FF14 How To Change Class

FF14 How To Change Class
Changing job by changing weapon? What if your Scholar and Summoner have yet the same weapon?

Did you know that in Final Fantasy XIV, you can take all classes in one character? 

To answer the question, yes! Final Fantasy XIV has a unique system that allows you to take all classes in one character. However, some of the new players do confuse about how to change classes in FFXIV. No, not about how to pick up new classes, but more about how to change classes when you've already unlocked them. To tell you the truth, it is not that difficult and there are a lot of ways to change classes. The most common method I saw on the internet is by changing your weapon, but in doing so your character will be in a naked state and you'll have to use recommended gear to gear up every time you change a job. Do you wanna do that every single time you change your job? Boi, I for one would rather stick with one class cause that sounds like a lot of work. Thankfully that is not the only option. So instead, how about if I give you the simpler one?

How to change class with gears on:

  • Do you know each time you take a new class a notification will pop up: “The number of maximum gear sets has been increased” or something like that. Yep because this is what you can do with it.
  • First, open your character menu.
  • Second, click the “Gear Set List” menu beside the “Glamour Plate”. The Gear Set menu will pop up.
  • Third, click the plus sign on the left corner of the Gear Set menu to add new gears.​​
  • Fourth, when you are using new gear, always click the “Update Gear Set” button, that way your equipment will always show the latest. No need to use recommended equipment every time, yes?
  • Last but not least you can drag your Gear Set List to your hotbar. Very convenient! Now, you can swap classes without having to re-setup equipment every time!

That is the simple way of changing your class, or at least how I’ve been doing it. By doing this you can also link your glamour plate for each job, by right-clicking the set you desire and link it with the plate you want! I hope it helps!

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