[Top 5] LOTRO Best AoE Classes

LOTRO Best AoE Class
Is this fire AoE enough?

AoE damage makes you tough against multiple opponents. See which classes will get you the most AoE...

Don't you imagine dropping an AoE bomb on all of these orcs and watching them burn...?

Good day to you, fellow Middle-Earthers! In this article, we'll discuss the best classes for dealing AoE damage or, as you might know, area-of-effect damage in LOTRO.  AoE means that instead of a single target, your abilities hurt multiple opponents. This comes in handy, especially in solo circumstances, where you want to hurt multiple mobs that come after you, which are in some LOTRO areas swarming the field, making it impossible for you to fight mobs one by one. 

That being said, AoE damage is an important aspect of combat in LOTRO, and these classes will provide you with the most AoE abilities:

5) Minstrel

Don't let the harp fool you... Minstrels are badass!

Minstrel is not the primary damage dealing class. Not by a long shot! If you join a raid as a Minstrel (or commonly known as a Mini), you can be almost certain that you'll be expected to heal and support others. However, that doesn't mean that their damage capacity is insignificant. Far from it! Minis with the red specialization have multiple instant cast abilities with enough light damage to help them through all solo endeavors. 

Most of these abilities called Cries and Calls are AoE. Each Cry and Call hurts multiple mobs that are in a defined area. Additionally, each Cry and Call either buffs you or debuffs your opponents. 

Combined with single-target abilities like ballads and codas, these abilities give Minstrels all the versatility they need, from switching to sniping single opponents to flooding multiple mobs. 

However, even though a Minstrel has a significant AoE potential, we simply cannot put a primary healing class any higher than number 5.

Why Minstrel is Great for AoE:

  • Enough AoE skills that deal enough damage to combat a greater number of enemies;
  • All AoE skills are instant-cast;
  • The AoE DPS is paired with multiple healing abilities for more sustain while fighting a wave of mobs.

Pick Minstrel if:

  • you want to hurt multiple mobs while remaining a primary healer;
  • you don't like channeling abilities.

4) Guardian

Fear the armored pig...

Even though you wouldn't expect it from a tank, the yellow specialization Guardian is actually an AoE monster! 

There's plenty of options to spread damage across the battlefield. It's a pretty close-ranged AoE damage but combined with the Guardian's durability, it's perfectly capable of sustaining a high number of mobs at the same time, hurting them all at once. 

Still, compared to some primary DPS classes, the Guardian isn't as effective as an AoE damager, which is perfectly natural.

Why Guardian is Great for AoE:

  • Their AoE is paired with heavy armor and high sustain;
  • Fighting multiple mobs is easier and safer;
  • Guardians can afford to draw tons of mobs to themselves and eliminate them one by one.

Pick Guardian if:

  • you like tank roles with high DPS and AoE;
  • you like melee AoE damage.

3) Warden

Stab 'em, sweep 'em, stick 'em on a spear...

Will there ever be a "best of" class list without mentioning the Warden? Doubt it. The Warden is as close to omnipotence as you can get in LOTRO, honestly. There isn't an aspect of class gameplay that isn't at a formidable level when you play this class. Seriously, get the Warden from the LOTRO store, do it today, do it yesterday, I'm not even going to be subtle about this. 

Back to the subject at hand, Wardens don't have an enormous amount of AoE abilities, but what they do have is lethal! 

Fist Gambits and Spear Sweep will hurt opponents around you in bulks, you still have more durability than a grown rhino, you can throw javelins at distant mobs, so the AoE damage that you're producing as a Warden is more than enough, trust me. Quality over quantity!

Why Warden is Great for AoE:

  • Their AoE is paired with multiple aspects of DPS, making them one of the most effective classes.

Pick Warden if:

  • you are looking for an all-around approach to DPS gameplay.

2) Loremaster

Killing them softly... With his Burning Embers...

The most creative, dynamic, and engaging class when it comes to dealing AoE damage and using your abilities in general. You can throw Burning Embers at an opponent which is a single-target ability. Then, you can create a Gust of Wind, an AoE ability that targets multiple mobs, which will further spread the Burning Embers into Searing Embers across the field, making this ability AoE and dealing great damage! How cool and immersive is that combo?! 

But the Lore-master's AoE capacity doesn't end there. There's a whole stack of AoE abilities that will be at your disposal if you choose to play the Lore-master and all of them can hurt multiple mobs, hurt them pretty badly, and hurt them from afar. 

If you want to burn, blow, and shake the earth beneath multiple enemies, Lore-master is the way to go.

Why Lore-master is Great for AoE:

  • Their magic contains many AoE options;
  • Their AoE is paired with both single-target and damage from their pets;
  • The AoE abilities are fun, dynamic, and original.

Pick Lore-master if:

  • you like tactical classes;
  • you want a high range for your AoE skills;
  • you are looking for a challenge in mastering class gameplay.

1) Champion

Just close your eyes and swing swords...

There isn't an aspect of hurting others in which the Champ is going to be trailing behind anyone. 

They are simply DPS gods, and their dual one-handers sweep through the air in so many ways that they are basically lawnmowers for Orcs. Multiple Orcs. And Goblins. And unfortunate birds that happened to fly nearby and ended up as casualty.

The number of AoE abilities is significant, their damage is nuclear, their ease of use is relaxing. What more can there be?

Why Champion is Great for AoE:

  • Because Champion is great at dealing every possible kind of melee damage. No reason to explain it further, right?

Pick Champion if:

  • you want to kill single mobs;
  • you want to kill multiple mobs;
  • you want to kill anything, anywhere, any time.


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