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FF14 Best End Game Class, FFXIV Best End Game Class
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Final Fantasy 14  offers 17 classes with 3 healer based, 4 tank based, and the rest either ranged or melee DPS. With so many classes, it becomes difficult to choose the best for end game content (currently with the Shadowbringers 5.3 patch). Fortunately, most classes in FF14 are fairly balanced and no one is more overpowered than another, so if your favorite class doesn’t make the list then don’t worry. Classes rely more on how well you know that class’ specific mechanics and can make use of them. That being said, some classes do have the slight edge over others when it comes farming newer raids and easier to learn mechanics. So, based on popularity, skills, stats, and how enjoyable the class is to play overall, here are some of the best end game classes in FF14.

5) Machinist

Machinist details

If based on most unique designs, Machinist would likely be at the top of the list. As a ranged physical DPS, Machinist relies on an arsenal of aoe and single-enemy attacks, some of which can deal a hefty amount of damage. Machinist allows a player to move while attacking unlike magical ranged DPS, which can be quite beneficial, and your level 80 skills allow you to summon a Queen Automaton to fight alongside you.  

Why Machinist is great for end game content:

  • Wide range of aoe attacks and damaging single-enemy attacks
  • Allows for more movement than magical ranged DPS
  • Who doesn’t want a flamethrower or a giant robot?

4) Dancer

Dancer details

The newest of the DPS classes, Dancer is a ranged physical class that can also act as support for the party. Dancer’s attacks are much like that of other physical ranged classes with the addition of step actions and a healing spell. Alongside damage and defense buffs for self and party, dancer has the ability to choose a party member as a dance partner that will share in the dancer’s buffs.

Why Dancer is great for end game content:

  • Excellent support DPS class with a healing spell and party various buffs
  • Dance partner is a unique action that shares the player’s buffs with one chosen team member

3) Astrologian

Astrologian details

A popular choice for the healer class next to White Mage, Astrologian uses the power of divinity to support teammates. Unlike White Mage, Astrologian is less about raw healing power and more about providing damage buffs to the party through the use of the card system, which, when used efficiently, can give your party massive damage buffs. However, Astrologian can still be difficult to get the hang of if you’re new to healing and the card system itself relies on random chance, but otherwise, Astrologian is an excellent choice.

Why Astrologian is great for end game content:

  • Healing classes are always in higher demand, making queuing times much faster
  • Diurnal and Nocturnal Sects provide different benefits depending on the damage dealt and enemies, so if used strategically, can be a flexible healer
  • Reworks in Shadowbringers made the card system much easier to manage 

2) Paladin

Paladin details

One of the best of the tank classes, Paladin is well balanced with its high defense and damage buffs. Paladin’s physical combo actions also work to restore MP needed for spells, making it an efficient tank class. Alongside damage buffs, Paladin deals damage through damage-over-time affects and has a nifty healing spell if in a pinch.

Why Paladin is great for end game content:

  • Tank classes are often in higher demand, making queuing times much faster
  • Royal Authority, Goring Blade, and Prominence all recover MP
  • Clemency can heal a party member and self 

1) Ninja

Ninja details

As a melee DPS, Ninja is an often sought after class in raids, but the class overall can be slightly tricky to learn. Ninja relies on combinations of Mudra symbols to trigger a specific Ninjutsu action, all which vary and can be buffed under certain effects. With the addition of the long-lasting Huton buff, Ninja can deal a fair amount of damage even faster. 

Why Ninja is great for end game content:

  • Suiton triggers Trick Attack, a damaging attack 
  • Huton reduces recast time and auto-attack by 15%
  • Many attacks gain an easy damage boost if executed from behind

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