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Warrior of Lights with their brand new gears.

Final Fantasy XIV is the rising game in the MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) genre. With the free trial of the game expanded to include the first expansion Heavensward, many more fans of the genre are flocking to the game to try it out.

And as most games do, a lot of fans and players of the game have taken to creating add-ons of the game to make the gameplay easier or more enjoyable. These add-ons include damage meters, visual improvements, as well as some utilities to make your gameplay easier. This article will provide the 15 best add-ons that players could try out.

Note, however, that FFXIV prohibits any third-party programmes in the game. While it is unlikely for a player to get caught and banned from using them, there was still a risk of using it. The easiest way to avoid getting caught and banned is using these list only for personal reasons, and never to admit that you’re using them in-game.


15) Alex's FFXIV Reshade Preset

Alex's Reshade makes the game looks brighter with a different tone.

Alex’s preset is a preset that plates can use that will enhance the graphics inside the game significantly. It will make the environment look sharper, with different lighting and ambiance as shown in the picture above. Do note that you will take a 10-15% performance hit if you download this Reshade.

As players would take a performance hit, this mod is only mostly suitable for players who have high-end PC standard and wants to enjoy a more beautiful Eorzea in FFXIV.

Click here if you would like to explore the mod yourself!


14) HD Summons

Selene ready to accompany their master into battle.

This add-on/mod is perfect for players who enjoy playing scholars or summoners. As the jobs revolve around their summons, players might want a more high-definition texture of their summons as they would mostly see them all the time, and this mod will provide you exactly that!

Click here if you want to check out this mod!


13) Viera Refined

A Viera with enhanced features and graphics.

As one of the new races introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion, a lot of players want to try the new race out. However, some players might want a more high-definition of the race itself, so that they would be able to explore more with their own characters and create more beautiful screenshots.

This mod provides a higher level face details, improved lip details, as well as eye textures. Click here if you would like to check out the mod yourself!


12) Hydaelyn UI

Changes the UI in-game to look simplistic and not complicated.

Hydaelyn UI is a mod that provides the player an alternative to the UI in the game, with a more simplistic and classic look. It has a modern, black-and-white look to it, which is very suitable for players who prefer monochrome colors.

Click here if you want to check out the mod!


11) HD Vanilla Refined

This mod enhances the looks of the player's features in game.

This mod is created to enhance all the physical features of all races in Eorzea, both males and females. They add more clarity and sharpness to the characters in general, allowing the players to be able to enjoy more high-definition textures of their own characters, in all races and genders.

Click here to check out the mod by yourself!


10) Touch of Real

Creating a Roegadyn at the start of the game.

As a game that has been running for almost ten years, it is unavoidable that some of the older races of the game might look a bit chunky and unrealistic. Touch of real help players fix that issue by making the faces of the players much more realistic and detailed, helping them to be able to immerse themselves in the game more.

Click here if you would like to check out the mod!


9) Ludite 4 FFXIV - Gameplay Graphics Overhaul

An enhanced gameplay graphics in FFXIV using Ludite.

This mod greatly improves FFXIV color palette--while still looking like FFXIV instead of a new game entirely. In addition, it also improves lighting and ambience, as well as Ray Traced Global Illumination (RTGI).

In short, this mod is perfect for FFXIV players who would like sharper, enhanced graphics when playing the game, or a player who really enjoys taking screenshots of the journey of their character in game.

Click here to check out the mod for yourself!


8) Moogle Maps

A detailed version of FFXIV's map using the Moogle Map mod.

Moogle Maps is a mod created for players who love to do daily and treasure hunts. It changes the map to show the locations for specific daily and treasure hunts, making it infinitely easier for players to be able to locate their targets and complete their hunts.

This mod is very helpful as, most of the time, players would need to search through wiki to be able to find the locations for their hunts and maps, and this mod will save them time from having to browse them.

Click here to check out the mod by yourself!


7) Owl's FFXIV Fantasy Reshades

A photograph of a noble character using Owl's Reshade

Owl’s Reshades provides players different types of Reshades that can be used in game. This is very suitable for players who want a different look of FFXIV, mainly through lighting and ambiance. It is also very suitable for players who like to take screenshots that look beautiful and immersive.

Click here to check the mod for yourself!


6) Alive Gshade Preset

A performance-friendly graphics enhancement.

Alive is another preset that players can use to enhance their gameplay in FFXIV through different use of lighting and ambiance. There are five different presets that a player can choose from, depending on how much performance hit that a player is able to take. 

Unlike most presets, some of Alive’s presets are very performance-friendly, allowing the players to be able to still use them for daily use without sacrificing gameplay or smoothness.

Click here to check out the mod for yourself!


5) Face Refined

A more detailed features of a male Au Ra in full display.

Face Refined is a mod that players can use to add details to their own characters. It has added high details to all races, genders, as well as the clans in the game. This allows the players to be able to enjoy a more high-definition and detailed look of their own characters.

This mod also adds variety to the face shapes and details, so players would be able to enjoy more diverse faces throughout the lands of Eorzea.

Click here to check out the mod for yourself!


4) Eyeworks

A pair of clearer, brighter, eyes with more intricate details.

Eyeworks is a mod that has over 150 collections of eyes that players can choose for their own characters from all genders, races, and clans. This allows players to be able to choose a more detailed, high-definition, and diverse pair of eyes for their own character from a myriad of choices and colors.

Click this to check out the mod for yourself!


3) Hair Defined

More defined, clearer haircut of the people of Eorzea using Hair Defined mod.

Hair Defined is a mod that replaces vanilla hair, beards, eyebrows, and even eyelashes. This mod helps players that like the details about anything related to hairstyles to enjoy a much more realistic and high definition graphics of their characters.

Click here if you want to try out this mod for yourself!


2) Owl's Eyes of Eorzea

A beautiful, detailed pair of eyes enhanced with the help of Owl's Eyes of Eorzea mod.

This is another eye overhaul mod that a player can download to be able to enjoy a different visual of the eyes of their own characters and even the other characters played by other players in Eorzea!

This mod adds realism, quality, as well as detail into the eyes of all genders and races that a player can choose from, allowing them to be able to have a more high-quality pair of eyes for their own character.

Click here to install the mod!


1) Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT)

Monitoring your DPS meter with ACT.

This is the most common add-on that FFXIV players use, but also the add-on that developers often speak out about. Contrary to other mods in this list that mostly only add visual adjustments and improvements to the game, ACT is a DPS meter that helps players to be able to see their damage output in-game.

This is an add-on that is very commonly used to parse or even to help improve themselves. By using this mod, a player will be able to see how much damage they are doing to the boss, and allow them to improve by seeing the numbers go up the longer they play.

As any game that has end-game raiding, some players would feel tempted to be able to see their own damage, healing, and other specific details that would allow them to fix their mistakes and improve themselves further in the game, clearing the bosses faster with higher efficiency.

However, it is to be noted that it is absolutely forbidden to talk about using ACT in-game itself. Especially if a player uses the existence of using ACT to put down other players who do minimal to no damage.

 ACT is used mainly for personal use, and any players who advertise their own usage of ACT or any other mods and add-ons in the game are in danger of being banned.

With that said, this add-on is still a very useful tool for players that want to continue to improve, especially in end-game raiding.

ACT also provides a lot of overlays and plugins that a player can choose from, depending on their preferences.

Click here to check out ACT by yourself!



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