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Finding a fellowship is easier if your character's class is in high demand. Maybe choosing one of these will get you a raid quicker...

The big bad crew...

Good day to you, fellow Middle-Earthers! If you're looking for a class that's going to be a luxury in any fellowship or raid in LOTRO, we've got a list for you.

Since fellowing is a huge aspect of the game, and you probably don't want to feel like you're missing out, these classes are going to help you stay relevant in the endgame.

Word of caution though! Classes get changed, some get nerfed while others get powered-up, more often than you would think. And these changes are not always tiny little tweaks, but quite significant, gameplay-changing re-designs of a class.

So this list may not be forever, but we'll do our best to help.

5) Warden

Who wouldn't want one of these by their side?

As a swiss-army-knife kind of class, you can always rely on a Warden to be helpful, whatever role you want them to have. They are becoming less and less of a tank and they've been taking hybrid roles of DPS and support(ish) in fellowships and raids.

Their sustainability, however, is far from low, while their damage output remains reliable.

There is little Warden cannot do, and no fellowship that wouldn't accept them.

Why Warden is Needed:

  • Wardens are reliable whichever role they are designated to;
  • Wardens fit into any fellowship configuration, no matter what the other present members' roles are;
  • Wardens are endgame beasts and should never be overlooked.

Pick Warden if:

  • you want to play a dynamic and complex class with multiple roles.

4) Hunter

Arrows... Arrows everywhere...

A staple ranged DPS class that helps any raid achieve whatever goal they've assembled for.

Hunter's damage potential is vast, they buff the movement speed of other fellowship members and are sleek and full of tricks which makes them surprisingly resilient.

You can always expect that a fellowship that has a hunter (or two) will deal with a pesky boss at the end of an instance easier and with fewer setbacks.

Why Hunter is Needed:

  • Ranged damage is always welcome, it increases the speed and the efficiency with which mobs are removed, side quests (in Epic Battles) are finished, and various milestones of an instance achieved.
  • Hunters are fast when killing single-target foes, they contribute to the overall flow of the team, and are fun to play next to.

Pick Hunter if:

  • you want to take a pivotal DPS role in a group;
  • you want to focus on the battle from a greater distance;

3) Champion

That sword is so sharp, it cut through her chainmail...

A staple melee damage choice that has the lowest chance of being significantly nerfed or changed. The simplicity of the Champion is the essence of their allure. Until a couple of days ago, this spot would've probably been given to the Captain, but the class has been visibly nerfed, especially in the context of group play. Therefore, the good old Champion remains a stable solution.

Their damage is huge, their Morale close to unbreakable, so Champs remain one of the main options for the get-aggro-and-cut-everything kind of dude.

That makes them a rock star in a fellowship with little chances of that ever changing.

Why Champion is Needed:

  • High damage output;
  • High sustain.

Pick Champion if:

  • you want to be a primary damage dealer while remaining sufficient as a tanky role;
  • you like focusing on mobs rather than allies;

2) Minstrel

It's not a good party if there's no music... right?

If your fellowship or raid needs a healer, and let's face it, it does, look no further. The purest healer of all classes, nothing surpasses a Minstrel when it comes to keeping others alive, well, buffed, and secured for coming battles.

The popular Mini has everything - abilities, gear, stats, legendary item legacies, virtue, and class traits... All of that specialized for one purpose and one purpose only - keeping that green bar green and full for every member of the fellowship.

They are also in high demand since not everyone is interested in playing the support/healing role. Let's be honest, we all want to swing swords, fire arrows, and steal the show when it comes to engaging in group activities.

But Minstrels... You're the real MVP.

Why Minstrel is Needed:

  • You can kill as many orcs as you want, but if you don't stay alive, the loot is going to remain in some dusty old chest. You need Minstrels to stay alive.
  • Minstrels have the biggest diversity of healing skills that enable them to heal multiple allies, shield them, heal them over time, heal them while buffing them, heal them while debuffing mobs, heal them instantly, or by channeling abilities, heal friends while damaging foes. That is a lot.

Pick Minstrel if:

  • you love healing and supporting in group activities;
  • you want to commit to being tactical and follow game plans, arrangements, and movement of your teammates;
  • you like focusing on allies rather than partaking in battles.

1) Guardian

Guardians are not easily scared away... Not even from spooky places like this one.

No reason to try and bea smarty pants. Just choose a classic, staple tank with all the qualities of a good team player, and that will reward your group immensely. The Guardian has everything you need to increase the overall sustain of the group and its defensive capacities.

Their damage capacity is not to be underestimated either. Not only will the Guardian shield your light squishy healers and mages, but they will contribute to the overall damage output of the group and help you remove any obstacle swiftly and efficiently.

The Guardian, being a solid rock that he is, is a foundation of any fellowship or raid that wants to face a serious challenge.

Why Guardian is Needed:

  • No matter how much any MMO gameplay evolves, tanking is a pivotal role in any group content and it will remain that way.
  • Guardian is simple to use, and players will find it relatively easy to meet the expectations of their fellow teammates.
  • When playing a guardian with such high sustain, playing group content becomes enjoyable and relaxing, with players having time to think and react properly.

Pick the Guardian if:

  • you want to play tank classes;
  • you like doing aggro-pulling maneuvers in multiplayer combat;
  • you want to protect other teammates from mob damage.


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