FF14 How To Change Hairstyle

FF14 How To Change Hairstyle
Which hair you like most?

We all know that fashion is the true end game! That is why hairstyles are expensive! But, once you get them, how do you change your hairstyle?

Welcome to a beauty reborn guide! If you have yet to notice, in Final Fantasy XIV, you can change your hairstyles. However, before you are able to unlock this feature you must first finish the quest “Beauty Is Only Scalp Deep” from S’dhobjbi in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks. The prerequisite for this quest is to finish the Main Scenario Quest “Call of the Sea (starting city)”.

A visual guide to unlock Aesthetician.

In the quest, you mistook the Aesthetician as a madman. The guy you doubt then tries to explain himself by saying he lost something crucial to his soul and asks you to aid him so that he could return to his former self. Agreeing to help the poor guy, you’ll need to go to the other 2 city-states, fetch his equipment, and return to his side. As you hand over his equipment, he then shines with confidence and proves that he is not the lunatic you were told, but a famous Aesthetician. As a reward (and part of the promotion, I believe) Jandelaine will give you his token of gratitude called “Jandelaine’s Token”, so you can use his first service for free, for the next one, you will be charged 2000 Gil per service. Such marketing. After completing the quest you now can use the Crystal Bell to call Jandelaine when you retire in an inn. The Crystal Bell is also available as furniture for housing, which allowing you to call your favourite Aesthetician from your house/apartment.

How to change your hairstyle:

  • Right-click to use any Modern Aesthetics you own.
  • Retire to the closest inn or your personal home or your FC home, if the Crystal Bell is available there.
  • Click on the Crystal Bell and click “Yes”, then a cutscene will play.
  • Choose the hairstyles you want.
  • Choose all the other features you wish to change.
  • Confirm and pay up.
  • All is set! Enjoy your new hairstyle!

Upon using Jandelaine’s service you will not be able to reach the outside world, and you will enter a place similar to the character creation. There are also a number of customization selections available, such as hair colour, eyebrows, lip colour, facial features, tattoo, tattoo colours, earrings, earring colours, face paint, and face paint colours. You can change them all with just 2000 Gil! Yep, they are not charging you per change, but per service. Unfortunately for Hrothgar, changing your hair (or fur) required a Fantasia, I do hope that they will change it soon.

Now you know how to change your hairstyles, don’t forget to collect all hairstyles available, and may your Warrior of Light become the trendiest of us all!

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