[Top 10] LOTRO Best Mounts And How To Get Them

LOTRO Best Mounts
Can you handle these steeds?

Mounts are a big part of your character's identity and finding your ideal steed is not an easy task. But we're here to help...

"Cool ride bro..."

Good day to you, fellow Middle-Earthers! So, you've come to pick your trusted LOTRO companion that will take you places and make you look princely. You've come to the right place!

Mounts are a huge deal in the Tolkien universe, holding legendary traits, partaking in epic stories, and even changing the history of Middle-Earth! 

It's no wonder that LOTRO players see mounts as an integral part of their character's image, and will go to great lengths (completing tough quests, deeds, and reputation tiers) to acquire a specific mount.

In LOTRO, mounts can grant you +32% (starter mounts, nobody uses them), +62% (regular mounts), and +68% (special meta-deed mounts). This list will contain only +68% mounts as these are faster, rarer, and harder to achieve but also more pretty.

Now that we've handled that, let's dive into the list:

10) Boar of the Three Peaks

The pig of destiny.

One of the latest additions to the LOTRO mount variety is a dwarven boar that looks epic, bulky, dangerous, and silly, all at the same time. I love it! I cannot put it any higher, because I'm not sure if grandpa Tolkien has ever described anyone riding a boar, so I cannot confirm that he would've approved.

This mount is found as a part of the War of Three Peaks Ultimate Fan Bundle.

9) Steed of the Unflagging Dragon

Turin himself wouldn't have said no to this one.

This epic mount that looks like it came from the Silmarillion legends of Middle-Earth is one of the best-looking things in the whole game! Its' armor is flashy, it looks deadly, it can combine with the body armor of heavy classes stunningly. Why isn't it higher? Well, it's ceremonial, meaning, it has only 200 HP instead of the regular 250, making it easier to get beat up, which will get you dismounted faster. I don't like that if I am traveling through a hostile area.

You can get this steed at Will Peartree, a festival trader for Mithril Coins.

8) The Free Peoples' Horse/Pony

Purple is so fashionable.

Hard to get, rare, exotic, gorgeous! This mount screams extravagance and its' purple style screams nobility. 

You'll have to work hard for this one because you have to obtain Glory Rank 12 in PvMP.

7) Goat of Ered Mithrin

Goats are b-e-e-e-e-yond awesome!

Goats are cute, pretty, and useful as they are the only mount that can get you through Moria. Out of all the Goat mounts, I find this 68-er the prettiest. It has a royal blue cover, an armored front, and beautiful Dwarvish decorations. It's a great celebration of Dwarvish culture and aesthetics. It's also quite hard to obtain.

You can get it either as a drop from the Adventurer's Steel-bound Lootbox or as a barter for 5000 Figments of Splendour (that is a lot of Figments of Splendour).

6) Rescued Steed of Agarnaith

This one looks like you stole it from a Nazgul.

It's a perfect combination of elegant and spooky. This Mordor deed mount offers you your chance at standing out from the crowd while being fast and agile.

You can get this mount by completing the Deeds of Gorgoroth deed.

5) Steed of Rivendell

A horse for the selected few.

Look at that! It has a design like no other, it's colored in an Indian Ocean kind of blue, and it's covered in a kingly Elvish robe. This is an endgame mount, for characters that want the flashiest appearances possible! 

Unfortunately, you can only obtain this mount from the LOTRO store for 1995 LOTRO points.

4) Prized Isengard Great-horse/pony

Numenorean kind of fancy...

As with everything that comes from Isengard in LOTRO, this item feels rare, exotic, and appropriate only for the chosen few. It's in the ancient Numenorean black and gold, with a plated neck. You'll have to work hard in the Isengard instances to get enough currency for this mount, making the reward even sweeter.

You obtain this mount by trading 99 Orthanc Sigil-fragments with a barterer Gwion for it.

3) Obsidian Steed

I am Super-steed!

This masterpiece of a horse is uniquely decorated to let anyone who passes you by know that you are not a casual player of LOTRO. By owning this beauty, you will convey that you are a long-time member and you care and invest in your character's image. 

This extravagance is sadly not for those with a shallow pocket. You can only get it at the LOTRO store for 1995 LOTRO points.

2) Steed of Winter's Light

Santa's little helpers...

If Santa ever joins the forces of Good in fighting Sauron, this will be a mount of his choice. I guarantee it! 

What's amazing about this winter mount is that it brings the Christmas vibes into the LOTRO gameplay and community while never breaking the players' immersion within the Middle-Earth lore. It really is a mount of both worlds.

You can get this steed from Alex Grey at Winter-home in Frostbluff or Will Peartree at Hengstacer Farm. This item is only available during the Yule Festival.

1) Elk of Felegoth's Glory

Elegance with antlers...

All of this 'what's more beautiful' talk is individual. And you can't argue about taste, right? But I can bet that there aren't many LOTRO players that wouldn't put this one in their top 5.

Elks are one of LOTRO's prettiest creations. They convey elegance, earthiness, and the forest-loving nature of Elves.

But, regardless of your character's race, you'll find this mount enchanting. The designers have outdone themselves on this one, for sure.

You can get this mount from the Steeds of the Tireless Box, Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootboxes, or for 2500 Figments of Splendour as a barter.


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