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best LOTRO cosmetics
Don't I look stunning?

Looking a certain way can define your character. See if any of these fit your style...

LOTRO is one big fashion show...

Good day to you, fellow Middle-Earthers! Today, I'll be your Middle-Earth Tom Ford, and we'll be discussing cosmetics.

Cosmetic outfits are a huge deal in LOTRO. Players invest a large amount of time and effort into creating a specific image and cosmetic items are an essential element of that.

The good thing about LOTRO is that you can look any way you like, from a classic Tolkien's legendary hero to a pirate, a miner, a monk, take your pick!

As a dedicated role-player, I'll be focusing on the cosmetic outfits that aesthetically fit the Middle-Earth lore. I'll also be covering some non-cosmetic gear that can be used as a cosmetic item because LOTRO has some stunning pieces of gear that you can use for your beloved character.

However, the list can only cover so much, and LOTRO's vast collection of beautiful cosmetic pieces goes far beyond what we can single out here, so be inquisitive and always look for options to make your character appear even more awesome!

10) Enduring Brimmed Hat of Vigour

The Singing Musketeer

There's no Minstrel without a feathered hat and this one is all you need. You can get this item from killing some Rock-troll Brawlers in the North Downs for quests or your own pleasure.

It's easy to get, it's classy, it says something about you. That you can play a tune better than anyone north of Harad.

Also, don't be shy to dye your Mini clothes in purple, lilac, and other merry colors. Minstrels are supposed to make an impression!

And if you're not a Minstrel, but you still want to look like a person of finesse, even better! A brutal warrior who has a sophisticated side to them is even more interesting.

9) Lissuin Robe

If you're into herbology...

The best spring-time robe I've seen in years! This item that you can get at the Spring Festival (for 13 Spring Leaves) creates a certain image for your character.

Whether it is a Lore-master, all into nature and things that grow, or a Champion looking to put on something more light while resting from splitting all those orc skulls, this robe will make you feel like you are a person of culture.

8) Makeshift Ranger Mask

The Ninja

Can you really own a Hunter without this headpiece? Doubt it.

It's sneaky, it's spooky, it's green...

Your Hunter will love it!

It's also easy to get! Just go to the Skirmish camp and find a Cosmetics barterer. Use some of those Marks and Medallions that you've collected from Skirmishes or Epic Battles.

7) Festive Azure Tunic & Trousers + Festive Azure Cloak

Royally blue

You'll get this beautiful combination as a part of the 4-year Giftbox. This is a box that every character gets during the LOTRO Anniversary Celebration if your account is four years old.

It is also followed by a Festive Azure mount if you get your account to a five-year milestone.

Together, these items will make your character appear truly royal!

6) Reveller's Cloak of the Odogil

Black is the new gold. And this one has gold too.

This black and gold cloak will make you feel like a part of the royal court of Numenor.

You can get it during the Anniversary Celebrations for 7 festival tokens.

If you don't want to experiment too much, you can pair it with the matching chest piece at the same NPC barterer (he's called Game-master), along with a matching mount (for 70 Mithril Coins which is a little steep for my taste).

However, this cloak is so beautiful and versatile that you can use it as a part of your own original outfit. This is what I always recommend!

5) Robe of the Written Word

Fits well with Rivendell...

The Moria expansion was revolutionary for the cosmetic market. This Moria item is intended for the tactical classes, as it is Light Armor gear.

However, if you can afford a Shared Wardrobe feat (become a VIP), any one of your characters will be able to wear this.

You'll get it at several barterers in Moria for 4 Medallions of Moria. Just play all Moria instances and you'll have your pockets full of these (you'll want to play them anyway, they're amazing!).

Just look at that robe! Do I have to explain why it's on the list? Even after all these years (and many new and awesome-looking cosmetics have come out), it's not out of style!

4) Moriquen Elf Set

The Samurai

This is a complete set that you can get at Lalia's Market in Bree (a special place dedicated to cosmetics and fancy stuff) for 50 Mithril Coins.

Of all the sets that you can get there, I find this the most beautiful! Shout out to its' creator, Hymne of Cosmetic LOTRO.

The set is inspired by the Moriquendi, the Dark Folk, a group of Elves who in the Elder Days, when Elves first awoke under the stars, refused the offer of the Valar to come and live with them in the light of Valinor, and stayed in the darkness of Middle-Earth. What happened to them later is uncertain.

The gold details are sublime, the warrior, almost samurai style of the chest piece looks epic and it will make your character stand out for sure!

3) Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady's Defence

Even Elessar back there is like "That's fancy!"

The best single-piece of outfit at Lalia's Market in my opinion.

The asymmetry, the engravings, the shape, the color...

These shoulder guards are sublime! Even though they look kind of Elvish, they can shine on any character. I mean, look at that Dwarf!

You can get it at Lalia's Market for 20 Mithril Coins.

2) Cosmetic Mantle of the Gabil’akkâ

A kingly piece...

One of the later additions to the LOTRO's rich cosmetic variety, this one honors the Dwarf fashion and aesthetics and it is beyond fancy!

It has a unique shape around the neck, with a distinguished collar, awesome color, and cool stitches.

Even though it is originally Dwarvish, this item fits any race or class and looks fashionable in any combination.

You'll get it at the Quartermaster (The Gabil'akkâ) barterer for 30 Gabil'akkâ War-marks.

1) Lore-keeper's Armour

Never gets old with that collar.

It has never been surpassed in my opinion, and it probably never will be.

This Mirkwood Lore-master set creates an image of a distinguished, high-class magic wielder that is both wise and powerful.

The shoulders are unique as they guard the body and elevate from the back into a gorgeous collar, the chest piece has the most beautiful stitching on the sleeves, the glove color surprises you, but fits everything else.

This is one of the main reasons why you should acquire the Shared Wardrobe! So that all of your characters can access such elegance!

If you already have a Lore-master, this is a no-brainer. Be careful though! This set has a maximum level, so get it between levels 65 and 75, stick it in your Outfit Slot, and save it there!

As for the acquiring of the set itself, that's fairly easy. If you don't want to deal with getting the special emblems in Dol Guldur, just go to the Classic vendor at the Skirmish Camp. You'll get it for Marks and Medallions.

Before we say goodbye, a couple of tips:

Whenever you come across an item, either from a drop or as a quest reward, always check how it looks by using the ctrl+left mouse button.

LOTRO holds many undiscovered treasures, and unique-looking pieces of gear are all over the place. You can come across something that you can use to build your character's image, and be one of a kind!

Also, use dyes to change how an item looks and pair it with the rest of your gear, save interesting-looking boots and gloves so that you can always combine them with what you find, and most of all... Be creative!

It's what LOTRO is all about.



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