LOTRO Best Virtues for Every Class

LOTRO Best Virtue
Choose your Virtues carefully

Virtues give you the extra stats you need to win.

Virtues do more than make your character virtuous. Depending on what you want your character to specialize in during endgame raiding (tanking, healing, DPS, etc), you’ll want to focus your efforts on a few select virtues and get them fully leveled. These Virtue skills increase stats, like Vitality, Physical Mitigation, and Incoming Healing Rating, to give you an initial boost for efficient efforts in raids. You can additionally boost these stats with your armor, weapons, and accessories. 

Altogether, if you purchase all slots, you can have up to 5 Virtues at any given time. Many have a 6th or 7th they keep on standby for select raids to swap out as needed. Below is the best Virtue you should always consider for each class.

1. Beorning

Might is the best stat for a Beorning

There are tons of stats that are useful to a Beorning, especially in raids. More than anything else, this class focuses on Might to increase damage and healing. Mitigations, both physical and tactical, are also useful stats to increase for higher damage. One more stat to keep in mind is Finesse, which aids in blocking and parrying while lowering enemy defenses.

Best Virtue for Beorning: Zeal

  • The main stat increase is on Might, which increases parry and block chances along with physical and tactical mastery.
  • Physical Mastery and Critical Rating increases damage output to make your character much more dangerous.  
  • Ideal for any class who plans to tank in raids
  • Is also useful in solo questing for the increased damage output

Virtue Details at Rank 60:

  • +775 Might
  • +5337 Physical Mastery 
  • +2372 Critical 
  • A passive bonus of +1067 Physical and Tactical Mastery

2. Burglar

The higher the Mitigations, the better your Burglar will be

Arguably, Critical Rating, Resistance, Mitigations, and Morale are the most important stats to a Burglar. In terms of raiding, Mitigations, Resistance, and Morale are the most important stats. They will not only keep you alive longer, but give you a much better chance in creating successful Fellowship Maneuvers.

Best Virtue for Burglar: Innocence/Tolerance

  • The Mitigations and Resistance are key stats to increase. 
  • Reducing any incoming attack damage and a chance for debuffs will keep your character alive longer and give your Fellowship a better chance for Maneuvers.
  • Innocence and Tolerance have the exact same stat increases

Virtue Details at Rank 60:

  • +7792 Physical Mitigation
  • +4651 Resistance 
  • +2338 Tactical Mitigation
  • A passive bonus of +465 Maximum Morale

3. Captain

Captains can fill any open spot in a Fellowship

With their unique ability to take on nearly any role in a Fellowship, the Captain has a lot of wiggle room when it comes to the best Virtues. As you’ll be likely doing lots of fighting, Might, Critical Rating, and both Physical and Tactical Mitigations are ideal, along with boosting Maximum Morale and Vitality. Resistance can also be a helpful stat but is more useful when questing.

Best Virtue for Captain: Valour

  • Perfect for increasing outgoing damage levels. 
  • Physical and Tactical Mastery makes your attacks more powerful
  • Critical hit chance is increased 
  • Higher Finesse gives your character a better chance of evading or parrying an attack.

Virtue Details at Rank 60:

  • +10673 Physical Mastery 
  • +3953 Finesse 
  • +2372 Critical 
  • A passive bonus of +1067 Physical and Tactical Mastery

4. Champion

Every Champion is a master of AoE attacks

Champions are the masters of AoE damage, so they need a good base to attack from. As they are a close-combat class, you’ll need plenty of Mitigations and increased damage to defeat your enemies. Any and all extra Morale is also a huge help in raids. 

Best Virtue for Champion: Fidelity 

  • For Champions, every 1 point of Vitality is equal to 4.5 points in Morale, meaning you’ll have +2643 in Morale 
  • Tactical Mitigation reduces incoming non-physical damage, like fire, acid, frost, lightning, and shadow
  • Physical Mitigation reduces incoming physical damage 

Virtue Details at Rank 60:

  • +7792 Tactical Mitigation
  • +484 Vitality
  • +2338 Physical Mitigation
  • A passive bonus of +465 Maximum Morale

5. Guardian

The strongest Guardians have tons of morale

 You’ll always be the tank as a Guardian, no questions asked. With that, Mitigations, Morale, and Might are the most useful stats to focus on. Might will give you damage and healing, Mitigations will lower incoming damage, and any Vitality and Maximum Morale will push your health higher. Using a 1-handed weapon and shield along with these Virtues will make you able to go against the strongest enemies. 

