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Exploring the LOTRO content takes a lot of time and causes a lot of joy! Some of the stories are unforgettable!

Every story has its final encounter...

Good day to you, fellow Middle-Earthers! Today, we're celebrating the richness of the LOTRO lore manifested through the plethora of fun, immersive, and exciting quests and questlines! Or, at least, we're attempting to, as LOTRO has such a vast variety of epic, nail-biting stories that it would probably take 10 of these lists to cover them all.

Nevertheless, we'll single out some questlines that future players would want to look into, while current players always go back to and remember fondly.

However, there's no chance that a list like this can fully cover the genius of the 14-year-old MMO masterpiece.

These are only some of the quests that stuck to our memory...and hearts. Feel free to add it to your own collection of must-do quest chains:

5) The Shire quests

A place of happiness

There's a reason why these quests bring laughter, joy, and a sense of fondness to players. A great part of both The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring takes place in the Shire. In these books, grandpa Tolkien goes to great lengths to vivify the goofy but mysterious race of Hobbits, their way of life, the idyllic countryside that is the Shire, and the balance with nature that such life possesses.

Many fans of the LOTR franchise will agree that of all the magical and beautiful places in Middle-earth, they would pick the Shire as a place to live in.

And with LOTRO...they get to.

All the petty squabbles of nosy Hobbits, all the little goofy problems of their everyday life, picking apples, delivering presents and letters to others, doing petty but silly chores for Lobelia Sackville-Baggins...it all brings to life the innocent and care-free life we've read so much about or watched at the beginning of the beloved trilogy.

Why Shire Quests Are Great:

  • They are a perfect intro for newcomers to LOTRO;
  • They are silly and fun;
  • They perfectly match the tone of books and movies;

4) The Blade That Was Broken

Lady of the Lake...

One of the many examples of the ability of the LOTRO dev team to introduce original content that perfectly explains existing lore. This questline is about the Silithair, imaginary adamants that were used to forge Narsil, the sword that cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand.

Now, Aragorn seeks to reforge the sword in order to begin his quest to aid Frodo and return to the throne of Gondor.

To do that, he needs another Silithair. That's where the player comes in!

They need to win over the favor of Gwindeth, The Blue Lady of lake Evendim, and the guardian of the Silithair stone in order to acquire it. Aragorn himself tried to, but he was young and vane and the lady denied him.

The player will go through an epic story that deepens the character of Aragorn, builds on the existing lore of J.R.R. Tolkien, and uses the gorgeous landscape of Evendim to tell a beautiful tale.

Why Silithair Quests Are Great:

  • They are epic and meaningful;
  • They expand the character of Aragorn;
  • They let the player play an important role in the reforging of Anduril and aiding the Fellowship of the Ring.

3) The Ballad of Bingo Boffin

Bingo and friends...

The Bingo Boffin quests start off as a typical Hobbit story - full of silly tasks and goofy dialogue, but it transcends that and becomes a real exciting Hobbit-like adventure.

The questline is long, has a fun arc, and introduces new and exciting characters, such as Willem Whiskers and Spalvi, a Dourhand Dwarf who's had a change of heart!

The questline is beyond charming and immersive, and the barter rewards are pets, cosmetics, and housing decorations that will blow you away!

Why Bingo Quests Are Great:

  • They are fun and immersive;
  • You can always come back to them when you want some light-toned fun;
  • They offer amazing quest rewards!

2) Thinglad Quests

The Tragedy of Wynmar and Noriel

This questline is an intro to the Great River and Stangard areas. But it becomes so much more than that...

The story revolves around a man, Wynmar, and an elf, Noriel, and their tragic love.

Wynmar meets Noriel and falls in love with her, expressing it through the most charming RPG dialogue anyone could hope to write.

The resolution of the quest chain is tragic and bittersweet, and the love story of Wynmar and Noriel sticks with the player long after they've finished the Thinglad story.

Why Thinglad Quests Are Great:

  • It's some of the best writing RPGs have offered;
  • The quests are meaningful and the characters are rich;
  • The ending of the story depicts Tolkien's tragic approach to love in an impressive manner.

1) Epics - Volume I

The greatest story of LOTRO

The original epic story remains the most exciting, plot-driven, surprising, and tragic to this day.

Even though many new stories have been created in the coming years, nothing still surpasses Volume I.

It's a tale of the North's struggle to resist the armies of evil while the Fellowship is traveling south.

It has its own heroes and villains, its own history and lore that's perfectly intertwined with the existing lore of Middle-earth.

The main villain, Mordirith, is beyond scary, while the heroes of good are both courageous, admirable, but flawed at the same time.

The player identifies with them, understands their struggles, admires their persistence, and mourns their losses.

It's truly a tale worthy of any RPG, and all gamers that are looking for more than just good graphics should turn to LOTRO for some meaningful content.

Why Volume I Quests Are Great:

  • They're the best-written quests you can find in an MMO;
  • They have extraordinary characters, events, and plot twists;
  • The ending is unforgettable.

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