[Top 3] LOTRO Best Armor For Champion

best gear for champion LOTRO
Shall I slash?!

This article will help you decide what to equip on your Champion!

Remmorchant - where all gear is gathered!

Good day to you, fellow Middle-Earthers!

If you want to make your LOTRO endgame Champ show their full potential, we got just the thing for you.

Everything you need for your max-level Champion comes from the Remmorchant Raid in Minas Morgul.

This 12-person instance is not only fun and epic, but the loot is invaluable.

3) The Grim Determination set

Champs are always swingin'

When three pieces are equipped, your champ gets Additional parry and Block stats. When four pieces are on, the ability Sudden Defence gets additional buff, with reduced incoming damage by 10%. As Sudden Defence creates its own defensive bubble that provides additional defense, this improvement is quite meaningful.

Why The Grim Determination set is Great:

  • It adds to the Champion's already impressive defensive utility.

Armor Stats (bullet points):

  • 2 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • +5,068 Might
  • 4 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • Sudden Defense reduces incoming damage by 10%.

2) The Scything Blades Set

Remmorchant looks eerie and awesome and it offers all this great gear...

Remmorchant also offers Yellow Build Champs the appropriate gear, although all three sets have the same appearance. No matter, the stats are the best you can get, each item has 2 Essence slots, providing you room for personal preferences. The Scything Blades set is best suitable for the Yellow Champ build. The Great Cleave ability gets a 30s Cooldown Reduction when 4 pieces of gear are equipped.

Why The Scything Blades is Great:

  • It combines with the Red build gear well, as you can add another two Red build items and get extra Might.

Armor Stats:

  • 2 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • +5,068 Might
  • 4 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • Great Cleave cooldown reduced by 30s.

1) The Endless Duel set

The journey through darkness...

The Red Champ is what it's ultimately all about, and the Endless Duel gear provides you the means to do what Champs were put on Middle-earth to do! Kill stuff.

The cooldown reset chance is the game-changer on this set and that's what makes it the best!

Why Endless Duel set is Great:

  • Stats are improved, Might above all else, and cooldown is reset pretty consistently.

Armor Stats:

  • 2 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • +5,068 Might
  • 4 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • Strike skills have a 10% chance to reset the cooldown of Champion's Duel.

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