Best Virtue for Guardian: Honour

  • A huge boost to Morale designed to keep tanks in action
  • Critical Defense helps reduce the damage done by critical hits 
  • Tactical Mitigation specifically limits the damage by non-physical attacks, such as fire or lightning

Virtue Details at Rank 60:

  • +3100 Maximum Morale
  • +3896 Tactical Mitigation
  • +2790 Critical Defense
  • A passive bonus of +465 Maximum Morale.

6. Hunter

Agility is the best stat for a Hunter

Hunters need Agility above any other stat, which directly increases your evade and parry abilities, your critical hit chance, and your ranged weapon damage. As a Hunter primarily uses a bow, Agility helps make the bow’s attack much more deadly. Having increased Resistance along with the high damage will make you very effective during endgame raids.

Best Virtue for Hunter: Determination

  • Agility is the first bonus with this Virtue, increasing your evasion and parrying abilities and your damage output
  • Physical and Tactical Mastery revs up your damage for more powerful attacks
  • Extra  critical hit potential allows for a higher possibility of a successful critical hit

Virtue Details at Rank 60:

  • +775 Agility
  • +5337 Physical Mastery
  • +2372 Critical
  • A passive bonus of +1067 Physical and Tactical Mastery Rating

7. Lore-Master

A Lore-Master is strongest with strong Physical and Tactical Mitigations

Survivability is one of the Lore-Master’s greatest faults. As a “squishy” class, you want to stay further away from your enemies.  When that isn’t possible, Mitigations will be the key to keeping you alive. They will reduce the damage you can potentially take and make it much easier to survive during some of the hardest raids.

Best Virtue for Lore-Master: Innocence

  • Physical and Tactical Mitigations work to reduce incoming damage, perfect for a lower morale class
  • Debuffs can be stopped with a higher Resistance rating, which this Virtue has
  • A small increase in Maximum Morale helps keep you alive longer

Virtue Details at Rank 60:

  • +7792 Physical Mitigation
  • +4651 Resistance 
  • +2338 Tactical Mitigation
  • A passive bonus of +465 Maximum Morale. 

8. Minstrel

Music produced by a Minstrel has powerful healing abilities

As the healer, the Minstrel has to focus on keeping their healing potent. Will is generally a sought-after stat as it helps defend against Tactical damage, increases your Maximum Power and Resistance levels, and, for Minstrels specifically, gives more Outgoing Healing and weapon damage. Fate is also a good stat to increase, with the increased Tactical damage and In-Combat Power and Morale Regeneration. 

Best Virtue for Minstrel: Honesty

  • Increases Tactical damage through both healing and your weapon
  • Additional increase in the possibility of Critical hits also work for healing and weapon damage
  • Will is also included to increase Maximum Power, used heavily by Minstrels
  • Outgoing Healing and weapon damage are also increased with the included Will

Virtue Details at Rank 60:

  • +10673 Tactical 
  • +387 Will
  • +2372 Critical 
  • A passive bonus of +1067 Physical and Tactical Mastery

9. Rune-Keeper

Rune-Keepers deal out heavy damage, but need the mitigations to protect themselves

As a damage-heavy magic user, the Rune-Keeper will focus on either DPS or healing in raids. Defense through Mitigations and Resistance will keep any incoming damage low, allowing you to focus on healing your Fellowship or taking down your enemies with fire. Will is also a great stat to increase to keep your Tactical damage and healing skills high. 

Best Virtue for Rune-Keeper: Compassion

  • Increased Armour provides extra protection 
  • Physical and Tactical Mitigations are needed to keep any incoming damage levels low, especially helpful when playing a supporting role
  • Small bonus in Morale 

Virtue Details at Rank 60:

  • +7792 Physical Mitigation
  • +3896 Tactical Mitigation
  • +1860 Armor 
  • A passive bonus of +465 Maximum Morale

10. Warden

The cold weather of Forochel is nothing to a Warden with high morale

Wardens are powerhouses and incredibly capable tanks. However, they have a bit of a weakness to Tactical damage, something that would be helped with Tactical Mitigation.  As a tank, you’ll need to have the Morale and Physical Mitigations to keep your strength up and stay in the fight. Agility can also be a useful stat, giving you increased Tactical damage and healing.

Best Virtue for Warden: Honour

  • Tactical Mitigation to help reduce the weakness towards tactical damage
  • A total of +3565 Maximum Morale 
  • Extra defense against Critical hits to keep you in the fight longer
  • Consider looking at the Fidelity Virtue as well for even more Tactical Mitigation

Virtue Details at Rank 60:

  • +3100 Maximum Morale
  • +3896 Tactical Mitigation
  • +2790 Critical Defense
  • A passive bonus of +465 Maximum Morale.

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