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best captain gear in LOTRO
The Honorable Cappy

Choosing the right gear for your Captain can be a bit of a struggle... Maybe this will help!

Remmorchant - the ultimate gear factory!

Good day to you, fellow Middle-Earthers!

Today, we'll be doing a short guide through the Cap endgame gear! Captain can execute the roles of a tank, a healer, and a DPS, depending on what the group needs, and in the endgame, the red and yellow builds are the most demanded roles.

The blue build (healing role) isn't used as much in the endgame lately, as there are more potent healer classes out there, but we'll cover a healer's build for players that really want a healer Cappy.

These sets of gear will make your max-level Captain competitive on the raid playground:

3) Armour of Unassailable Valour

Beating T2 raid is going to provide your Captain with all the needed armor pieces.

The set comes from the Remmorchant T2 instance and will provide the best stats for your Blue build Cappy aka - The Healer!

Make sure you use four gear pieces for the skill stat bonus because that's what it's all about.

Why Unassailable Valour is Great:

  • Apart from providing the skill stat bonus, the gear provides some healer-friendly stats such as Outgoing Healing and Critical Rating'
  • It combines well with the other 130 pieces as long as you make sure to keep for of these babies.

Armor Stats:

  • 2 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • +5,068 Might
  • 4 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • Increase Valiant Strike healing by 20%.

2) The Heroic Challenge Set

The set is not only boosting your stats but your mirror view as well...

The Tank build from the Remmorchant T2 utilizes the Cap's yellow branch with the Last Stand skill Cooldown Reduction. As with the previous one, make sure you use four pieces of this set. You can always add two pieces from the previous set for the Might bonus, it always comes in handy. The ability to use the Last Stand skill every two minutes (the cooldown also gets reduced whenever the player is critically hit, which adds to the bonus further), will make your tank Cappy more durable, as the skill can heal you immensely when you're in a tight spot.

Why Heroic Challenge is Great:

  • It makes the tank more durable and increases their ability to last through difficult altercations;
  • The stat bonuses of the set make your Cappy a walkingHumvee.

Armor Stats:

  • 2 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • +5,068 Might
  • 4 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • -25% Last Stand Cooldown

1) Deafening Valour Set

Minas Morgul offers players an abundance of content, including Remmorchant raid.

The Red build is the most appealing to players and Cappies are still utilized as slashers because they can combine their versatile approach with their capacity to draw blood. Lots of blood.

The Deafening Valour is a Remmorchant T2 set (as are all, this is literally THEinstance to play right now) that provides the DPS bonus to the player, reducing the Battle-shout ability cooldown by 5 seconds.

You should also complete the set with two pieces from one of the two previous sets for a Might Bonus.

Why Deafening Valour is Great:

  • The Battle-shout skill increases both Melee and Tactical damage, making your slasher Cappy more potent, and its cooldown timer is very important for hard raids and instances;
  • The bonuses of this set increase all the necessary stats for a DPS - Critical and Physical Mastery Rating, Finesse, Might, and Vitality.

Armor Stats:

2 Different Set Items Equipped:

+5,068 Might

4 Different Set Items Equipped:

-5 Battleshout Cooldown modifier

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