LOTRO Best House Decorations: 10 Great Ideas

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Home is where the heart is!

Create a unique home in LOTRO, following a set of simple instructions that will help you be unique!

Your home can look like this! 

Good day to you, fellow Middle-Earthers! It's time to make your place of rest and comfort in Middle-earth shine with splendor and originality!

Housing is one of the most immersive and compelling features in LOTRO.

For those of us that always wanted to really have our own place in Tolkien's world, feel like a citizen of this vast land of wonder, this was a dream come true! This magnificent game allows you to really feel like you have walked, seen, and breathed your childhood dream and have your own house in one of the beautiful homesteads of Middle-earth.

If you want your house to feel natural, immersive, while reflecting the image of your character at the same time, we have some tips for you.

10) Choose the right homestead!

Every homestead has its unique beauty.

Choosing a homestead is step one to defining the essence of your character!

There are several homesteads that LOTRO offers, and more options are being added as time goes on, which is a great move by the game developers!

You'll be able to choose a Hobbit house in the Shire homesteads, a Man house in Bree, an Elf house in Falathorn, or a Dwarf house in Ered Luin as a part of a Standard housing feature. You can only have one homestead in the Standard variant, so choose carefully!

A Hobbit's house screams warmth and comfort and good food. If you want to feel cuddled up, this is the right choice for you.

Dwarven houses have beautiful stonework and the homestead is within an actual cave. You'll walk through the glittering halls beneath the shiny lamps and admire the craftsmanship of Dwarves.

Bree houses reflect the simple country life. If you want your house and yard to resemble a British countryside cottage, you'll be happy in Bree.

Elves are the epitome of elegance! The architecture, the surrounding vegetation, the landscape - everything in Falathorn is delicate and gentle.

Every choice has its' perks, and bear in mind, your character's race does not define which house you ought to buy.

Want to be an Elf, living in a Hobbit house? Why not! Maybe you befriended the Hobbits while exploring the Middle-earth one last time before your journey to the sea and you decided to live with them for a while and carry that happy memory to the Undying Lands! There's no limit to how creative you can be when telling your character's story, so go nuts!

Also, if you want to be a real big shot and have multiple houses, you can do that with the Premium housing feature that lets you have multiple houses in Rohan and Gondor (the Cape of Belfalas). These neighborhoods look stunning and if you want to stand out, you should check them out!

9) Get a deluxe house!

A fancy Elf home!

Open up your pockets! Paying the upkeep is no sweat nowadays when gold is very easy to obtain and deluxe houses offer more decoration hooks and a real chance to define your style.

8) Don't pile up!

Items look way more pretty when put carefully...

Now that we've decided which house we like, it's time to make it look pretty and reflect who your character is!

You are hardly going to achieve that by just piling up trophies, chairs, and troll heads hanging from the wall without any order or idea.

I mean, if that's your thing, I won't object, but I bet that the same items can look entirely different if you arrange them properly like you would any house:

  • try and set chairs with tables, not randomly everywhere (I've seen this way too many times);
  • set trophies and statues either at the center of a composition or by the wall (depending on what you want with the item);
  • avoid piling up bug heads, troll skulls, and armors of bosses all on the same wall - it will be less impressive and not stand out;
  • place items so that there is enough room to walk around and create enough distance so that every decoration is visible.

7) Create a theme for every room!

All the glowy things...

It's much better to have items in different rooms organized as a whole concept.

You like maps? - a map room with bookshelves, tables with papers, map tables, maps on the walls, and everything that a cartographer would like to use in their research.

You are a crafter of a certain vocation? - crafting rooms can be made with the crafting stations that you can obtain at the LOTRO store, combined with fitting items.

You like to gather trophies of your many victories? - you can arrange a trophy room of every animal you've stuffed, and every rare fish you've mounted on your wall.

You like rare and miscellaneous items? - an artifact room with glowing gems, magical orbs, and rare books would look exotic and exciting.

You get the gist, everything looks more immersive and real if you organize it by theme so that you can have your dining room, bedroom, a room for chilling, etc.

6) Explore items!

Some amazing items are actually the easiest to get, Skirmish Camp, or even Furniture Vendors...

Check Furnishers, Reputation vendors (especially Lothlorien, Rivendell, Evendim, Shire, Forochel, all of Rohan and Gondor factions - you'll be blow away), Skirmish Camp vendors, do Festivals (amazing rare and great looking items await as a reward), complete deeds, and check the Auction House. There's no room for regret when you spend your money on a beautiful housing decoration.

5) Save up beautiful and rare bound items!

There's no way you're throwing away the Swan Fountain...

You probably won't get another chance to own a precious item, especially if it's a quest reward, so save those, you may find a use for them later.

The urge to redecorate the house may come more often than you think and it's good to have cool stuff at your disposal!

4) Hunt for Roving Threats!

Tapestry of the Nine... Creepy.

What do landscape boss monsters have to do with decorating your house, you may ask.

Well, the currency that you get for hunting these big beasties of Middle-earth (Gift-giver's Brands) is going to buy you the most beautiful and exotic tapestries that show significant events in Middle-earth history, some of which are both epic and eerie.

3) Combine items of different factions!

Style is about diversity...

Versatility and imagination are a good thing! Not everything has to be made by Elves or Hobbits or Men of Rohan exclusively. Use your imagination, play a little LOTRO Sims. It will make you happy!

2) Be persistent!

Saruman's rings... Not the easiest decoration to obtain, but well worth it!

Some items are going to be hard to obtain. You'll have to complete a hard instance, gather a big pile of gold or currency, or grind for reputation...

Believe me, it's worth it!

Sometimes, having a rare piece of furniture is just as satisfying as having the best gear there is! 

1) Immerse yourself, enjoy, relax, and invite others into your home!

Home is about comfort...

I used to make pipe-weed and ale tasting parties at my house for my kinnies. I spent hours chatting and laughing with them and those are some of the most precious memories of LOTRO. Not obtaining the best gear or having the best stats, but spending time with people that love Tolkien as much as I do.

That's the point of it all!

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