[Top 5] LOTRO Most Fun Classes

LOTRO Most Fun Class
We're all fun if you have the right attitude...

LOTRO is about fighting, surviving, leveling, and stats... but also about having fun and knowing how to relax!

Every class is fun if the party is good enough.

Good day to you, fellow Middle-Earthers! Today, we're answering the question Which LOTRO class awards the most fun to the player?. This is a big deal since LOTRO gameplay isn't only about dealing the most damage or having the best gear. Far from it! 

LOTRO is a story-driven, exploratory game that encourages its' players to enjoy and learn the little quirks of their respective classes.

That being said, this article will focus on classes that give you a fun and enjoyable experience, rather than efficiency and stats.

5) Minstrel

Killing them softly... With her song.

The whole thing just works! A traveling bard, playing an instrument that invigorates their allies and wounds their foes. The lore itself is both original and engaging from the very start. The abilities are fun, dynamic and their visual effects look stunning, so the gameplay is smooth and entertaining. 

Also, the process of clothing your Minstrel is probably the most unique character design in LOTRO. Minstrels usually don't wear plate armor (although you can do whatever you like with your cosmetic design), but their light armor design also diverges from other mage-like classes. 

Minstrels traditionally wear feather hats, dramatic robes, they should always display their instruments, and color their clothes in bright variants. As a Minstrel, your fashion example should probably be Dandelion from the Witcher. How fun is that?!

Why Minstrel is Fun: 

  • Instant-cast spells;
  • A nice synergy of abilities;
  • Unique lore and playstyle;
  • Stunning visual effects;
  • Gorgeous appearance and numerous options for fashion.

Pick Minstrel if:

  • you want to stand out both in gameplay and style!

4) Beorning

His name is Grrrrrrrrant.

The only class that is a race at the same time! 

So, Beornings cannot be Hunters. They're just... Beornings. I kinda like that, these guys don't compromise.

And not only that! They are powerful, fun, and offer unique gameplay mechanics. They can change forms from Bear to Man and back, with each form offering a different approach to the Beorning gameplay. 

Beorning's appearance is scruffy, manacing, charming, and dangerous, all at the same time! You can spend a lot of time having fun deciding how to make your Beorning look like what you want while keeping that Beorning scruffy trademark.

Also, instead of Power, you get Wrath that you fill by fighting. That really motivates you to go full 'Grrrrr' on those mobs, right?

Why Beorning is Fun:

  • Beornings are Men or Women;
  • Beornings are Bears at the same time!

Pick Beorning if:

  • you want to hack and slash to fill your mana bar;
  • you want to hack and slash as a dude;
  • you want to change that and then hack and slash as a Bear a little.

3) Warden

Let's have fun... By killing you.

I swear I don't know if I'll ever make a top list without the Warden in it. I'm just a huge fan of the Warden's ability to casually smite dozens of mobs, while the player retains their pulse at about 60, not breaking a sweat, and jauntily smiling.

Apart from being one of the most efficient classes in LOTRO, Warden is also LOADS of fun!

Going melee, going ranged, going single-target, going AoE, and all of that in a perfect synergy of abilities. It is fun and immensely satisfying to see such a harmony unfurl in front of your eyes.

Why the Warden is Fun:

  • Because Wardens are omnipotent and that's pretty fun if you ask me.

Pick Warden if:

  • you want to kill stuff easily;
  • you want to be relaxed while killing stuff easily;
  • you want to learn about new ways to kill stuff easily while being relaxed.

2) Rune-keeper

Where's that orc that I'm supposed to strike with a bolt of lightning? They always give the wrong location...

Heal, hurt, throw thunder, place stones that buff and heal allies... The diversity of the Rune-keeper is the essence of how fun they are! 

This mage-like class is a true tactician that offers you tons of ways to apply your rune-stone magic.

I find their 'mage-y' academic appearance quite unique and fun. Their weapons are small rune-stones that they carry inside their rune-satchels. So clean, neat, and tidy. 

But what's by far the most fun about this class is the visual effects of their abilities. Things will burn, burst, shine, strike, shake, blast, and smite! And you're going to love every second of it!

Why Rune-keeper is Fun:

  • They're dynamic and make the player use their imagination;
  • They're tactical and strike from a distance while saving their Morale, Power, healing themselves;
  • They look original and use unorthodox weapons;
  • They have one of the best visual effects in LOTRO.

Pick Rune-keeper if:

  • you like a mage;
  • you want lots of abilities.

1) Lore-master

Birds, bees, trees... Everyone loves Lore-masters.

I think they're the most fun! Because you can do so much with the Lore-master. So much!

You like pets? Lore-masters have a multitude of pets that can tank, buff, hurt mobs, and draw attention away from you. You can name them, train them, love them...

You like having a staff like a real wizard? Lore-masters wear staffs and cast insane spells that shake the earth and bend nature to their will.

You think it was really cool that Gandalf got to wear both a staff and a sword? Your Lore-master gets a sword so you get to bash orcs' heads with your staff and then cut them off with your sword, just like the original Middle-Earth wizard.

You want to cover yourself in robes, look all wise and smart like everyone should ask for your advice? Lore-master's appearance is stunning. You'll get a chance to create your authentic wizard. That is beyond fun.

Why Lore-master is Fun:

  • You get to change your approaches to gameplay as you see fit;
  • You control pets;
  • You are a wizard Harry!
  • You look as cool as they come;
  • You get to always learn new things about your class.

Pick Lore-master if:

  • you like mages;
  • you want to have a plethora of abilities;
  • you want to look like you are 7k+ years old and you could own a Balrog in a 1v1.


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