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Finding the right gear for your role is always a challenge. Here's how to make your Warden shine!

As with all classes, Remmorchant is the place for your endgame gear

Good day to you, fellow Middle-Earthers! Today we'll be gearing up our Wardens, so get ready!

As with all other classes, the Remmorchant raid has offered Wardens the best endgame stats players could want.

Wardens of all specializations are going to love what the ultimate get-my-gear instance is providing!

So without further ado, let's just into the list:

3) Armour of Deadly Perception

The big bad spider

The Yellow Line set isn't the most popular, since Wardens are needed in other roles, but if you wish to experience every aspect of this diverse class, it will give you immense pleasure.

The armor provides your Warden with the Ranged Damage bonus if you've equipped four items from the gear set. Be sure to implement two items from one of the other two sets (blue or red) to get the Agility bonus!

Why Armor of Deadly Perception is Great:

  • It's the best build for Yellow Line Wardens;
  • Apart from boosting the unique specialization features of the class, it provides the player with all the necessary Warden stats - Agility, Vitality, Physical Mastery, Finesse Rating, and even Fate (which is always useful).

Armor Stats:

  • 2 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • +5,068 Agility
  • 4 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • +10% Ranged Damage

2) Stalwart Glory Set

The Fall of Khazad Dum is also a raid to look into for specific gear pieces...

The Blue specialized Warden is the Tank spec. Wardens are less often used as tanks nowadays, but it's definitely still a pleasure to jump into a crowd of enemies, draw their attention, and drop them one by one while withstanding awesome amounts of damage.

The best Warden tank is built using the Stalwart Glory set from the Remmorchant Raid.

The set offers all the fine tanky stats we all know and love - Incoming Healing, Mitigations, without disregarding the Critical Rating and Finesse.

Equip four pieces of this set and you'll get the Never Surrender ability Mitigation bonus set to 5%. This is huge, as it boosts your sustainability immensely.

After you've equipped four pieces of this set (usually shoulders, helm, chest, and legs), you don't need any more Agility for your tank. A better alternative for the Blue Build is to complete the set with the Agile Defender of Khazad-dûm set (boots, cloak, and bracers) that you can get in The Fall of Khazad-dûm raid.

This set will boost your Warden's mitigations even further, making him more tanky, more sustainable, and more renegade!

Why Stalwart Glory is Great:

  • It will round up your tanky stats perfectly, giving you a beautiful balance of offense and defense, which Wardens always need.

Armor Stats:

  • 2 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • +5,068 Agility
  • 4 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • Sets Never Surrender Mitigation Bonus to 5%

1) Adroit Manoeuvre Set

Warden gear is always cool-looking, but this one really looks astonishing...

The Red Build Remmorchant gear is the best Warden gear out there right now, and Wardens are now best utilized as primary damage dealers!

The armor completely orients your Warden towards DPS, boosting Critical and Finesse Ratings, Physical Mastery Rating, and Fate, making your Warden a spear-waving killing machine!

Four pieces of this gear significantly reduce all Mastery skills Cooldowns which means that you can use a Mastery skill every 10 seconds.

Complete that with two Yellow or Blue Build pieces for even more Agility and you're set to go!

Why Adroit Manoeuvre is Great:

  • Everything you've ever wanted from your DPS Warden is combined in this amazing gear set.

Armor Stats:

  • 2 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • +5,068 Agility
  • 4 Different Set Items Equipped:
  • -5 Cooldown on all Mastery skills.

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