[Top 5] FF14 Best Dragoon Food (And How To Get Them)

[Top 5] FF14 Best Dragoon Food (And How To Get Them)
I won't fail my jumps! I promise!

Now it's your turn, Dragoon, everyone's favorite floor tank, I mean DPS!

Welcome back to one of my guides on meals! This time we will go through Dragoon BiS and Meals! Dragoon's main statuses are Critical, Direct Hit, and Determination as one of the best floor tanks and quite the busiest job in Final Fantasy XIV. Yes, you would not want to add Skill Speed on a job that is already as busy as a Dragoon that loves the floor. Let's see what the best meals to satisfy a Dragoon are!

5. Coconut Cod Chowder (iLevel 545) 

A Near Eastern soup, brimming with shallows cod simmered in silky coconut milk.

We always start with the cheaper option; Coconut Cod Chowder is the food you are looking for if you are not doing the latest content. It is affordable and exactly what a Dragoon needs to stop being a floor tank (not really, it depends on you). You can get it from the Market Board for a meager price or gather the ingredients and make one for yourself.

The NQ status effects:

  • Determination +8% (Max 61)
  • Vitality +8% (Max 66)
  • Critical Hit +8% (Max 37)

The HQ status effects:

  • Determination +10% (Max 76)
  • Vitality +10% (Max 82)
  • Critical Hit +10% (Max 46)

Coconut Cod Chowder full details: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/db/item/ac97918bbd7/

4. The Noodle of Elpis (iLevel 545)

A creamy, cheesy pasta dish topped off with a decadent bird of Elpis egg.

Though it is less optimal than the Coconut Cod Chowder, Noodle of Elpis also contains the statuses a Dragoon needs. If you run out of Coconut Cod Chowder, you can hit this for a second option. You can get it from the Market Board or by crafting.

The NQ status effects:

  • Direct Hit Rate +8% (Max 61)
  • Vitality +8% (Max 66)
  • Determination +8% (Max 37)

The HQ status effects:

  • Direct Hit Rate +10% (Max 76)
  • Vitality +10% (Max 82)
  • Determination +10% (Max 46)

The Noodle of Elpis full details: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/db/item/91505562cc2/

3. Pumpkin Ratatouille (iLevel 580)

This colorful dish consists of a variety of vegetables, sautéed in perilla oil and then simmered to enrich their combined flavor.

Dragoon is a busy job; adding a skill speed is not recommended, but if you want to go a bit faster, then I recommend Pumpkin Ratatouille. It doesn't boost that much Skill Speed, but maybe enough to make your rotation smoother if you want to go a bit faster. You can get this by cooking it yourself–if you have a Culinarian–or from the Market Board.

The NQ status effects:

  • Critical Hit +8% (Max 72)
  • Vitality +8% (Max 74)
  • Skill Speed +8% (Max 43)

The HQ status effects:

  • Critical Hit +10% (Max 90)
  • Vitality +10% (Max 93)
  • Skill Speed +10% (Max 54)

Pumpkin Ratatouille full details: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/db/item/7538b2794aa/

2. Archon Burger (iLevel 580)

Concocted by the staff at the Last Stand, this sandwich is as nutritionally sound as it is delicious.

This may not be the most optimal food for Dragoon. Although it is not recommended by many, you should use this food if you run out of the first option. Direct Hit and Determination are the main statuses of a Dragoon; though it's a somewhat sub-optimal one, you can still carry this as an emergency food just in case. Make this burger yourself or head to the Market Board to buy it!

The NQ status effects:

  • Direct Hit Rate +8% (Max 72)
  • Vitality +8% (Max 74)
  • Determination +8% (Max 43)

The HQ status effects:

  • Direct Hit Rate +10% (Max 90)
  • Vitality +10% (Max 93)
  • Determination +10% (Max 54)

Archon Burger full details: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/db/item/0638000476e/

1. Pumpkin Potage (iLevel 580)

A creamy soup that highlights the rich and nutty flavor of the giant pumpkin.

Everyone's (almost) favorite meal is back! But this time for Dragoons! For any BiS you use, whether the pentameld or Savage set, you can always rely on Pumpkin Potage. It will give you the statuses you need to unlock the full potential of a Dragoon. You can get this from the Market Board or make it yourself if you feel that is the cheaper option.

The NQ status effects:

  • Determination +8% (Max 72)
  • Vitality +8% (Max 74)
  • Critical Hit +8% (Max 43)

The HQ status effects:

  • Determination +10% (Max 90)
  • Vitality +10% (Max 93)
  • Critical Hit +10% (Max 54)

Pumpkin Potage full details: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/db/item/a1bd66cc8e5/

Now you know the best meal for a Dragoon; all left to do is stop being that floor tank by learning the mechanics and mastering your jumps, so you know precisely your distance! It is easier said than done and such a dilemma. If all Dragoons are capable, we will have no meme left. What a nightmare!

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