Without them, even if you have some of the strongest damage possible, you’ll likely have to try again. Learning how to use a healing class for endgame raids and instances will likely give you a place in any Fellowship.

But which classes offer the best healing skills?

4. Captain

A Captain on her way to her Fellowship.

This class can take on any role, including the role of the healer. Though you will most likely be asked to be the primary buffer of the Fellowship, if there’s an opening for a healer, you could fill that role with Healing Over Time (HoT) skills. That being said, a Captain’s healing skills are most useful for smaller groups.

Healing Skills:

  • Rallying Cry - Heals allies within 30 meters for initial morale and additional morale every 3 seconds for 15 seconds
  • Words of Courage - Single ally HoT for initial morale and additional morale every 3 seconds for 12 seconds
  • Escape from Darkness - Revives fallen ally in-combat with 50% morale and 25% power
  • Inspiriting Call - Revives fallen ally out of combat with 50% morale and 40% power
  • Cry of Vengeance - Revives fallen ally with 20% morale and 15% power and buffs nearby Fellowship members with +10 Might, Agility, Vitality, Will, Fate, -4% Attack Duration, and +234 Armor Duration
  • Reform The Lines! - Uses own morale to heal allies within 40 meters for 10% maximum morale initially, 4% maximum morale every 2 seconds for 10 seconds, and buffs 15% incoming healing modifier
  • Valiant Strike - Melee attack that also heals allies within 30 meters for initial morale and additional morale every 3 seconds for 27 seconds
  • Gallant Display - Melee attack that heals allies within 30 meters

What Makes Captain An OK Healer:

  • Some healing skills are only available when using an attack
  • The healing skills are almost all AoE 
  • Many healing skills are HoT rather than burst healing
  • There are a few revives that buff in different ways
  • Some skills use your own morale to heal others

Healing Power Rating: 73/100

3. Rune-Keeper

Use runestones to heal your party

Rune-Keepers are best known for their heavy DPS and their healing skills, both of which they could cover in a Fellowship. They specialize in HoT, giving their allies a small boost in morale over a period of time.

Healing Skills:

  • Epic for the Ages - With critical heals only, any ally within 5 meters is healed
  • Rune of Restoration - Places a rune on the ground to heal any surrounding allies 
  • Mending Verse - Stackable healing on a target for morale every 2 seconds for 10 seconds
  • Essay of Exaltation - Morale bubble on the ground that also gives allies an initial morale boost and additional morale every 3 seconds for 10 seconds
  • Bombastic Inspiration - HoT on an ally every 2 seconds for 8 seconds with a boost of morale when expired
  • Rousing Words - Heals allies within 20 meters for morale every 4 seconds for 20 seconds
  • Nothing Truly Ends - Revives an ally outside of combat with 30% morale and 0% power

What Makes Rune-Keeper An OK Healer:

  • Healing is one of their primary roles
  • The skills are almost all HoT skills, the highest being for 20 seconds
  • The Blue line, Benediction of Peace, is entirely about healing skills
  • There are many skills that build attunement for more powerful healing skills
  • Their revive skill isn’t very powerful

Healing Power Rating: 77/100

2. Beorning

Prepared to change into a bear at any time

The Beorning has a few healing tricks up their sleeves. They are unique as they build up wrath to use their skills, which can also make them a tricky class to use when trying to heal their allies. Their healing skills boost a significant amount of morale.

Healing Skills:

  • Hearten - Man Form, heals allies within 20 meters for initial morale and additional morale every second for 8 seconds
  • Encouraging Roar - Man Form, heals +817 - 908 morale in a single target. With Mark of Grimbeorn activated, heals 76 morale initially, then 101 - 145 morale every 3 seconds for 15 seconds 
  • Rejuvenating Bellow - Bear Form, heals allies within 20 meters for +1361 - 1512 morale
  • Nature’s Mend - Man Form, heals +920 - 1022 morale to a single target 
  • Bear Up - Any Form, revives an ally with 50% morale and 40% power

What Makes Beorning A Good Healer:

  • All healing skills are AoE 
  • There are skills in both Man and Bear forms
  • As these skills use wrath, it takes practice to know when to build up the wrath and how much to build
  • Not many healing skills, but they heal a significant amount of morale

Healing Power Rating: 81/100

1. Minstrel

Using her songs to heal

More than any other class, the Minstrel is the best healing class of the game. With your instruments, you can make songs to help invigorate your allies and help them recover from the morale drain that comes from war.

Healing Skills:

  • Raise the Spirit - Fast boost of morale to an ally
  • Bolster Courage - Large boost of morale to an ally
  • Inspire Fellows - Usable in Melody and Resonance stances, heals morale of allies and decreases incoming ranged, tactical and melee damage by 1%
  • Fellowship’s Heart - Usable in Melody and Resonance stances, HoT within 20 meters every 3 seconds for 20 seconds and removes up to 3 Fear effects 
  • Chord of Salvation - Instant healing of an ally
  • Rally! - In-combat revive for 80% morale and 50% power
  • Improved Enlivening Grace - Revives targeted ally and any other Fellowship members with 50% morale and 0% power
  • Perfect Ending - Significant healing to an ally
  • Triumphant Spirit - Instant healing of allies within 20 meters
  • Legend of Helm - Temporary damage preventing bubble that provides morale within 20 meters when expired
  • Coda of Melody - Melody stance only, AoE damage to foes and AoE healing to allies within 12 meters, also provides +2.5% Partial Block Chance, Partial Parry Chance, and Partial Evade Chance to allies within 30 meters

What Makes the Minstrel A Superior Healer:

  • Healing is the primary role
  • There are both targeted and AoE healing skills available
  • Rally! is the best in-combat revive available from any class
  • Skills are available in different stances and outside of stances
  • Healing skills are available from early in the game, with more powerful skills available at higher levels

Healing Power Rating: 92/100

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